Old Media/Articles Volume 3 -  Miscarriages of JusticeUK

- Norman Grant, Knocked Back by CCRC - A Perverse Decision!

- Prosecuting Authorities Liable for Delay in Criminal Investigations

- Sean Brown Murder Inquest Postponed Indefinitely

- No More 'Early Release' for Child Rapists and Terrorists

- Archaic Operation Shield - Gloria Morrison Gives Boris Johnson a Bollicking

- Non Stop Cycle of Prison Officer Violence Against Kevan Thakrar

- Terry Laverty - Conviction Quashed

- Serious Shortcomings Court Custody Facilities in Surrey & Sussex

- Imprisonment 'Turns Young Offenders Into Sex Criminals'

- Chris Grayling - Joint Enterprise - There Will be no Change on my Watch

- JENGba Comments on Grayling's Deafness to Joint Enterprise Reform!

- HMP Maghaberry Prisoner Right to Legal Visits Reinstated

- Protest on Republican Political Prisoners Wing HMP Maghaberry

- No Convictions of State Agents for N. Ireland Killings Since Peace Deal

- Police Using 'Domestic Extremist' Database to Monitor Journalists

- 15% Rise In Police Complaints and Appeals in England and Wales

- The Flaws in the 'Innocence Test'

- CCRC and the Court of Appeal: A Better Way Forward

- Investigation of Data loss, in 3 Independent Judge-Led Inquiries

- Family of Woman Killed by Ex-Partner Loses Battle to Sue Police

- Remembering Gerry Conlon

- Policeman Cleared after Leaving Women with 40 Injuries

- Julian Cole Family Hit Out at IPCC Over Police Brutality Allegations

- Lockerbie Bomber al-Megrahi Case Goes Back to Court

- Omagh Bombing Relative Wins Inquiry Refusal Challenge

- Prison Suicide Rate at Highest Level Since 2007

- Wrongly Convicted Men Launch New Case Against Chris Grayling

- Greater Awareness Needed To Prevent Traveller Deaths In UK Jails

- Terry Laverty Ballymurphy Conviction to be Reviewed

- Review Proposes Sweeping Efficiency Reforms for Justice System

- Need to Read - DNA and Case Preparation

- Behind Closed Bars: Sex In Prison  

- Campaigners Call for Scotland to Abandon Women's Super-Prison

- Laws Preventing Police Retiring/Resigning to Avoid Dismissal In Force

- Police Officers Not Separated Following Deaths

- An Insult to all the Children Who Die in Custody

- Miscarriage of Justice Victim Tony Poole Back in Prison

- Under Cover Cop, who Acquired Cocaine Habit, Cries Foul

- Police Visits to Homes of Sex Offenders - No Breach of Article 8

- UK Prison Population 93,776 @ 2nd January 2015

- Have Your Say on the Serious Crime Bill

- Three Men Convicted Of Murder Under Joint Enterprise To Appeal

- Ricky Tomlinson Vows to Whinge on Until They're Made to Pay'

- Dealing With the Racial Nature of Wrongful Convictions

- Investigation Into Deaths Resulting From Actions of State Agents

- G4S No Convictions - But Does it Have Blood on its Hands?

- Hidden Despair - The Deaths of Foreign National Prisoners

- IPCC Admits to Being Toothless

- Prostitution, Illegal Drugs Boost UK Status In Global Wealth League

- Urgent Review Needed of 'Joint Enterprise' Law in Murder Cases

- Transforming Rehabilitation - Many A Slip Twixt Cup and Lip

- War on Terror - Paranoia Creep @ ECtHR?

- Justice Blindfolded? The Case of Jimmy Mubenga

- Horncastle, Blackmore, Marquis, Graham - Lose Hearsay Claim @ ECtHR

- How to Become a Convicted Serial Killer (Without Killing Anyone)

- Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) - Appeal Courts Gatekeeper

- Mixed Success for Prisoners Claiming Non-Rehabilitation Damages

- Dwaine George - Conviction for Murder Quashed A Victory for Innocence Project & Pro Bono Unit Cardiff Law School

- McDonnell v UK - Excessive Delay of Inquest Violation of Article 2

- Shit Throwing Inmates Keep Prison Officers at Bay for Seven Hours

- Grayling Humiliated Again as High Court Overturns Prisoner Book Ban

- Pre-Charge Bail: More Than 70,000 Languishing In 'Legal Limbo'

- Regina V George Malcolm - Conviction Quashed, Immediate Release

- Public Protection Sentences

- James Browne Awarded £108,491 Damages Against Metropolitan Police

- Ramsbotham Speaks Out Against Grayling Over Prison Suicide Crisis

- Teachers to be Barred for Living With Exoffenders Under New Rules

- Offenders: Rehabilitation

- Solicitors/Barristers: Skeleton Arguments Must be of Better Quality

- Trudi Hudson Death - Prison Staff Failed to Minimise Risk

- Birmingham Pub Bombings: Lawyer Renews Call For Inquests

- Former Inmate of HMP Liverpool Loses Case Against G4S for Assault - But Was he Robbed of a Just Verdict?

- Yunus Rahmatullah Tortured by US/UK Troops Can Sue for Damages

- Police Reform - Independent Disciplinary Hearing Panels

- Patrick Pearse Jordan - Coroners Verdict Quashed

- Ministry of Justice - Crackdown on Violence in Prisons

- Expert Witnesses

- Surge in Violence at HMP Elmley Lays Bare Prison Crisis

- Law Commission: Domestic Violence Should be Specific Criminal Offence

- Defendants Should Never be Tried Anonymously, says Lord Chief Justice

- What Measures A Trial Judge May Legitimately Take To Protect A Vulnerable Witness

- Three Women Prisoners - Unlawfully Strip-Searched

- Criminalising Human Behaviour a Mockery of Private Responsibility

- 20-Year Sentence for the Killing of Ann Maguire Defies Logic

- Will Cornick Life Sentence 'Out Of Step With Rest Of Western Europe'

- 263 Children Sectioned Under the Mental Health Held in Police Cells

- Joint Enterprise: 'They Keep Knocking us Down, We Get Stronger'

- ECtHR: Delay in Access to Rehabilitative Courses Not Unreasonable

- ECtHR: - Life Imprisonment Without Commutation Violation of Article 3

- Fitted Up, and Brought Back to Life

- Record Number of Prison Deaths 'Due to Cuts and Overcrowding'

- Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) - Can They be Quashed?

- Harm Multiplies When The Innocent are Wrongly Convicted

- Major Defeat for Governments Judicial Review Reform in the Lords

- Difficult First Steps Towards Proving Your Innocence ...

- Clamour to Keep Harry Roberts in Jail is Wrong-Headed

- Tony Stock: 'His Fight For Justice Must and Will Continue'

- Stop 'Double Punishment' of Foreign Nationals

- Jeffrey Deskovic Awarded $40M in Wrongful Conviction Case

- Justice, Moral Panic and the Irish

- ECtHR - "UK Must Not Think Only of Itself"

- Investigation Into Police Restraint Death of Duncan Tomlin

- Evidence Obtained by Police Incitement Violation of Article 6 § 1

- Prisons Shame Britain and are Not Fit For Purpose

- Prison Policy Punishingly Expensive & Not Cost Effective

- Prison Whistle Blowers Threatened With Dismissal

- Martin Foran - Second Conviction Quashed After 36 Year Fight

- Appeals Against Deportation Conducive to the Public Good Scrapped

- Are Juries Being Blinded By Science?

- Grayling Gives Green Light for Staff To Use Force Against Young Inmates

- Home Office Must Disclose Advice Behind Intercept Evidence

- Police Bail for Months on End When Innocent Can Ruin Your Life

- Inmate Suicide Figures Expose Human Toll of UK Prison Crisis

- U.S.A: David Mccallum and William Stuckey Exonerated Of Murder

- Innocent Grandmother Walks Free After 17 Years in Prison

- Getting Rid of Nick Hardwick - Just Shooting The Messenger

- 'Right to Work' for Ched Evans on Release From Prison

- Court of Appeal Quashes Convictions But Judges Will Not Reveal Reasons - CCRC Involved in this Cover Up

- Former RUC Officers Accused Of Perverting Course of Justice

- Sean Rigg death: 'Lying' Officers Won't Face Charges Over Custody Death

- "If you're not pissed off - you're not paying attention"

- John Jordan 1997 Conviction Quashed

- 'Government Secrecy Extended' Over Guildford IRA Pub Bombings

- Moazzam Begg Complains Of 'Malicious' and 'Vindictive' Detention

- Incoherent/Incomplete/Disrespectful: Tories Plans For Human Rights

- G4S Pay Out £6,000 to Prisoner Over Hospital Handcuffs

- Euthanasia a Rational Option for Prisoners Facing Life in Jail!

- Prisoners' Children 'Forgotten Victims'

- HMP Maghaberry: Republicans Inmates Seek Changes to Jail Regime

- Black Woman Pummelled by Police Wins $1.5 Million Payout

- Logothetis & Ors v. Greece - Overcrowded Cells Violation of Article 3

- Chris Grayling - Talking Utter Bollocks

- Convict 'Told by Strangeways Prison Guards to Attack Jailed Terrorist'

- Belgium Grants Murderer's Request for Mercy Killing

- Early Day Motion 338: Case of Ricky Reel

- Sexual Abuse in Prison Needs Urgent Investigation

- Law Q & A: Viewing Terrorist Material

- Sussex Police Act first, Cover up Later!

- Martin McCauley: 'Grave Misconduct by Police' as Offence Quashed 

- Francis Newell Conviction for Armed Robbery in 1973 - Quashed

- Kingsley Burrell: Deaths in Police Custody [Parliamentary Debate]

- Hidden Mischief of Police Cautions

- Extradition to a State With Irreducible Life Sentence Violation Article 3

- Foreign Nationals Automatically Refused Open Conditions

- Prisoners: Per Capita Costs

- DNA Clears North Carolina Brothers After 30 Years in Prison

- Medieval Campaign To Stop Ched Evans Getting His Old Job Back

- Foreign Criminals Barred From Open Prisons/Day Release

- Detained Children Need Secure Facilities, Not Police Stations

- UK Prison Lights-Out Policy Could Worsen Mental Health Crisis

- Southall Youth Movement - Young Rebels With a Cause

- Prisoner Compensated for Discrimination Suffered at HMP Wandsworth

- Militarisation of US Police Law Enforcement

- Jay Abatan Family Demand Inquiry

- Burned Informant Kester David - Mother Slams Met 'Cover Up'

- Police pay £17,000 Damages for Unlawful Child Strip Search

- Rise of the Secret Trial: Closed Material Procedures one Year on

- Habib Ullah Family: Outcry as CPS Declines to Charge Police Officers

- Lie Detector Tests Introduced to Monitor Released Sex Offenders

- Woman Who Tried to Trick Strangers to Rape Colleague Jailed

- Bernie Ecclestone Paid £60m to German Treasury to Escape the Law

- Government Opts Out of EU Progressive Criminal Proceedings Rights

- Prison Suicides Soar by 69% in a Single Year

- Two Trials in 20 Years for Police Shootings

- Contempt of Court: Juror Misconduct and Internet Publication

- Ending Violence Against Women Must Become a Top Priority

- 'A Presumption Against Imprisonment'

How Crimes by Police Officers are Handled and how the Rights and Interests of the Victims can be Lost

IPCC Concern Over Police Use of Tasers to Gain Compliance

Government Wants Impunity from UK Courts over Torture

Bangladeshi Woman Dies in West Midlands Police Custody

Race-Hate Prisoners Tried to Send Bombs to Solicitors

Syed Talha Ahsan & Babar Ahmad - Returning to Britain

- Early Day Motion 258: Indeterminate Sentences For Public Protection

- Prisons: Discipline - Additional Days/Punishments

- Pat Long v Secretary of State for Defence

- Issuing of 'On the Run' Letters - Inquiry Blames 'Systemic Failures'

Multiple Police Failures Led to 1985 Shooting Of Cherry Groce

Chief Inspector of Prisons: Conditions 'Getting Worse'

Former Met Officers Lose Appeal Against Drug Conspiracy Convictions

Nicholas West - Convictions for Indecent Acts with a child, Quashed

Jeremy Bamber: Comment on Kevin Nunn Supreme Court Ruling

CMP Secret Hearing in ex-IRA Informer Martin McGartland Case

Nadeem Aslam - Conviction for Rape Quashed

Women: Custodial Sentences

Miscarriages of Justice [Government written Ministerial Statement]

Justice Vanishes: the Erosion of the Rule of Law

Trainee Barrister Jailed For False Rape Claim

Jack Allan Convicted of Flashing Suffered a 'Miscarriage Of Justice'

Gareth Peirce - Requiem for Gerry Conlon

Who Will the Gerry Conlons of the Future Count On?

Kevin Nunn Knocked Down by the Supreme Court

Old and Minor Convictions/Cautions Need Not be Disclosed

Chris Grayling Refuses to Pay Compensation to Victor Nealon

Frank Newell Wins 40 Year Fight to Clear Name

Online Petition: End the Miscarriage of Justice of the 'Craigavon Two'

'Muslim surcharge'  - Men Jailed for EDL Bomb Plot Challenge Sentences

Northern Ireland Informer Court Hearings to be Held Partially in Secret

'Victorian-Style' Corporal Punishment on Young Offenders

Secret Royal Pardons Granted to NI Paramilitaries

Family Judge Adjourns Father's Contact Case Amid Legal Aid Impasse

Migrants in Texas Federal Prisons Subjected to 'Shocking Abuse'

Children Suffer as Cuts to Legal Aid Penalise Parents in Court

RUC Officers Involved in Frame Up - Fail to Attend Court

Mark Duggan Coroner: Police Created Perception Of Collusion

Northern Ireland Police Chief Accused Over Inquiry Into Killings

Report on an Unannounced Inspection of HMP Whitemoor

Inquest delays: Six Men's Families Awarded £7,500 Each

Martin McCauley, Weapons Conviction Quashed

Ballymurphy Shootings: Coroner asks for Evidence Review

New Inquiry: Prisons in Wales and treatment of Welsh offenders

In Praise of ... Open Prisons

CCRC Apologise to Victor Nealon

UK Rendition Victim Released After Ten Years in Secret US Custody

Harris Review - Call for Submissions

Knife Crime: Imprisoning Dogma

Treatment of Prisoners' Alcoholism is an Essential Part of Rehabilitation

Super-Max Children's Prison A Very Dangerous Idea!

Islamic Radicalisation a Significant Threat in Prisons?

Reformers Renew Call for G4S and Serco Prisons Ban

Harris Review - Call for Submissions

Knife Crime: Imprisoning Dogma

Treatment of Prisoners' Alcoholism is an Essential Part of Rehabilitation

Super-Max Children's Prison A Very Dangerous Idea!

Islamic Radicalisation a Significant Threat in Prisons?

Reformers Renew Call for G4S and Serco Prisons Ban

On the Runs: IRA Linked to 295 Murders - A Blatant Police Lie

Welcome to Britain, the New Land Of Impunity, Especially for G4S

Judicial System Must Learn to Separate Fact From Fiction in Rape Trials

IPCC Findings Conduct Of West Mids Police Officers Birmingham Riots

Justice: Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) Prisoners

Prisons: Crimes of Violence

US Guilty Verdict Reveals Mass Acceptance Of Police Violence

- Prisoners: Indeterminate Sentences

- Family Campaigns - Fighting Evry Step of the Way

-  So Much for the So-Called People's Police

- Met 'Covered up' Warnings of 'flawed' Evidence on 21/7 London Attacks

- World's Longest-Serving Death-Row Prisoner Iwao Hakamada Freed

Prisoner's Rights Not Breached By Segregation

John Elam (Victim of Police Intimidation and Dirty tricks?)

Offenders With Learning Disabilities Not Getting Help They Need

Learning From PPO Complaints - Use Of Force On Prisoners

Convictions Quashed Over Withheld Evidence of Police Spy

Malcolm Kennedy (1947-2013) - Victim of a Grotesque Miscarriage of Justice

Non-disclosure of Police Sources did not make trial of IRA Member Unfair or did it?

Regina v Hopkinson - Conviction Quashed - Retrial Ordered

Rowe v Parole Board / H v HMP Highpoint

Prisoners: Accommodation on Leaving Prison

£45k Awarded To One-Legged OAP 'Thrown To Floor' By Police

ECtHR: The Impact of Non-compliance and/or a future UK Withdrawal

Police And Criminal Evidence (PACE) Changes: What You Need To Know

Benefits Of Hidden Document Data

Northern Ireland Police 'Colluded With Loyalists to Cover up Catholic Murders'

CCRC Refer Bakish Allah Khan and Ilyas Hanif to Court of Appeal

Shirley Banfield and Lynette Banfield: Conviction for Murder 'Joint Enterprise' Quashed

Unacceptable Behavior of CCRC

Lessons Should Be Learned From PPO Investigations

Justice for Tony Marshall - Complaint to IPCC Against Police, Upheld

'Serious Organised Crime Agency' - Giving Names for Afghan 'Kill List?

Prisoner Suffrage - Draft Voting Eligibility (Prisoners) Bill

IPCC: Deaths During Or Following Police Contact 2012/13

Failure by UK to Investigate Deaths Timely, Flagrant Abuse of Due Process

CPS and Police Responsible For Collapse Of Trial - Victims Renew Call For Public Inquiry

Denied Compensation After Being Wrongly Jailed For Killing Son

Jeremy Bamber Should be Given Review of his Whole life Sentence

Family, Solicitor & 'INQUEST' Response to Azelle Rodney Death

Barry George - 'Not Innocent Enough to be Compensated'

Secret Can of Worms Untouched as Government Fail Barry George Again!

Martin Corey - Irish Political Prisoner Held Without Charge, Trial

R (application of Sturnham) v Parole Board of England and Wales

Ali Tahery - Hearsay Conviction Finally Quashed

Deportation on Suspicion  - Operation Nexus

R v ZN (Crown Must Prove That a Witness had in Fact Been Intimidated)

R v Noshad Hussain (Draft Judgements - Duties on counsel and solicitors explained)

Use of Physical Restraint on Mental Health Patients at 'Disturbing Levels'

Police Cells Holding More Than 9,000 Mentally Ill People A Year

ECtHR Rejects Complaint by Twomey, Cameron and Guthrie

Children's Charities - Money Grubbing Opportunists?

Colm Murphy/Seamus Daly Appeal Scheduled for November

Justice - Pre-trial Cross-Examination Testing

Offenders: Rehabilitation [Disclosure Certificates]

Prisoners [IPP Prisoners Progress to Release]

UN Committee Against Torture Say UK Not So Squeaky Clean on Human Rights

A Law Unto Themselves - Police Again Give IPCC the 'Finger

Thomas Kingston,Thomas Reynolds,Terence O'Connell to Court of Appeal

Prisons - Most Unlawful Places On Earth

Family Battle on to Clear Name of ex-PC Danny Major

IPCC Criticised for Errors In Investigation Into Sean Rigg Death

Verdict On Juries: Placing Blind Trust In Them Helps No One

Theresa May: Death by Incarceration

Police Invitations to 'Victims' Encouraging False Allegations

Sex In Prisons: Campaigners Warn Of Culture Of Denial

Anonymity for Those Jailed By 'Secret Courts' is Wrong

Who is Controlling the Justice System in the North of Ireland?

Prisoners: Indeterminate Sentences [Nine Year backlog]

Fingerprint Retention of a Person Not Convicted - Violation of Article 8

James Martin and Veronica Ryan, Convictions Quashed but Not told Why

Rashid Aswat v. the UK -  Extradition Would be a Violation of Article 3

Access To Justice Matters  -  Will You Now Have To Represent Yourself In Court?

Policy Allowing Cross-Gender Searches In Prisons Not Unlawful

ECtHR Adjourn 2,354 Prisoners' Voting Rights Cases

Mark Duggan Inquest: IPCC Investigation 'Not Fit for Purpose'

Supreme Court the Rot Sets in - Secret Justice Reigns Supreme

Basic Regime - Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) Schemes In Prison

State Must Provide Quality Healthcare To Those The State Detains In Prisons

Child Deaths in Custody - Learning lessons

Y'all Feel Free to Insult, Cameron, Clegg, the Queen, Pope Francis et al

Prison Writings: John Bowden 'In The Belly Of The Beast'

Prisons Must Conduct Adjudications Correctly 

Conspiracy - R v Shillam - Conviction quashed

Northern Ireland - The Policing You Don't See 

POA a State Sanctioned Oppressor and Bully of Working Class People

Jailed as a man. Released as a Woman

£50,000 Bloody Sunday offer 'A Bloody insult'

Education Is Subversive In Prison – John Bowden

Transforming Youth Custody

James Bulger Killing: 20 Years on

Use Of Restraints For Seriously Ill And Dying Prisoners

ECtHR Rule Delay in Parole Board Review of Prisoner's Detention Unlawful

Protection of Personal Property Whilst in Prison

Boot Camp Justice On the Way Back Says Crispin Blunt

Older Prisoners JSC Call for Evidence - But Not From Older Prisoners

Plebgate - The Allegation The Police Lied. This Is What They Do

State Use 'Secret Evidence' To Keep John Bowden Behind Bars

ECtHR Three Judgements on Prison Conditions - Inadequate Medical Care/Overcrowding

Aaron Wallace, Christopher Kerr And Jeff Lewis - Convictions Quashed

Hainsley Dixon, Ali Tahery and Omar Benguit to Court of Appeal

Martin Patrick Foran 27 year fight Against Fitting up by West Midlands Serious Crime Squad

Reece Donovan, John Kafunda - Reasons for Quashing Convictions

UK Pays £2.2m to Settle Libyan Rendition Claim

CIA 'black Jail' Interrogations Were Torture 

Finucane Lays Bare The Amoral Face Of Britain

Finucane Murder: Collusion, Contrition, But Not The Whole Truth

Early Day Motion 853: Patrick Finucane

Literacy and Drugs (Custodial Sentences)

Two Strikes and its' Life + Extended Determinate Sentence

Two Men Jailed For London Riots Robbery Have Convictions Quashed

Kevin Nunn Granted Leave To Appeal To Supreme Court

No Judgment, No Justice

Restivo And 'Roberts Should Not Have Been Handed Full Life Sentences

Guilt, Non-Guilt And Innocence: What Will Strasbourg Decide?

Doping Prisoners Harms Them - And Us Too

Activists Step up Campaign Against Secret Justice Bill

Twenty Civil Claims for Damages - Closed Material Cases

Daniel Sonnex Acquitted Over 'Threat to Kill' Prison Officer

Tried to Escape prison on Glider Made out of Fridge Shelves, Coat Hangers and Sheets

$3 Million for a Life Shattered by a Wrongful Conviction 

Azelle Rodney: Family ask - 'How many more lies are you going to tell?'

Angry Bereaved Families March on Downing Street

Police Officers Will not face Court Over Pepper Spray Death

Double Murder Trial Dismissed

Justice for John Keelan

Was Decision Not to Extradite Gary McKinnon - Blatantly Racist?

Unannounced Full Follow-up Inspection of HMP Wakefield

Papers From National Archives Could Quash 40-year-old convictions

Severe Sentences Continue for Offences Relating to 2011 August Riots

Human Rights Violations in EU Courts Double in Five Years

Return of the Supergrass

UK Police Secretly Handed the FBI Evidence on Babar Ahmad

Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan - Have Left the UK

Timi Spahiu Case: 'How Can a Man that did Nothing be Serving 33 Years?'

Report Calls for more Effective Learning from Death in Custody Inquests

50 Metropolitan Police Officers Suspended For Corruption

Victory for James, Wells and Lee v. the United Kingdom

Prisons & Probation Ombudsman Annual Report 2011 – 2012

Ken Clarke and Common Sense Leave Ministry Of Justice Together

Talha Ahsan: Family losing faith in the rule of law

Two Police Officers to be Prosecuted Over Mentally Ill Man's Death

Scandal Of Seriously Ill Prisoners Denied Basic Healthcare

Home Office to Correct Anomaly Of Historic Convictions For Gay Sex

Prisoner's 16-Year Fight To Prise Open The Secrets of Operation Cactus

Kennet and Featherstone Prisons To Be Recategorised

Police Made Accountable for the Care of Prisoners

Reoffending Rates: More To Be Done, say MPs

Online Petition - Justice for Daniel Roque Hall

Police Officers In Court as Man Brings Private Prosecution

Judge Orders £1.3m 'Haulage Theft' Cash Seizure

Justice for Norman Grant - Missing Evidence! Was it Deliberate?

Most People Prefer a Better Bargaining Tool than Havoc

Rioters who Looted Notting Hill Restaurant Given Long Jail Sentences

Remand Prisoners - Treated Worse Than Sentenced Prisoners

Safety in Custody England and Wales Jan/Feb/March 2012

Prisons and Probations Ombudsman Guilty of Maladministration Against Kevan Thakrar

Indeterminate Sentenced Prisoners Must Have Better Parole Rights

Does the Home Secretary have a 'Duty of Care' to prevent suicide?

Tomlinson Case: Met Tried to Hide PC Harwood's Disciplinary Record

Winston Green 8 - Just a Few Points - Final update 20th Jluly 2012

Winston Green 8 - Murder Trial Update Monday 16th July 2012

Victor Nealon jailed for 16 years could be freed through fresh DNA evidence

UK Government has a 'Duty of Care' To Prevent Suicide in Prison

Police 'made up' evidence against Muslim student

121 Deaths During or Following Police Contact 2011/12

Preston Prison Officers Admit Charges After Cell Death

Justice? Not if defendants can't engage fully with the trial

How many wrongly convicted over secret work of Mark Kennedy and other police spies?

Judge has Handed Down his Decision Kevin Nunes Acquittals

Rapid riot prosecutions more important than long sentences, says Keir Starmer

National Offender Management Service: Indeterminate Sentences

Continuing IPP Failures Force Question in House of Lords

Revealed: the scale of sexual abuse by police officers

Prisons to be given mobile phone jamming devices

The Black, Irish, Muslim, Gypsy and Traveller Experience of Policing

Police told to hand over records on Duggan death

Appeal court quash SAS fantasy murder conviction after 18 years

John Massey on the Run after Escape from Pentonville prison

Police retention of photographs unlawful, High Court rules

PC accused of lying over Sean Rigg death in custody

Birmingham riot victims 'stepped into road'

Sex in prisons to be studied by Howard League

Government must not weaken over police reforms

National Fathers Day Vigils to Remember All Those who Have Died in Custody

Birmingham riots: 6 Men jailed over police shooting, 2 acquitted

Not my Crime, Still my Sentence - European Prisoners Children Week

Prison and paid work do mix

Justice and Security Bill: Government is not for turning

CCRC refers case of Goldie Coats to the court of appeal

Kevin Nunn Wins Chance to Ask Supreme Court to Reopen Case

Police Racism - Enshrined in Practice?

Man cleared of Bedford lake murder wins libel against police

Lawrence murder: Met criticised after finding no corruption evidence

Former Met detective accused of falsifying records in rape cases

Prisons grow more crowded despite falling crime rate

Thousands of police accused of corruption - just 13 convicted

Police Watchdog Needs More Teeth

Belfast court quashes terror convictions of two men jailed as teenagers

G4S - £150m super-jail plagued by problems within four weeks of opening

Lloyd Butler custody death: Misconduct hearing call  

"Murder most foul" - The Right to Life Investigating Homicide

Marcus Ellis, Rodrigo Simms, Nathan Antonio Martin  V The United Kingdom

IPP sentences no closer to reform despite change in law

Jeremy Bamber Murder Appeal bid Thrown Out by CCRC

Winston Green 8 - Only 1 person drove the car 8 charged with murder

'No funeral or answers' a year after Kingsley Brown's death

Shanise Paris-Goff, plunges 17 floors her death after police enter her flat

Frail cancer patient died in handcuffs after nurses called police

Babar Ahmad: capitulation by the European Court?

Lawyers claim new policy causes miscarriages of justice

Criminals who assault Scottish police forced to pay for their treatment

Damning verdict on ill-thought-out secret justice proposals

Government and police to monitor all communications and Internet activities of all UK citizens

IPP prisoners in jail longer as HMP fails to provide courses

Gary Critchley - Prisoner of the State May 1981 - March 2012

Justice for Stephen Marsh

Young Offenders: Young Women

Who really killed Hilda Murrell?

UK sex offenders being used in chemical castration experiments

Am I doing Time or is Time doing me

"United Kingdom juvenile justice system should focus more on rehabilitation"

Met's restraint on autistic boy 'was not justified'

Lockerbie evidence 'was not given to Megrahi's lawyers'

Police privatization sets us all on a dangerous path

A lost opportunity for survival: the death of Reece Staples

Important information on the use of mobile phones by prisoners/public

Police apologise to Mark Duggan's family for not telling them of his death

Brief facts of the wrongful conviction of Royston Moore in the murder of Beverley Parkhouse

Secret justice = Injustice

Restrictions on leave for jailed mothers are unlawful

Drug trafficker cannot keep legitimate assets

Will the Prison Officers ever let go?

Kevan Thakrar - Jury Verdict Must Stand - Self Defence is No Offence

CRB check appeal fails over police warning given when aged 11

Gareth Pierce - Defender of the Defenceless

Women's prisons in desperate need of reform, says former governor

Human rights abuses could be covered up under new justice bill proposals

Shaker Aamer, the Briton still locked in Guantánamo, will not be forgotten

Frank Wilkinson: from Cat A to Cat D in the Twinkling of an Eye

The cynical world of America's private prisons

Crown Prosecution Service (Evidence)

We have got to get Leon Chapman - the Case of the Superimposed Photograph

The Abuse of Children In Privately Run Prisons - By John Bowden

Justice for offenders and the poor replaced by revenge under Clarke's new proposals

William Gage Loses his Appeal

Not fit for purpose: crisis in Britain's prisons worsens

Prison population is neither justifiable nor sustainable

Cardiff Three: police corruption trial evidence found in south Wales

European court upholds, 'Death by Incarceration' of Jeremy Bamber

However: Jeremy Bamber ECtHR Decision was not Unanimous

Stephen Lawrence [Met collusion with murder suspects]

Gary Dobson and David Norris Conviction an abuse of 'Due Process'

1,000 police officers and Police Support Officers have criminal records

96 murders since Stephen Lawrence's

Why Stephen Lawrence killers were sentenced as juveniles and under old law

Justice for Stephen Young

After Dobson and Norris, what other unsolved murders could be closed?

Extension of secret hearings would be "fundamentally unfair", say Special Advocates

Sex offender policies misleading, under-funded and potentially disastrous

  Sex offender treatment courses are not the answer

  No compensation for criminals injured in prison

  Never Stop Fighting to Overturn Your Conviction

  Terrorist asset-freezing: an intrusion too far

  Young rioters remanded to prison during the summer riots were put in 'Harms Way'

  Police officer's presence on jury made trial unfair

  No human right to an hour's minimum in the open air for "lifer"

  Slopping out regime in prison not in breach of human rights, judge rules

ECtHR and Hearsay Evidence, Tahery wins, Al-Khawaja loses!

Joint Criminal Liability - Joint Enterprise by any other name!

Strasbourg's ruling on hearsay evidence could change its relationship with UK

Fingerprint evidence 'based on opinion rather than fact'

Fresh Evidence? Not in this Court!

Justice for Michael Stone

What to do with 'cold cases' when they eventually heat up

A Miscarriage of Justice! - Don't Let it Be You!

Still no justice for the Cardiff Three

The terror of Babar Ahmad

Now you see it, now you don't - the case of the Planted Balaclava

Overcrowded prisons are a national disgrace

Prisons chief: jails must stop being 'Victorian warehouses'

Investigation team "lacks necessary independence" for MOD ill-treatment allegations

Litigants in Person - A blueprint for a simpler, fairer justice system

Kevan Thakrar: The Persecution Never Stops

Harsh and psychological torture unit

Kevan Thakrar begins his defence

Young Offenders: Restraint

Prisons: HMP Wandsworth

More life sentence prisoners in the UK than in all of the rest of Europe?

Reclaiming the fruits of crime will not be made harder, rules Supreme Court

Clarke: Tough intelligent sentences

Children And Young People In Custody - Conditions Deteriorating

James Dowsett - still in prison, 8 years after ECtHR ruled his right to a fair trial had been violated

Report into undercover police delayed after new allegations

Extradition review backs status quo, leaves some completely baffled

Predicting Dangerousness - The Flaws

The Abuse Of Mentally Ill Prisoners Held In Close Supervision Centres

Neurotics build castles in the air - Psychotics live in the castles - Psychiatrists collect the rent

Mystery files cast doubt over verdict on Robert Magill gangland killing

Ex-policeman in line for £1m damages at Leeds hearing

Criminal Justice: Access to Lawyers

Melvyn "Adie" McLellan turns to art and proves to be a trophy catch

Innovative rehabilitation - payment by results at Doncaster prison

Kingsley Brown death: 'No closure' for family

Killers attacked fellow inmate at HMP Whitemoor

Investigation call over Ian Huntley jail attack

Two in court over Frankland Prison murder

Colin Norris case: Nurse's murder convictions 'unsafe'

Family plan to sue over Streatham prisoner's death in jail

Longer working hours for prisoners at HMP Bristol

Police ignored pleas for ambulance, say family of man who died in custody

Strict liability for offence of under-age sex does not offend presumption of innocence

Justice gap can be filled by the new Centre for Criminal Appeals

Prisoners' wages to help crime victims

Yacht sinking case supergrass discredited

Policeman who killed Ian Tomlinson, will not stand trial, till October 2012

Death probe delays leave Croydon family puzzled

Miscarriage of Justice Day Saturday 8th October 2011

Cost of prison accommodation per place

Patsy Mckie of Mothers Against Violence for Baroness

Charge on the basis of "reasonable suspicion"

Nurse tells of living hell after saline death charges are dropped

Police involved in the fatal arrest of Smiley Culture will not face any charges

How to Appeal - A guide to the criminal appeal system

Spotlight is back on black deaths at the hands of police

G4S - Dumb and unbelievably dumber

Locked Inside your Mind  -  By Michelle Nicholson

A dead man, a crucial question: should police have shot Mark Duggan?

How to get rid of foreign prisoners

UK's secret policy on torture revealed

Human rights groups to boycott inquiry into British torture and rendition

Analysis - Daily Mirror and The Sun in contempt over Jo Yeates murder case

Let's stop assuming the police are on our side

Of dissenting judges, a professional criminal/supergrass, corrupt coppers   

Judgments issued by the European Court cannot be ignored 

HMP Downview sex case prison governor jailed

Seven charged over HMP Ford open prison riot near Arundel

International Day of Vindication - Civilians killed by state forces

Report on a full unannounced inspection of HMP Whitemoor

. . . . Of missing milk and toiletries plus a miserly Ombudsman

When detaining foreign criminals the rules are the rules, says Supreme Court

How a specialist court is helping families riven by addiction

Miscarriages of justice are going unchallenged by watchdog, says QC

The Dilemma of Maintaining Innocence

Revealed: court ruling that cleared way for fresh Stephen Lawrence trial

A watershed moment for Britain, a glimmer of hope for a family bereft

Secrecy round UK 'Shoot to Kill Policy' - shot down by Supreme Court

Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) - PACE guidelines Declared unlawful

Victory for MacDermott and McCartney in the Supreme Court

Andrew Adams - public statement on Supreme Court judgment

Early day motion 1833: Speech and Language Assessments for Prison Inmates

Commission and police forces sign agreement on stop and search

Women Offender One-stop Shops    House of Commons / 11 May 2011 : Column 484WH

No quick fix for the child protection system

Calls for fresh investigation into suicide of vulnerable man moved between jails

Miscarriage of justice: supreme court to rule on its true meaning

What price 14 years in jail for a murder conviction that was overturned?

Two young inmates found hanged at Northern Ireland offenders centre

Prison officers: Corruption

Long Term Prisoners

Sentencing: Females/Males [ Ex armed forces ]

Teenage deaths in prison cause mounting concern

Announced inspection of HMP Ford

Report on a full unannounced inspection of HMP Bronzefield

Imprisonment for Public Protection  [ 3,000 prisoners beyond tariff ]

Sentencing for drugs offences - public consultation launched on new guideline for judges

Expert Evidence in Criminal Trials

Announced inspection of HMP Parkhurst, HMP Albany and HMP Camp Hill

Report on an unannounced full follow-up inspection of HMYOI Cookham Wood

Sister loses Hull custody death discrimination claim

And they're off… But do young defendants get a fair start

Open Justice Unbound  -  A manifesto for 21st century open justice

Overuse of the European Arrest Warrant - a threat to human rights

The Birmingham Six: Have we learned from our disgraceful past?

A Joined-Up Sentence? - Offender Management in Prisons

The actor - and convicted murderer - hoping for more than artistic freedom

Broadmoor patient makes history with court appeal

Convicted by the press, now released without charge

When does life mean life?  UK Human Rights Blog

"Torture is wrong"  UK Human Rights Blog

Young offenders leaving custody for life of homelessness and reoffending

Jeremy Bamber, Peter Moore and Douglas Vinter to ECtsHR in Strasbourg

Proportion of ethnic minority children in custody rises

When are the "not-guilty" not "innocent"?

Prisoners not entitled to compensation for voting ban

Prisoner begins hunger strike over CCRC injustice claim rejection

Criminal Justice (Amendment) Bill

Prisoner of War (POW) torture in HMP Maghaberry

In Memory Yusef Abdullahi - Champion of Justice RIP

'When the government absolves itself of responsibility for upholding human rights, it corrodes public confidence'

Protection of Freedoms Bill Published. Magna Carta Unfazed

DNA and dollars are killing capital punishment

Still almost impossible to sue the police in negligence

Did secret prison transfer kill Christopher Wardally

No Justice for Simon Hall

No Justice for 'Innocent Eddie Gilfoyle', released but gagged

Dead drug smuggler's family can still bring human rights claim against HMRC despite the criminality of deceased. "Criminality defence" doesn't apply to human rights claims 
Read the judgement here . . . .

Sudden about turn in Habib Ullah case   by Harmit Athwal, Institute of Race Relations

Prisoners will not get the vote!

A welcome clarification for relatives of the dead - by Adam Wagner, Human Rights Blog

EDM 1232:ARRO'S All for education campaign and access to education for ex-offenders

United Kingdom found to be in severe breach of Trade Union/workers rights

Summing Down The Summing-Up
Given that juries are not going to be abolished, can we really not do them the service and pay them the respect of dealing with them in a better manner than we have achieved so far?   Read more . . . .

Sentencing reform to focus on reoffending                   Independent,Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Make your views known on Ministry of Justice Structural Reform Plan  Go here . . . .

Proposed legal aid cuts for England & Wales:
You will not be able to obtain legal aid for 'False imprisonment', 'Malicious prosecution', 'Negligence', failures to carry out duties or to fulfill obligations imposed by legislation and a whole raft of other torts.   Read more here . . . .

Home Secretary will not appeal 7/7 Inquests secret evidence ruling

Sentencing reform to focus on reoffending                   Independent,Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Make your views known on Ministry of Justice Structural Reform Plan  Go here . . . .

Proposed legal aid cuts for England & Wales:
You will not be able to obtain legal aid for 'False imprisonment', 'Malicious prosecution', 'Negligence', failures to carry out duties or to fulfill obligations imposed by legislation and a whole raft of other torts.   Read more here . . . .

Analysis: High Court upholds 7/7 secrecy ruling            Human Rights Blog, December 1st 2010

The Criminal Cases Review Commission has failed      Bob Woffinden, guardian.co.uk

Terrorist jailed in 1986 contests minister's refusal to release him   Guardian.co.uk

Jury summings-up should be binned, says judge  UK    Human Rights Blog, 24/11/10

Crime: Joint Enterprise
Lord Ouseley to ask Her Majesty's Government what representations they have received about the fairness of joint enterprise prosecutions; and what responses they have made.
House of Lords / 23 Nov 2010 : Column WA295

Miscarriages of Justice
Katy Clark (North Ayrshire and Arran) (Lab): What recent discussions he has had on the provision of services to people who have experienced trauma as a result of a miscarriage of justice.
House of Commons / 23 Nov 2010 : Column 157

Imprisonment for Public Protection
John Mann (Bassetlaw) (Lab): How many prisoners who have completed their tariff remain in prison for the purpose of public protection. [25560]

The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice (Mr Kenneth Clarke): On 17 November 2010, 14,680 prisoners were serving an indeterminate sentence of imprisonment for public protection, or a life sentence in prisons or secure hospitals. Of those, 6,320 are held beyond their tariff expiry date, excluding offenders who have been recalled to custody following release.
House of Commons / 23 Nov 2010 : Column 148

What is an indeterminate sentence?
Unlike a prisoner with a determinate sentence who must be released at the end of that sentence, those sentenced to life imprisonment or an indeterminate sentence of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) have no automatic right to be released. Instead, such prisoners must serve a minimum period of imprisonment to meet the needs of retribution and deterrence. This punitive period is announced by the trial judge in open court and is known commonly as the "tariff" period.
Life Sentenced Prisoners/HM Prison Service - Information Sheet