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The Case of Hyrone Hart

''I will have the truth uncovered and the real perpetrators brought to justice'

[Hyrone Hart Defeats Governor of HMP Whitemoor & Chris Grayling]

My name is Hyrone Hart. I am a Jamaican national, born on the 13th September 1971. I am the father of two children. I arrived in the United Kingdom for a visit, on the 27th March 1998 at the invitation of my Aunt. I was initially refused entry by immigration officers at the airport but eventually they granted me a 24 hours leave and allowed myself access to the UK soil. During this time I took the decision to stay illegally on the basis that my Aunt was going to resolve the issues in respect to the legitimacy of my immigration status.

Around 5 months later, on the 5th August 1998, I was arrested in Birmingham, on suspicion of offences committed in London. I was subsequently transported to London and interviewed under caution at Brixton police station. In total I was subjected to fourteen interviews spanning a five-month period. In summary I was charge with 3 x murders 2 x attempted murders, robbery and possession of firearms. The police stated that the crimes were connected to crack cocaine wars.

I later attended Crown Court for trial on the 22 November 1999, and on the 21 December 1999 I was found guilty on the following counts 2 x murders, 2 x attempted murders, and three counts of possession of firearms, and two counts of robbery. I received two life sentences. My trial representatives submitted an application for leave to appeal but a single Judge refused it on the 16th October 2000.

I later asked the Criminal Cases Review Commissioner to review my case, as the evidences that was used to convicted me was flawed. Sadly they failed to investigate the issues I had raised which were the contributing factors to my convictions. I continue to assert my innocence of the offences of which I was convicted, and I remain adamant that I am a victim of a terrible Miscarriage of Justice!

I will now give a brief background summary to my case. In the space of approximately four weeks, between the 15th June 1998, and the 17th July 1998 there were four armed raids in the north, south and east areas of London, during the course of which, grotesque homicides were committed. Two other suspects were charged-alongside myself, and they were, Raymond Johnson (AKA Kirk Roberts) and Adrian Francis. I stood trial with Kirk Roberts, and Adrian Francis stood trial on his own as he had an agreement with the police and the prosecution to give fabricated evidence against me. (Det Insp Reg Field said Francis had helped the police in other cases and there were at least seven people in prison who might want him out of the way.)

Unsurprisingly Adrian Francis was later acquitted.

The first incident that occurred was on the 15th June 1998 at 7 Whittaker Court, on the Studely Estate in South London, at a flat occupied by a man known as Mervin Fuller. It was alleged that at about 21:15 hrs. Three black men raided his property after being let in by his girlfriend Ms. **** who answered the knock at the door. According to Ms. **** as soon as she opened the door she was grabbed by the arm and propelled back into the flat. She said she became aware that one of the men were holding a gun, she described this man as having 'cats eyes'. I certainly do not have eyes like a cat!

It was alleged that the gunman ordered Mr Fuller to lie on the floor, and tied him up. It was also alleged that the gunman stole Mr Fullers phone, and put it in his pocket. The men, it was alleged, demanded money and ransacked the flat looking for drugs, and cash. Ms. **-X,1('was dragged to the kitchen by one of the assailants, described as Man 1, and raped!

Man 3 is also said to have attempted to rape Ms. ****. Mr Fuller was then stabbed in the chest, and back by Male 2. I have been labelled as Male 2 throughout, and have never been accused of rape!

At an identification parade on the 8th August 1998 Ms. **** picked me out as one of the men who was at the flat on the day of the incident. Mr Fuller attended the same identification parade and picked out Kirk Roberts as being one of those present at the incident. Mr Fuller did not identify myself as one of those present at the incident!

It was later said that my fingerprint was found on a photograph, belongs to the occupant of 7 Whittaker Court. A telephone call made from Mr Fuller's mobile phone, which was stolen from the flat, was traced to a phone registered to a lady believed to be my sister, who was living in Jamaica.

The second incident occurred in Brixton at 4 Crosby Walk, Cressingham Estate. It is alleged that at about 22.00 hours on the 25th June 1998 Kirk Johnson and his wife, Avril, and their children were at the above address when there was a ring on the doorbell. Mr Johnson opened the door, thinking that it was the next-door neighbour. The only eyewitness to this incident is Mr. Johnson. He stated that when he opened the door three black males forced their way into his flat and tied up their victims. It is alleged that the men had a gun and demanded money. The flat was ransacked during the men's search for cash. It was alleged that items of jewelery were stolen, including distinctive rings, and a mobile phone.

Mr. Johnson was said to have been stabbed in the neck when he tried to fight back. It was alleged that as the men left the premises, the gunman leaned towards to Avril's head and fired two shots. It was said that the two shots were aimed at both victims. Avril sadly died from her wounds in hospital.

At an identity parade, on the 8th August 1998, Mr Johnson picked out Kirk Roberts and myself. I was identified as the man who fired the shot that killed Avril Johnson. Kirk Roberts was identified as the man who took cash, and jewelery. Fingerprints lifted at the scene related to Kirk Roberts but none were linked to myself.

The third incident occurred at residential premises on Alma Street in Stratford where the victim was Michelle Carby. She was a single mother who lived with her three young children. Michelle Carby's body was found on the morning of the 30th June 1998 on the sofa of her living room by a neighbour whose attention had been drawn to the victims address by the deceased children who were standing outside their house on the pavement looking distraught.

Michelle was shot in the head twice. There were no eyewitnesses. Ballistics experts concluded from the fragments obtained from the scene that the same firearm used in the Crosby Walk incident had been used on the occasion at Alma Street.

The police stated that on keeping a watch on an address in Weir Road, Balham, in London a black female Annette Jones was seen entering the flat and later emerged carrying a black plastic bag that she placed in the communal bin. The black bag was retrieved by the police soon after. According to the police on examining the contents of the bag a metal ring was found. This was later described by a friend of Miss Carby as coming from a bracelet belonging to Miss Carby. The bag, according to the police, also contained an earring matching one found by Kirk Johnson in his flat in August 1998.

As I stated earlier, no firearm was ever found. Kirk Roberts accepted guilt in part but had always stressed that I was not involved in any of the crimes. I contend that my original case for trial was ill prepared by my trial solicitors in that the pertinent factors in respect of various incidents - allegations made against me were not fully appreciated and considered by my legal team.

Consequently, the learned trial counsel was not able to put my case sufficiently and challenge the evidence against me. A big part of the evidence of which the prosecution relied upon was a pair of trainers shoe linked to myself which was said to have a speck of blood on one of them. This blood was said to belong to Patrick Ferguson. The trainers were claimed to have been found at 143 Junction Road Handsworth, Birmingham, where I was arrested. I had cast doubt in interview on the veracity of the police assertion that the pair of trainers were found at the address where I was arrested. Notwithstanding having admitted that I had a similar pair of trainers to the one in- question, I was adamant I had not travelled to the address with the pair of trainers because my pair had gone missing for some time. I contend. That my doubts as to the veracity of that piece of evidence shows is supported by an eye witness, Mr Mannion, who said he saw the gunman and described the clothing and footwear he was wearing in clear detail. Mr. Mannion said the gunman who killed Mr Ferguson wore white trainer shoes and not blue and yellow as what was now said belong to me. Mr Mannion also attended an ID parade but did not pick me out as one of Mr Ferguson perpetrator.

My legal team, despite numerous requests by myself, failed to challenge any DNA evidence, including the trainers. My trial solicitors also failed, (despite numerous requests by myself) to contact defence witness and to carry out full check on possible suspects and any reason why I would be set up. My trial solicitors also prepared and served several documents and defence case statements without any input from myself.

To date I have never signed anything or had the chance to review my statement. My trial solicitor did everything under his own volition and overlooked my instructions and suggestions as to how I wanted my case to be conducted. It is my contention that, even for the untrained legal mind, it is ludicrous for anyone to suggest that difficulties in respect of previous antecedent history were enough to invalidate the safety of the conviction.

I would like to say - that my case has a lot of similarities with R v Adams (2007) EWCA Crim1, a case referred by the CRC to the Court of Appeal. In the Adams case the solicitors were criticised by the Court of Appeal so as to call into question their honesty. The appeal court further stated that the failures and criticism were enough to deny Adams a fair trial. I argue that my case as the same characteristics as Adams.

Finally, I would like to say that myself and my legal team do have further evidence which shows huge police and solicitor investigation incompetence and prove that certain persons wanted to see me set up and implicated as the perpetrator of these horrendous crimes.

If anyone out there could assist myself in clearing my name or has any information regarding this case or factors, then I would be grateful if you could contact my solicitors:

Jenna McDade, Case worker, Wells Burcombe LLP, 2nd Floor, 5 Holywell Hill, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 1EU

I am also seeking assistance in setting up a full website showing my case from all angles.

There is much to this case of which you will all see that really does not make sense.

I will have the truth uncovered and the real perpetrators brought to justice.

Hyrone Hart
HMP Long Lartin
South Littleton
WR11 8TZ