Justice for
Naweed Ali, Khobaib Hussain, Mohibur Rahman, Tahir Aziz

Jeanette Burke

Knocked Back by Court of Appeal

Omar Benguit
Lost in the System

Andrew Malkinson A5519AE
HMP Garth
Ulnes Walton
PR26 8NE

Mark Alexander
HMP Coldingley
Shaftesbury Road
Bisley Woking
GU24 9EX

Anis Sardar
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
London SE28 0EB

Ben Geen
Colin Norris
Mohammed Hamid

Darren Waterhouse
  HMP Whitemoor
  Longhill Road

         John Keelan
            (18965 )
        HMP Addiwell
         Station Road
          EH55 8QA

        Jerome Charles
        HMP Rye Hill
           CV23 8SZ

   Justice For
   Mohammed Niaz Khan
     Abid Ashiq Hussain
        Sharaz Yaqub

             Terry Smith
         HMP Whitemoor
              Long Hill Road
              PE15 0P

      Anthony Parsons

      James Cullinene
        HMP Shotts
        Cantrell Road
         ML7 4LE

           Graham Coutts

        Royston Moore
        HMP Long Lartin
        WR11 8TZ

        The Essex Boys
  Jack Whomes
       Mick Steele

           Ricardo Morrison
       HMP Altcourse
Brookfield Drive
L9 7LH

Eddie Gilfoyle

  Gary Critchley

Wesley Porter

      Chris Nudds

Hyrone Hart
HMP Long Lartin
South Littleton
WR11 8TZ

     Glyn Razzel

David E. Ferguson
      HMP Wakefield 
          Love Lane
         WF2 9AG



Miscarriages of JusticeUK (MOJUK)

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Louisville to Pay Family $12m Over Police Shooting

Robert DuBoise Cleared of Rape and Murder Convictions After 37 Years in Jail

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HMP Preston – Needed to Increase Pace of Recovery From Severe COVID-19 Restrictions

England's Criminal Justice System Was on its Knees Long Before Coronavirus

News Articles/Judgments/Reports January Through December 2020

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Appeal Court Rubber - Stamps Entrapment of Naweed, Khobaib, Mohibur, & Tahir

MOJUK - Appeal for Donations for 2020

MOJUK Aims and Objectives

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Michael Mansfield QC - Memoirs and Lies

How Can You Help Men Who Are Falsely Accused Of Sexual Abuse?

Open Justice Charter

Criminal Law 2.0 - Why the US Justice System Really Isn’t Just

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Judges Duties on Hearing Appeals

"Challenging Miscarriages - the Inability of the System to Accept Responsibility"

Unlawfull Segregation: Shahid (Appellant) v Scottish Ministers (Respondent) (Scotland) UKSC 2014/0273

- Kevan Thakrar Claimant v Secretary of State for Justice Defendant

Kevan Thakrar an Appeal for Support –  From John Bowden

Contact with the Midlands Police Can Be Fatal
[Sean Fitzgerald Monday 7 January 2019 - Trevor Smith  4th January 2019 - Mark Yafai, 1st July, 2015 - Rafal Delezuch -  15th August 2012, Xuan Wei Zhang,  4th April 2012, Lloyd Butler – 4th August 2011, Demetre Fraser - 31st May 2011, Kingsley Burrell-Brown - 30th March 2011, Mikey Powell -  7th September 2003, John Leo O'Reilly – 3rd July 1994, all ten died after coming into contact with West Midlands Police]

“Unwinnable” Cases Can Be Won

Judicial Review: How it Works

A Guide to Bringing a Case to The Supreme Court

1) The Dilemma of Maintaining Innocence -- 2) A Method for Iinvestigating Claims of Innocence 

Getting to the European Court of Human Rights ---- Portia Historic Miscarriages of Justice Website

70 Citizens Fitted up by West Midlands Police who had Their Convictions Quashed

Norman Grant

 Justice for, Jamie, Jon, Zoran, Dan and Scott

       Leon Chapman

            Noel Moran
   Justice for Brendan McConville &  John Paul Wootton
        Lee Mockble
       Jeremy Bamber
                     Kevan Thakrar
           Richard  Southern

       Anthony Wood

        Jordan Towers
            Nicholas Rose

  James Dowsett
         Kevin Nunn

Ronnie Easterbrook
   "No Justice in Life,
   no Justice in Death"

    'Inside Doubt' - Start Campaigning   A very good guide to setting up a campaign if you want to publicize a 'Miscarriage of Justice' 
'Inside Doubt'

George Romero Coleman
HMP Gartree
Market Harborough
LE16 7RP

  Paul Bush
            A7645ACHMP Swaleside
Brabazon Road
ME12 4AX 

Jamil Chowdary
    HMP Frankland

Karl Watson 
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
    John Bowden
HMP Warren Hill
Grove Road
IP12 3BF

Martin Foran fitted up by WMSCS in 1985 Cleared After 28-Year Battle

 Danny Mansell  -  Of dissenting judges, a professional criminal/supergrass, convictions procured by gross prosecutorial misconduct by the police

Innocence is No Defence       Under Arrest?        Former Jurors Can Speak!

Three articles by Sandra Lean author and researcher on the subject of Miscarriages of Justice (MOJ). Essential reading for all those involved in MOJs.

Innocence is No Defence
In fact, being innocent is one of the biggest handicaps to the defence of an innocent person, because their ignorance of the system and how it works is used against them, time and time again.

For many people, being questioned in relation to a serious crime is not, initially, something to be afraid of. They proceed on the basis of the old maxim "I've done nothing wrong, so I have nothing to fear." What these people don't realise is that a police investigation does not, necessarily, exist to clear the innocent and find the guilty. It exists to allow the police access to enough information to secure a conviction. There is a big difference.
Read the full article here . . . .

Under Arrest?
We all know and recognise the famous "caution" - "Joe Bloggs, you are being arrested for the murder of Jack Black. You do not have to say anything, but anything you do say may be taken down and used in evidence against you." You'd think, then, that anyone who has been arrested would know they had been arrested, and would have the right not to answer any questions until they have a solicitor present. Well, if the caution was delivered exactly as it's shown here, that would be the case. But there are two significant problems with this.   
Read the full article here . . . .

Former Jurors Can Speak!
It is illegal in this country to approach anyone who has served on a jury and ask them questions about how they came to their verdict. It is not, however, illegal for people who have served on a jury to talk about their experiences after the event.    
Read the full article here . . . .

Sandra Lean - Miscarriage of Justice Website

Hostages (Prisoners of the State): All named below have information in the public domain, protesting their convictions as unsafe or unfounded. There are many, many more than listed here.

Roger Khan - Andrew Malkinson - Michael Ross - Mark Alexander - Anis Sardar

Jamie Green, Scott Birtwistle, Zoran Dresic, Jon Beere, Dan Payne, Ched Evans

Darren Waterhouse  -  David Norris  -  Brendan McConville  -  John Paul Wooton  -  John Keelan

Mohammed Niaz Khan -  Abid Ashiq Hussain  - Sharaz Yaqub  -  Anthony Parsons  -  James Cullinene

-  Graham Coutts  -  Royston Moore  -  Victor Nealon

Duane King  -  Leon Chapman  -  William Gage  -  Tony Marshal  -  Anthony Jackson  -  David Kent  

Norman Grant  -  Ricardo Morrison  -  Alex Silva  -  Terry Smith  -  Hyrone Hart  -  Glen Cameron  - 

Warren Slaney  -  Melvyn 'Adie' McLellan  -  Lyndon Coles  -  Robert Bradley  -  Sam Hallam 

John Twomey  -  Thomas G. Bourke  -  David E. Ferguson  -  Lee Mockble  - 

George Romero Coleman  -  Neil Hurley  -  Jaslyn Ricardo Smith  -  James Dowsett  - 

Kevan Thakrar  -  Jordan Towers  -  Patrick Docherty  -  Brendan Dixon  -  Frank Wilkinson  - 

Alex Black  -  Nicholas Rose  -  Kevin Nunn  -  Peter Carine  - Paul Higginson 

-  Thomas Petch  -  Vincent and Sean Bradish  -   John Allen  -  Jeremy Bamber  - 

Kevin Lane  -  Michael Brown  -  Robert Knapp  -  William Kenealy  - 

Glyn Razzell  -  Kate Keaveney  -  Michael Stone  -  Michael Attwooll  -  John Roden  -  Nick Tucker  - 

Karl Watson  -  Terry Allen  -  Richard Southern  -  Jamil Chowdhary  -  Jake Mawhinney  - 

Peter Hannigan  -   Ihsan Ulhaque  -  Richard Roy Allan  -  Sam Cole  -  Carl Kenute Gowe  - 

Eddie Hampton  -  Tony Hylan  -   Alvin Black - Ray Gilbert  -  Ishtiaq Ahmed  - 

Walid Habib
HMP Lowdham Grange
Old Epperstone Road
NG14 7DA

Roger Khan
HMP Whitemoor
  Longhill Road

Wang Yam    
HMP Lowdham Grange
Old Epperstone Road
NG14 7DA

Michael Ross
HMP Shott
Canthill Road
New Mains, Lanarkshire ML7 4LE

  Alvin Black
      HMP Whitemoor
      Longhill Road
        PE15 0PR

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  Jonathon Kelly
Am I doing Time
or is Time doing me

            Justice for
        Alexandre Silva

         Tony Marshall
             HMP Frankland
             DH1 5YD

William Gage     
2319 ~ C3/15
HMP Shotts
 ML7 4LE

          Justice for
            Duane King

              Adie McLellan
      HMP Wayland
      IP25 6RL

           Kevin Lane

        False Allegations
         of Abuse

The Hounding of
Delroy Lindo

Satpal Ram

Hostage of the State

1987 - 2002

Clare Barstow

     Timothy Caines

  Jaslyn Ricardo Smith

 Jake Mawhinney

     Keith Mawhinney

Richard Roy Allan
HMP Frankland

 Justice For The
Bradford Three

Terence Allen
?HMP Erlestoke
SN10 5TU

    Warren Slaney


        Merrick Rogers

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