Old Media/Articles Volume 5 -  Miscarriages of JusticeUK

The Right to Put Your Past Behind You: Court of Appeal Article 8 Ruling

Teacher Guilty of Child Sex Offences In Moorov Case Wins Appeal Against Conviction

Ministers 'Should Have Legal Duty to Combat Rise in Prison Suicides'

Government’s ‘Radical’ Prison Reform Programme ‘Fairly Minimal’, Says MPs

Transgender Woman Said She Would Leave Male Prison 'In A Box'

Call for Inquiry Over 'Unbroken Pattern' of Deaths at HMP WoodhillArmy

Killing of Bernard Watt – Not Justified

34 Breaches of the Rule 39/Confidential Access to Incoming Mail

#CCRC20: When The Police Can Do No Wrong

A Cut Too Far: LASPO Four Years On34 Breaches of the Rule 39/Confidential Access to Incoming Mail

Army Killing of Bernard Watt – Not Justified

Ex-Soldiers Should Not be Pursued for N. Ireland Troubles Offences

Child Locked in Cell For More Than 23 Hours a Day at Feltham YOI

Ex-Soldiers Should Not be Pursued for N. Ireland Troubles Offences

Child Locked in Cell For More Than 23 Hours a Day at Feltham YOI

Dangerous Extremists to be Separated From Mainstream Prison Population

'Downward Spiral': UK Slips to 40th Place in Press Freedom Rankings

Lockerbie Bombing: Megrahi Family to Launch Appeal Bid

Torture Report Condemns UK Over Lawyer-Client Confidentiality

Judge 'Disturbed' by 'Fragile and Vulnerable' Woman's Lack of Legal Aid

INQUEST Echoes Recommendations From Committee For Prevention of Torture on UK Detention

HMP Garth – An Unsafe PrisonOver 1,000 Palestinian Prisoners in Israel Stage Hunger Strike

Marwan Barghoutiapril: Why We Are on Hunger Strike in Israel’s Prisons

UK Penal System Has Reached 'Toxic' Levels

HMYOI Parc Juvenile Unit – Further Deterioration

New Squad Formed to Tackle Drone Threat to Prisons

HMP Guys Marsh – High Levels of Serious Violence

String of Proposed Arkansas Executions A ‘Spectacular Legal Train Wreck’

'Neglect' Contributed to HMP Winchester Inmate's Death

Investigation Into Man’s Death in Thames Valley Police Custody Continues

Manchester Constable Faces Misconduct Hearing Following Death of Luke Campbell

Cuts to Legal Aid For Prisoners Deemed Unlawful

British Soldier 'Unjustified' In Firing Shot Which Killed 15-Year-Old Manus Deery

Judges Overturn Abuse Convictio 1n of Man Who Killed Himself During Trial

The Shrinking Space for Human Rights Organisations

AB (Appellant) v Her Majesty’s Advocate (Respondent) (Scotland) – UKSC 2016/0083

Two Firms Face Charges Over Death of Man in UK Detention Centre

Guantánamo UK? HMP Durham First to Have 'Terrorists Only' Wing

New Counter-Extremism Taskforce to Tackle Extremism Behind Bars

Have You Been Subject to a Search at the UK Border? It May Have Been Unlawful

Offender's £45k Phone Bill Paid by North Wales Police

Prison Officers Acted Unlawfully in Restraining Inmate Who Later Died  

Northern Ireland Sex Worker Bids to Overturn ‘Dangerous’ Ban on Hiring Escorts

Mark Duggan Family Lose Appeal Against Lawful Killing Verdict

Removal of Five Year Limit for Domestic Abuse Claims a Victory for Victims

Just 1% of Prisoners Win Discrimination Cases Against Staff – 75% of Staff Win Discrimination Cases Against Prisoners

Jeremy Bamber Still Waits for the Evidence That Might Clear His Name

Female Prisoner Deaths Rising - Prisons Must Take Action 

Demonstration at Undercover Policing Inquiry Hearing

Lord Chief Justice Castigates Liz Truss Over Failure to Understand the Law

Obligatory to Have Your Picture Taken Before Having a Shite

Transgender Rapist Moved to Women's Prison After Sex Change

Inquests No Longer Obligatory in Deprivation of Liberty Deaths

Morton Hall IRC – Rise in Self-Harm/Violence/Antisocial Behaviour/Drug Use

Supreme Court to Consider Appeal to Enforce Smoking Ban in UK Jails

More Than 2,500 Former Soldiers Jailed Last Year

GMP Custody Officer Faces 'Restraint' Misconduct Hearing

Man Who Pleaded Guilty of Raping 12-Year-Old Freed by Glasgow High Court

Adam Johnson Loses Child Sex Case Appeal but Should he Have?

Blair Era 'Mistaken Identity' Rendition Case Goes to High Court

England and Wales Have Highest Imprisonment Rate in Western Europe

Government's £1bn Plan For Online Courts 'Challenges Open Justice'

HMP Swinfen Hall Prisoners Left in 'Squalid' Cells

Thousands of Vulnerable People Held Unlawfully in Care Homes

The Punishment Room: Challenging the Abusive Use of Segregation in Immigration Detention

Home Office Neither a Benign Nor a Helpful Institution

Immigration Minister: Tortured Asylum Seekers Can Be Removed

CCRC Referral Jeanette Burke – Knocked Back by Court of Appeal

CCRC Referral Alexander Blackman – Murder Conviction Reduced to Manslaughter

Secure Training Centre: Oakhill - Requires Improvement to be Good

HMP Eastwood Park – Showing Signs of Being Under Strain

Terror Law Chief's 'Cover Up' That Could Explode UK's Biggest Bomb Trial

Anger as Government Applies for Secret Hearing of Rendition Case

Rough Justice: Who is Looking Out for the Wrongfully Convicted?

‘Cash For Crash’ Trio Convicted After Judge Decides Case Without Jury

Delayed Parole Proceedings - £1m Compensation

HMP Woodhill Officer Charged Over Prisoner's Death

PSNI Fails in Appeal Against Collusion Claim Document Order

HMP Featherstone – Serious Decline

Truth and Justice in Historical Child Sexual Abuse Trials

CCRC Refers Rape Conviction of Mr Y to the Court of Appeal

Use and Retention of Custody Images

Restive Pakistani City in Legal Limbo Since Bombing Killed, Injured 150 Lawyer

CCRC Refers Rape Conviction of James Dalby to Court of Appeal

Pat Finucane Widow Loses Appeal Over Public Inquiry Into His Murder By Loyalists

To Reduce Reoffending, Community Sentences Must Improve

Millionaire Murderer Must Pay Compensation to Sons

IPCC Publishes Guidance For Use Following A Death Or Serious Injury Involving The Police

Daniel Morgan Murder: Three Men Lose Case Against 'Malicious' Police

Probe into Randox Manchester 'Manipulated' Drug Tests Data

Moors Murderer Ian Brady Loses Court Fight Over Legal Representation

Inquest Jury Highlights Failures at HMP Elmley After Death of Levi Smith

Young People In Custody Make Few Formal Complaints, But Some They Make Are Serious

This Assault on Whistleblowers Exceeds Even the Draconian 1911 Act

Met Presses Undercover Police Inquiry to Examine Fewer Officers

IPCC Attacks Met Chief's Call For More Trust in Police Marksme

David Black m Murder: Damien McLaughlin Trial 'Premature', Says Judge

Demise of the National Offender Management Service, Few Will Mourn Its Passing.

HMP Wymott – A Reasonably Safe Prison!

Undercover Scotland Yard Officers Linked Northern Ireland Murders

IPCC Reinvestigation Into Death of Jordon Begley Begins

Disclosure’s Catch 22

Written Statement to Parliament - Prisons and Probation

Inquest Opens Into the Death of Olaseni Lewis

UK Police Accused of Ignoring Claims About Abuse by Prison Staff

CCRC Referral Kerry Holden – Loses Her Appeal

HMP Exeter – A Prison In Decline

Legal Aid Cuts Delaying Prisoners' Release

Footballer Adam Johnson in Second Jail Sentence Appeal Bid

Northern Ireland: Lord Chief Justice Encourages Progress on Legacy Inquests

Birmingham Pub Bombings: Lawyers Can Apply For Legal Aid

DNA Evidence Can’t Give A ‘Yes/No Answer’ - Can ‘Only Be Expressed In Terms of a Probability’

Sixth Report From the Justice Committee Session 2015/16 -  Prison Safety

Two Deaths in Custody at Scotland Youth Prison to be Investigated

Deaths in Prison Custody to December 2016, Assaults and Self-Harm to September 2016 

Appeals Campaign Calls For Open Justice 

Leonard Peltier 'Condemned' to Die in Prison

Road-Rage Killer Noye Asks Judge for Move to Open Prison

Neglect Contributed to Death of Dean Saunders at HMP Chelmsford

Lost in the System: The Case of Omar Benguit

Online Justice: Why Courts Should Explore Emerging Digital Possibilities

Imprisonment of Single Mother Over Council Tax Debt Unlawful

Barack Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning Prison Sentence

European Judges Uphold UK Right to Impose Whole-Life Jail Sentences

Public Inquiry Opens Into Fatal Police Shooting of Unarmed Anthony Grainger in 2012

Man Seeks Press Blackout In Sex Grooming Trial

USA Innocence Project Gears up to Launch New Guilty Plea Campaign

Reprieve Castigates UK Government Over Execution of Three Men in Bahrain

HMYOI Cookham Wood Young Offenders – Levels of Violence a Serious Concern

Counter-Terror Money Being Used to Redact Undercover Inquiry Evidence

Transgender Prisoners Often Vulnerable Need to be Better Managed by Prison Service

Transgender Inmate Found 'Hanged' at HMP Doncaster

HMP Hewell - Serious Safety Concerns Remain on Closed Site

Misinformation Effect: How Multiple Eye Witnesses Can Make the Same Mistake

Clinton and Armstrong Win 30-Year Battle to Clear Names

CCCR Referral: Jonathan Embleton 15 Years in Prison – Conviction Quashed – Police Non-Disclosure

Charles Murphy Wins ‘Miscarriage of Justice’ Appeal

Misinformation Effect: How Multiple Eye Witnesses Can Make the Same Mistake

Former Soldiers to be Prosecuted for IRA Man's Murder

EU Data Retention Ruling Goes Against UK Government

HMP/YOI East Sutton Park – An Excellent Women’s Prison

HMP Birmingham Riot – Prison Officers Stood Back and Let It Happen

HMP Nottingham Prison Staff Member Arrested and Seven Suspended

Vulnerable Teenager Failed by Prison System

‘We Must Ban Tasers in the Mental Health System’

Grand Chamber Hearing Harkins v. the United Kingdom to be Heard January 2017

CCRC Refers Murder Conviction of Alexander Blackman to Courts Martial Appeal Court

Ireland’s Ministry for Justice Compensates Man for Wrongful Conviction

Liz Truss Calls For Rapid Completion of Probation Privatisation Review

David & Ashley Cohen - The Season of the Snitch 25,000

Discrimination of Irish Identity in Maghaberry Prison

Charles Bronson Under Investigation For Throwing Human Waste at Kevan Thakrar

Death In Morton Hall IRC

Approved Restraint Techniques Can Kill Children, MoJ Found

'No Early Review' of Guildford Four Files, MP Told

HMP Buckley Hall – An Effective Training Prison but Some Deterioration

Inpatients Formally Detained in Hospitals Under the Mental Health Act 1983

Man Killed in Fatal Police Shooting Had Mental Health Problems

Catalogue of Failures by Staffordshire Police, G4s & Primecare Leading up to Death of Darren Lyons

Pearse Jordan Inquest – Further Rulings

HMP Hindley - Regime One of Worst Ever Seen

RUC Linked to Assault Death Belfast Man John Hemsworth

One Prison Suicide Every Three Days in England and Wales

Rotherham 12: Defending Your Community is Not a Crime

Emmanuel Prophet Wins Payout for Wrongful Arrest

Relatives of HMP Woodhill Prisoners Who Died Begin Legal Challenge

As a Judge, I Can See the Racism Embedded in the Justice System

Tougher Community Service as Alternative to Prison

House of Lords, Prisoners: Indeterminate Terms

CCRC Jason Garland Referral - Dismissed Despite CPS Admitting Severe Non-Disclosure

James Ward Jailed For 10 Months Still in Prison 11 Years Later

Manus Deery: MoD Admits Boy's Killing Was Unjustified

Black People Much More Likely to be Jailed Over Criminal Offences Than White

Release 500 Prisoners Serving Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) Sentences

Disclosure Rule Change: Are We Finally Stopping the Erosion of the Burden of Proof?

Police Forces Fail to Record Complaints in Four Out of Ten Cases

David Sellu: Conviction Over Patient's Death Quashed

South Wales Police & CPS – Face Trial for Malicious Prosecution & Misfeasance in Public Office

Layla Ibrahim Jailed for Faking Own Violent Rape Battles to Clear Her Name

Total Recall: Why More Women Are Being Returned to Prison than Ever Before

Treating Young Offenders as Mere Numbers Will Fail Them and Undermine Prison Reform

Swaleside Prison - Rage, Frustration and Despair

New guidelines Issued On Questioning of Vulnerable Witnesses in Court

Still Privatised, Still Undervalued: New Court Interpreting Contract

Police Shoot Man Dead During Incident In Luton

Greater Manchester Police Gave 'Slap on the Wrist' Cautions for Rapes

Police Policy of ‘Believing Victims’ Will ‘Generate Miscarriages of Justice on a Considerable Scale’

Ireland: Darius Savickis Wins €17,225 Damages for Assault by Prison Officers

Sergeant Found ‘Not Guilty’ Of Perjury Following Death of Sean Rigg In 2008

Woman Jailed For Faking Own Violent Rape Battles to Clear Her Name

Bedford Prison Riot: Recent Inspection Found 'Unacceptable' Conditions

William Beggs, Wins Appeal for Governor to Reconsider Request for Personal Computer

 HMP Risley – A Disappointing Training Prison

Whilst Hundreds Rot in Prison - A Totally Irresponsible Referral by CCRC

More West Midlands Police Officers and Staff to Face Misconduct Proceedings

Legacy Inquests: Families Launch Legal Bid Over Funding

Juries Don't Understand Scientific Evidence, Say Expert Witnesses

Prosecutors 'Must Co-Operate More' With Defence Lawyers

Asian Police Officer Branded 'Just a P***' by Colleagues Awarded £457,664 Damages

IPCC Findings After Death of Mark Yafai Detained by West Midlands Police

“Interconnected System Inadequacies & Failures” Contributed to Death of Levi Cronin

CPS Decision in Abdel Hakim Belhaj Rendition Case Faces Legal Challenge

Significant Shortcomings Exposed in Detecting Illegal Foreign Criminals in Damning New Report

'Beelzebub' Van Hoogstraten to Return to London Court For Civil Claim

Ian Brady Presses For Own Lawyer In Mental Health Hearing

Man Dies After Wiltshire Police Fire Taser Guildford Four: Gerry Conlon's Sister Calls For Files to be Released

David Tweed: Child Sexual Abuse Convictions Quashed

Young Adult Offenders Rethink Urged by MPs

Early Day Motion 616: Smoking In Prisons

Republicans Were Given 'Get Out Of Jail Free Card' By Government

Met Inspector Prevented From Retiring to Avoid Disciplinary Action

Immigration Detainees - £13.8 million Compensation for Unlawful Detention in 3 Years

Police Restrain Schoolgirl, Aged 13, ‘Like A Piece of Meat’

HMP & YOI Foston Hall – Women’s Prison - Some Strengths, But Improvements Needed

Quashing of Conviction for Murder Upheld by Supreme Court

Troubled Families Scheme Has Made 'No Significant Impact'

Victory for Ched Evans

Barristers Say 'Over-Reaction' to Ched Evans Case Counterproductive

Justice Was Done in Ched Evans Case - John Cooper, QC

Jermaine Baker Shooting: IPCC 'Failed to Hold Met to Account'

Jermaine Baker Shooting: IPCC 'Failed to Hold Met to Account'

Patrick O'Neill Convicted of Attempted Rape Wins Appeal Over Sheriff’s Misdirection’s

HMP FORD – Still a Racist Prison

Kingsley Burrell Death – 3 Police Officers Charged

Man Who Rejected MI5 Convicted of Terror Charge After Semi-Secret Trial

Corporate Homicide of Seni Lewis! – No Charges Against NHS Trust

Hillsborough Families: IPCC Will Not Investigate David Crompton Complaint

Secrecy Has Been the Hallmark and Curse of British Government For Centuries’

EDM 496: Legal Aid For Families of Victims at Birmingham Pub Bombings Inquests

Patrick O’Neill Convicted of Attempted Rape Wins Appeal Over Sheriff’s Misdirections

US: Disastrous Toll of Criminalizing Drug Use

Unlawful Killing (Recovery of Remains)

Ricky Tomlinson: ‘The Judge Was A Gobshite. he Didn’t Have a Clue…’

‘Vague, Incomplete and Lacking in Vision’: MPs On Forensics Strategy

Legal Aid Cuts Creating Two-Tier Justice System, Says Amnesty

Scotland Yard Considers Probe Into IPCC Police Misconduct Allegations

No Data, No Accountability: Solving Racial Violence In The United States

CPS to Pay Six-Figure Sum to Conrad Jones Over Wrongful Conviction

Would You Really Take Human Rights Advice From G4S?

Fake Sheikh Convicted – For Wrongfully Fitting up Numerous Individuals!

36 Years in Prison, 21 Years Over Tariff - Ray Gilbert is Free

Murdered Journalist Martin O'Hagan's Murderers Were ‘Paid Police Informers'

Racial Elements in Hate Crime Cases Being 'Filtered Out' in UK

Support For Prisoners Leaving Jail After Short Sentences Is Poor

Impact of Distance From Home on Children In Custody

Recruitment Drive For Ex-Forces Prison Officers   

'Questionable Science’ Behind Controversial Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Birmingham Pub Bomb Families Refused Hillsborough-Style Funding

G4S Equality Helpline Contract Raises Serious Concern