Old Media/Articles Volume 4 -  Miscarriages of JusticeUK

A Review Of Glyn Razzell's Conviction for Murder Is Urgently Needed

‘Don’t Ask - Tell Them What You’re Entitled To’

ECtHR Dismisses Claim by Alleged Omagh Bombers That Their Trial Was Unfair

Ahmed v UK - ECtHR Dismisses Claim by Convicted Paedophile That His Trial Had Been Unfair

Inspection of HMP Bedford – A Very Disappointing Report

Parole Board Pilots Schemes to Reduce Waiting Time for Oral Hearings

Murder Convictions of Jamie Dunn and Gary Higgins Quashed

Inquest Into the Death Of James Fox Fatally Shot by Metropolitan Police Resumes

Three Years Waiting For Police Watchdog Were The 'Hardest Of My Life'

Jury Found That Neglect Contributed to the Death of Ashley Gill at HMP Liverpool

Lib Dems 'Regret' Coalition's Legal Aid Bonfire Law Gazette

No Violence Against Children Is Acceptable, All Violence Is Preventable

Justice for Michael Ross

Alistair Carmichael Questions SCCRC Decision Not to Refer Murder Case

Murder Law Will Not Be Reformed, ‘Joint Enterprise’ Charge to Remain

Family response to CPS decision not to prosecute any further officers in relation to the death of Sean Rigg

Five Police May Face Action Over Student in Vegetative State

Government to Introduce Pre-Trial Cross-Examination for Vulnerable Witnesses

Jury Finds Systemic Failings in the Care of Teenager Jake Foxall at HMP/YOI Glen Parva

HMP Maghaberry Guards Watched as 23-Year-Old Inmate Blinded Himself

UK to Pay Convicted Terrorist £13,000 Over 'Human Rights Violations'

Rise in Prisoners Moved to Mental Health Hospitals

UK to Pay Convicted Terrorist £13,000 Over 'Human Rights Violations'

Ameen Jogee Cleared of Murder, Sentenced to 12 Years for Manslaughter

Rendition Victims Challenge Decision Not to Prosecute MI6 Officer

Wanking in Public Not A Crime in Italy

Early Day Motion 425: The Prevent Strategy (Isn’t Preventing Anything)

Hillsborough Law Launched to Ensure Officials Act With 'Candour'

Better Safety Must Underpin Prison Reform

Rape on Trial: The Influence of Jury Bias on Verdict Outcome

Loughinisland Killings: MP 'Knows Suspects' Names'

Jeremy Bamber’s Supporters Claim Police Ignored Sister’s Suicide Note

Man Dies in Belfast After Police Use Teargas

Ireland: One in Five Life Prisoners Served Sentences Outside Of Jail Last Year

Australia High-Security Prisoners Strike For Better Pay

Detention of Offender With Mental Disorders In Prison Environment – Violation of Articles 3,5,13

Homeless Young Offenders' Housing Criticised By Report

Nine Black Lives Matter Protesters Arrested After City Airport Travel Chaos

IPCC: Student Demonstration Incident - Outcome of Misconduct Proceedings

Disappointing but Victory of Sorts for Joint Enterprise Test Case

Care and Supervision Units (CSU) - 'A Prison Within A Prison'

Jail Staff Lacked Compassion For Prisoner Who Took His Life

Australia High-Security Prisoners Strike For Better Pay

Homeless Young Offenders' Housing Criticised By Report

Nine Black Lives Matter Protesters Arrested After City Airport Travel Chaos

Northern Ireland: Urgent Progress Needed On Dealing With The Past

McKinley v Secretary of State for Justice (CO/4061/2016

Police Failing to Use New Law Against Coercive Domestic Abuse

Victims Should be Able to Confront Criminals, Say MPs

Met Police Officer Guilty of Sex Offences With Child

Northern Ireland: Concerns Raised Over Political Vetting of FOI Requests

Successful Appeal Against - Refusal to Revoke a Deportation Order Against a Foreign Criminal

Police Failing to Use New Law Against Coercive Domestic Abuse

Victims Should be Able to Confront Criminals, Say MPs

Met Police Officer Guilty of Sex Offences With Child   

HMP Maghaberry Prisoner Confined to Cell 'Without Regard For Due Process'

Inquests Into the Deaths of Liam Lambert and Jake Foxall in HMYOI Glen Parva

Chicago Police Shootings: Data Reveals 92 Deaths and 2,623 Bullets Fired

Mexico Federal Police Chief Galindo Fired Over Michoacan Ranch Killings

Non-Implementation of ECtHR Judgments: Our Shared Responsibility

PSNI Defends Investigation Linked to 'Derry Four' Case

Extremist Inmates to be Moved Between Prisons In 'Ghost Train' Plan

Justice Secretary Liz Truss Abandons Plan For Problem-Solving Courts

Extremist Prisoners to be Isolated in ‘Sealed Units’

Student Wins Lawsuit Forcing IPCC to Re-Examine Assault Claim

Rights Group Challenges FoI Refusal in Libyan Rendition Case

Bloody Sunday: Police Investigators Finish Interviewing Former Soldiers

UK Terror-Law Watchdog Gives Green Light For Spy Agencies to Collect Bulk Data

Police Officers Investigated Over Dalian Atkinson Taser Death

Family of Andrew Pimlott, Who Died After Police Tasering Receive Payout

Ibrahim Aksoy Avoids Extradition to Turkey on Human Rights Grounds

Unannounced Inspection of HMP Chelmsford - Disappointing Findings

Judicial Review Guide 2016

Mexico Commission Finds Police Executed 22 in Michoacan

- Statement from Republican Prisoners Roe 4 HMP Maghaberry 11/08/2016

- Officer Involved in Fatal Restraint of Colin Holt, Guilty Of Gross Misconduct

- Crackdown Launched as Phone Seizures in Prisons Rise in England and Wales

- Tribunal Rules Yorkshire Ripper Can Be Sent To Mainstream Prison

- Women Are Dying in Jails They Should Not Have Been Sent To

- Medway Child Jail Inspectors Find Further Serious Failings

- CPS Upholds Decision Not to Charge Over MI6 Role In Libyans' Rendition

- 1.3bn Troubled Families Scheme Has Had 'No Discernible Impact'

- How Slow-Motion Video Footage Misleads Juries

- The Breaking Down of the European Convention On Human Rights, and the UK's Responsibility

Five Years After the Riots, Tension in Tottenham Has Not Gone Away

US Four 'Juvenile Lifers' in Jail Since 1970s Granted Parole

Prison Experience and Coping Mechanisms of Those Claiming Wrongful Conviction

Charities/High Street Names That Used Benefits Claimants as Free Labour

Disabled Ex-Prisoner Handcuffed In Hospital Receives £5,000 Payout

- IPCC Bungled Case Against Officers Accused of Abusing Black Firefighter

- Prison Staff Need to Respond to Dementia as More Older Prisoners In Jail

- Assaults on Prison Staff at Record High

- Chelsea Manning Faces Charges, Solitary Confinement After Suicide Attempt

- Number of People Dying After Coming Into Contact With Police Rises Sharply to 200

- Gross Failures Amounting to Neglect Contributed to Prions Inmate's 'Fire Trap' Death

- Lee-Hirons (Appellant) v Secretary of State for Justice (Respondent)

- Statement from Republican Prisoners Roe 4 Maghaberry

- Call for Your Ideas - Law Commission 13th Programme of Law Reform

- 'No Child in Cells' Campaign

- HMP Swaleside – Not a Safe Prison

- Parole Board Chief Urges Indefinite Jail Release Change

- Counter-Extremism Bill – Counter-Productive?

- Protester, 91, Goes to European Court Over Secret Police Files

- Police and CPS Criticised After Firefighter Wrongly Convicted of Sex Attacks

- 70 Prisoners Sign Petition Alleging "Medical Neglect" HMP Edinburgh

- Teenager Sues After Repeatedly Being Held Overnight in Police Cell

- Daniel Kelly Gets 14-Months Jail for Using Drone to Fly Drugs Into Prisons

- CCRC Refers Murder Conviction of Deborah Mccarthy-Winzar to Court of Appeal

- Deborah Mccarthy-Winzar A Clash of Conviction by Bob Woffinden

- 'Met Maybe Overly Targeting BAME Youths as Gang Members'

- Prison Reform Trust Summer 2016 Report

- How Will Human Rights Fare Under New PM Theresa May?

- Inspection of HMYOI Wetherby & Keppel unit – Is it Fit for Purpose!

- HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales Annual Report 2015/16

- Eddie Gilfoyle to Keep on Fighting After Watchdog Rejects Case

- Bulk Data Collection Only Lawful In Serious Crime Cases

- Activists Win Damages Against City Police For False Imprisonment

- New Law to Recoup Crime Money Needed, Say MPs

- What Does Theresa May's Record as Home Secretary Tell Us?

- Magnificent Victory for The Public Law Project

- Joint Enterprise: The Need For Clarity and Transparency

- Phillip Harkins Case Referred to Grand Chamber ECtHR

- Islamic Extremists in Prisons 'Should be in Isolated Units'

- EU Law Backs French Woman Sacked For Wearing Hijab

- Letter From Republican Prisoner Nathan Hastings HMP Maghaberry

- Our Kafkaesque Courts Complicit in Widespread Disclosure Failures

- Human Rights Group Condemns Prevent Anti-Radicalisation Strategy

- Satellite-Tracking Schemes for Offenders to be Trialled This Autumn

- Improving People's Health Can Prevent Offending

- R (on the application of The Public Law Project) (Appellant) v Lord Chancellor

- Muslims Report Discrimination in Prisons as Fear of 'Extremism' Grows

- ECtHR Calls for Re-Think of Article 18 to Meet the Challenges of 'Political Justice'

- Review Mandatory Life Sentences For Murder, Says Joint Enterprise Report

- Half of Police Officers Facing Gross Misconduct Charges Quit Force Before Case Heard

- Civilians More Likely to be Killed by CIA Drones Than US Air Force

- 'Grotesque Collusion' Between Police & Press on Historic Abuse Cases

- Five of the Worst Atrocities Carried Out by the British Empire

- Early Day Motion 296: Preventing Commercial Sexual Exploitation

- HMP Lindholme – A Mixed Picture With Some Improvements But Serious Concerns

- US: 31 Deaths in Immigration Detention

-You Cannot Sacrifice Justice on the Altars of Cost, Speed and Expediency

- Does the Underrepresentation of Black and Ethnic Minorities in Britain's Police Force Matter

- UK Ban on Prisoners Voting in Elections – Clear Breach of Article 3 of Protocol No. 1

- Sex Work Must be Decriminalised, Government Report Warns

- America's Deadliest Prosecutors: Five Lawyers, 440 Death Sentences

- Flo Krause: Legal Aid Cuts Have Forced Me Out of my Career at the Bar

- UN Committee "Seriously Concerned" About Impact of Austerity On Human Rights in the UK

- Jury Returns Critical Narrative Conclusion Death Of 18-Year-Old Henry Hicks

- Battle to Stop Jack Straw Facing Libya Rendition Charges

- Report on an Unannounced Inspection of HMP Frankland

- 'Justice or Else' for Kingsley Burrell

- New Practical Guide on Access to Justice in European Law

- 'Self-Harming Rise' Among Prisoners on Indefinite Sentences

- Brothers' Joint Enterprise Murder Convictions Unsafe, Appeal Court Told

- New Figures Reveal Theresa May Has Deprived 33 Individuals of British Citizens

- Teenager Becomes First Child in UK to be Fitted With Court-Ordered GPS Tracker

- Lack of Care For Victims Of Miscarriages of Justice is a National Scandal

- Ched Evans Signs For Chesterfield as he Awaits Retrial Over Rape Charges

- Police Officers Served With Gross Misconduct Notices Following Death of Karl Brunner

- Walking the Fine Line Between Robust Reporting and Contempt

- Steep Court Fee Rises Are Tax On Justice, Say MPs

- North London Gang Jailed Over Failed Prison Break

- HMP Stafford – Considerable Progress!

- Cardiff Three - Lynette White Murder: Police Officers Lose Civil Case

- Roger Khan: Defendant Who Represented Himself Gets New Case Review Hope

- Court Rule Changes 'May Drive Innocent Defendants Into Making Guilty Pleas'

- HMP Forest Bank – Prisoners Too Frightened to Come Out of Their Cells

- Police Colluded in Loughinisland Murders in Northern Ireland

- Snoopers Charter: A Grim Watershed Moment For Privacy?

- Scandal of G4S-run Medway Youth Jail Deepens as Five More Arrested

- HMP/YOI Moorland New Psychoactive Substances Threatening Stability of Prison

- CPS Will Not Bring Charges Against MI6 Over Rendition of Libyan Families

- Law Requres a Periodic Review of Tariff For a Detainee at her Majesty's Pleasure Case 1 Case 2

- HMYOI Parc Juvenile Unit Areas of Safety and Respect Have Declined

- US Justice Department to Tighten Rules on Testimony by Scientists

- Removal of Foreign National Offenders and EU Prisoners

- Judge Suing Ministry of Justice Says he Has Been Denied a Fair Hearing

- Spice: The Biggest Health Problem Facing Prisons?

- Hillsborough Disaster: 19 West Midlands Police Staff Refuse to Help IPCC Inquiry

- Controlling The Aftermath of Hillsborough -The West Midlands Police

- Kevin Lane on Life After Prison: I Won't Stop Until I Clear My Name?

- Ken Clarke: Free Prisoners Serving Indeterminate Sentences from Overcrowded Slums?

- Met Police Required to Compensate Cherry Groce's Children For 1985 Shooting

- Jury Finds Numerous Police Errors Contribute to Death of Vulnerable Woman

- Hillsborough Disaster: 19 West Midlands Police Staff Refuse to Help IPCC Inquiry

- Kevin Lane on Life After Prison: ?I Won't Stop Until I Clear My Name?

- Ken Clarke: Free Prisoners Serving Indeterminate Sentences from ?Overcrowded Slums

- Controlling the Aftermath of Hillsborough - Involement of the Corrupt West Midlands police?

- Forensically Aware?: the Andy Malkinson Case

- Inside the Special Prison Unit Where Rehabilitation Rules the Roost

- Prisons Get Urgent £10m to Tackle Suicide and Disorder

- Staff 'Told Not to Take Action Against Probation Breaches'

- Dennehy, R (On the Application Of) v Secretary of State for Justice

- Study of Wrongfully Convicted Scottish Prisoners

- Half of Children in Youth Custody Have Been in Care System

- Brother of UVF Victim Peter Mctasney Loses Legal Challenge Over Police Probe

- Damning Narrative Verdict Finds Neglect Caused Death of Lee Rushton at HMP Liverpool

- US Supreme Court Throws Out Death Sentence Given to Black Man By All White Jury

- Why Our Colonialist Past Continues to Taint Our Justice System  

- G4S Paid For Its Failure To Protect Children - Now The Youth Justice Board Should Go

- Five HMP Highpoint Guards Taken Hostage by Prisoner

- Chelsea Manning Files Appeal Against 'Grossly Unfair' 35-Year Prison Sentence

- Michael Gove, Talking Bollocks - Governing Governors' Forum

- CPS Remind Police the Dead Cannot be Prosecuted

- Pfizer Acts to Stop Its Drugs Being Used in Lethal Injections

- Court Grants Leave to JR Of Decision To Exclude Murder of Caroline Moreland In Stakeknife Investigation

- HMP Nottingham? Still Not Safe, Despite Some Progress Made

- EDM  31: Provision of Naloxone to Ex-Prisoners With a History Of Opiate Use

- Court Finds Requirement to Self-Declare Criminal Convictions a Breach of ECtHR

- Michael Gove Youth Justice Announcement

- Iraqi Civilians Fail in Tortious Claim Against Ministry of Defence

- National Preventive Mechanism of the United Kingdom

- Judge Raps Police and Prosecutors Over Failed Rape Trial

- Germany to Quash Historical Convictions of Gay Men

- Inadequate Checks/Searches May Have Contributed To Death Of 25 Year Old Istiak Yusuf

- Drug Testing Expert Was High For Eight Years

- Tougher Sentences For Young Offenders Who Film Their Crimes

- Prisons: Violence - Government Statement

- Restraint Injuries Persist at Youth Jail Where Boy Died 12 Years Ago

- Tough Talk On Crime Has Led to A Crisis in Britain's Prisons

- Overloaded and Underfunded: The Miscarriage Watchdog in Numbers

- Foreign National Criminal - Situation in Which Deportation is No Longer Permissible

- Exonerated, Dead and Still on Trial - In a Notorious Louisiana case, a Judge Gets in a Last Kick

- Judge in Undercover Policing Inquiry Rejects Blanket Anonymity

- Inquest into the Death of Steven Trudgill, who Died at HMP Highpoint

- HMYOI Glen Parva – A Well-Led Prison But Further Improvements Necessary

- Supreme Court Judgment Safeguards Rights of Immigration Detainees

- Romanian Sex Workers Challenge UK Immigration Policy

- Jordan Cunliffe Sentence Reduction Bid Rejected Despite Procedural Error

- Campaigning Guide For People Who Have Been Wrongfully Convicted

- We Should Assess Prisons by What Happens Once Offenders Are Released

- Unrepresented Defendants Crowd Criminal Courts

- Very, Very Expensive to Fall in Love With a Foreign National

- Asylum Seekers Poorly Served by 'Sausage Factory' Law Firms