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Am I doing Time or is Time doing me

I Jonathan Kelly was born in the East end of Glasgow 13th September 1980, my parents Pauline and James Kelly. I was soon parted from my father as he was convicted of murder in 1983 of a rival gang member at a party in Easterhouse. He was released in 1997 only to be re-arrested in 1998 for possession of 2 Kilo of heroin, 90 grand, a stun gun, semi-automatic handgun, silencer, cable ties, Balaclava, local media referred to it as an assassins kit! By some stroke of luck with his previous form he only got ten years and done the first three years in special units in HMP Shotts and HMP Peterhead. He was released in 2005 and as far as I know is still at liberty on a life license; I do not talk to him.

My mum, brought me up after my dad's incarceration, then we moved to the other side of the city 'Pollokshields' where I stayed until I was eleven. At school I was suspended for fighting, expelled from secondary school for assaulting the head teacher. I still managed to leave school with seven GCSEs.

I went to stay with my dad's brother (1992/1993) Sandy in South London, Clapham & Croyden. I started to go to Chelsea matches with my big cousin and friends to fight fans of other clubs, West Ham, Spurs, and Milwall. Every year at Gay Pride, we battered the Gays. When at matches I was mixing with the 'Chelsea Head-hunters', I was looked on by them as game. So I was also there for rearranged fights with other football firms. There was an awful lot of gay bashing back then that was not just for fun.

[The Chelsea Head-hunters had rivalries with counterparts who followed other London teams, such as Arsenal, Millwall, Queens Park Rangers, Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham. There was widespread racism amongst the gang and links to various white supremacist organisations, such as Combat 18 and the National Front, and to Northern Irish loyalist paramilitary organisations, such as the Ulster Defence Association and Ulster Volunteer Force.]

I left home at 15 because I didn't get on with mum who now had a 3-year-old daughter, my sister Louise. I am not close to her.

I went to a hostel 'Hamish Allan Centre' I got involved with the wrong crowd. I had previously been arrested a few times for assault but only got fines or community service. My 1st remand was in HMYOI Longriggend, charged with attempted murder (Pollokshields). March 1997 fully committed, I had paralysed a guy for hitting his woman, stabbed him repeatedly with a machete but pleaded gaily to a lesser charge of assault to injury, repeatedly punching and kicking head and body. May 1998 pleaded guilty and after three weeks report, I got three years probation and 250 hours community service. The media wrote 'Teenage thug helps damsel in distress'.

From then to 2002 I was in and out for similar charges but usually on remand. I was found not guilty due to lack of evidence. My only sentence before this was 15 months for hitting a guy with a chisel. My time in YD's 1997 to 2001 was never out of segregation, for assaulting other prisoners, pp9 batteries, weight about four and a half ounces, wrapped in a sock, chair legs, slashing's and scalding's, which I done a lot of time in segregation for.

I was libbed from HMP Barlinnie segregation 8th February after 15 months only to be re-arrested for two multiple stabbings and armed robbery April 2002. Pleaded guilty to assault injury danger of life and robbery and other charges were dropped. I got eight years (October 18th 2002, Evening Times). While on remand in HMP Barlinnie I told the screws not to put another con in my cell or I would be forced to hurt him. They put me in with a guy 20-years-older than me, an Irish guy, Hugh Friel ex IRA. After only a couple of hours of being in the same cell, I cut his throat and repeatedly slashed and stabbed him. If it hadn't been for night staff, hearing commotion and running in, he would have died.

I pleaded guilty and got (Daily Star, January 2004) a five-year consecutive sentence and five years extended. Put back in segregation until moved to HMP Kilmarnock, November 2002. Lasted only three or four months before assaulting two prisoners. While back in segregation screws tried to play mind games, throw their weight about. So that's when I started to assault them. I attacked three of them in the space of three days; took one of them hostage and tried to force them to open another convicts who was getting cheeky with me. I was going to stab him, it ended with me assaulting the screw and getting rugby tackled by about twenty screws.

I was moved to HMP Perth segregation in October 2003; where I was put on Special Security Measures (SSM), Scotland's A Category. I reacted by going on dirty protest for months on end and attacking the screws at any opportunity I got. As per the requirements of SSM I was classified as a strict escaper and required to be observed at 60-minute intervals during patrol periods. Staff had strict instructions, 'When Mr. Kelly's cell door is opened a minimum of four staff will be in attendance at all times, one must be at least a First Line Manager. All staff must wear full protective clothing and carry a short shield'. Meals issued on disposable plates/bowls and with disposable cutlery. Meals delivered to Mr. Kelly's cell and within a reasonable period (suggest 30 mins but ???), staff must return and remove all plates /cutlery issued. Breakfast issue cereal and jam, no preference. All other meals as per menu. There can be no exceptions to this direction. Pre-arranged spokesperson. Only spokesperson to communicate with Mr. Kelly and spokesperson to control content and duration of communication. Change spokesperson routinely.

I would have 5 month, 6 months, 19 months, 4 months, 3 years (February 20010) all consecutive for assaults on staff in HMP Shotts, Glenochil, Edinburgh, Barlinie, Addiewell. Five years plus five years extended for cutting my cellmates throat. Seven High Court trials but only three of them ended with convictions.

In May 2006 I stabbed a first line manager in the eye in HMP Shots, segregation unit. He was an ex heavy weight boxer who was notorious for his violence on prisoners; has now been sacked for a serious assault on a prisoner.

In August 2005, September 2008 I seriously assaulted a screw in HMP Barlinnie Scott Durnion now charged along with three other screws for assaulting me. Scott Durnion was a pumped up steroids abuser who liked to throw his weight about.

[Daily Record Oct 26 2008: Two prison officers have been suspended after confidential information was allegedly leaked to a violent inmate. Warden Scott Durnion has been accused of supplying details from a Barlinnie prison computer to knife thug John Kelly. And his boss Chris Surgenor has also been ordered to stay at home for allegedly failing to stop the leak. ]

In November 2008 I again stabbed a screw in retaliation for assaulting me, 4 times in face, head. This happened in the segregation unit in HMP Kilmarnock, it was revenge for what happened in HMP Barlinnie.

March 2010 I assaulted a screw, coshing him in the face with a plug and throwing a bucket of shite and piss over another one. This was at HMP Addiewell because I was told before being moved to Addiewell, once there I would be put on a main wing, but when I got there the governor refused to allow me on to the main wing.

In November 2007 I stabbed the segregation pass man in HMP Edinburgh. I also went on a dirt protest that lasted seven months; I came off it in May 2008. In that time I had nothing, fed through a hatch in the door.

Before I was let out of segregation to be in the hall. I was segregated from March 2003 to August 2007 solid. 15 days off this, I was back in segregation for 2 assaults on prisoners. Didn't get out of segregation again until November 2010.
Since then I've been in and out for 'intelligence' or assaulting other convicts. No charges were brought to court; it was suspicion that I was involved in something.

This is the longest in main hall, five months with out incident. I have had no reports in this time screws keep away from me. Prisoners know about my reputation, so there is no one willing to take me on. As I will not hesitate to inflict serious damage.

I could be out in September 2013 and on license until 2027, but would only be released and if released managed, under Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA 3).

In Struggle, kind regards

Jonathon Kelly
HMP Perth
3 Edinburgh Road