Media January Through June 2018  -  Miscarriages of JusticeUK

10 Prisons in Special Measures June 2018

Report on an Unannounced Inspection of HMP Belmarsh

MPs and Peers Call For Judge-Led Inquiry Into UK Rights Abuses

Ken Clarke Demands Judicial Inquiry Into Torture and Rendition

'Same Roof' Victim Compensation Rule Faces Legal Challenge

Anti-Terrorism Plans 'Will Make Thoughtcrime A Reality'

MoJ to Review Use of Pain-Inducing Restraint on Young Offenders

Courts’ Refusal to Hear Prisoner’s Cellmates Evidence – Breach Of Article 6

HMP & YOI Low Newton (Females) More Violent, Overcrowded

Fisherman Jailed For Cocaine Smuggling Vows To Clear Name

Police Facing Surge in Extremists Released from Jai

Police Scotland's Ability to Investigate Itself Brought Into Question  

HMYOI Werrington – 45% Increase of Violence by Boys a Concern

HMP Leicester – Violence Still A Problem

Facing Conviction or Appealing Against Conviction – You Need an Independent Investigation

Prisons Inspector Takes Emergency Action Over HMP Exeter & HMP Bedford

Damages Award to Prisoner For Attempted Murder by Fellow Inmate

“We Are Squeaky Clean”! CCRC Response to Panorama Programme

Criminal Cases Review Commission Not Fit For Purpose, Lawyers Say

Consensus on Women in Prison, but Where's the Action?

Daniel Morgan Murder: New Delays Hit Inquiry Into 31-Year-Old Case

Home Office Criticised For Failures In Reforms to Criminal Records Vetting

Non-Custodial Deaths: Missing, Ignored or Unimportant?

 Jerome Jones Fails to Overturn Gang Injunction But Vows to Fight On Till it is Overturned

 Discriminatory Nature of Metropolitan Police Service’s Trident Gangs Matrix Intelligence Database

 NI: Decision Taken by the DPP not to Prosecute Soldier for Killing Boy Was “Irredeemably Flawed”

Police Confiscation of Papers Handed Over by Lawyer to his Client, Who Was Under Police Escort, Violation of Article

Five Men to Have Murder Convictions Quashed Following a Major Disclosure Failure

Right to See Parole Board Decisions Comes Into Force

The illusion of Open Justice

HMP Long Lartin - A Fundamentally Capable High-Security Prison?

Jail Compensation For Killers Could Cost Taxpayers £43 Million

Secret Evidence Leads to Downgrade of Convictions Over Stoke Shooting

Facial Recognition Not Just Useless - In Police Hands, it is Dangerous

Kyle Major: Assault and Victimisation of Prisoner In Wheelchair

Kyle Major: Prisons and Probation Ombudsman Criticizes Female Prison Officer and (POA)

Kyle Major Complaints About National Probation Service North East

Nine Police Officers Under Investigation For Gross Misconduct in Relation to the Death of Kevin Clarke

Female Police Officer Sues Met For £200,000 After Having to Watch 100 Child Rape Videos

The State Has a Terrible Secret: it Kidnaps Our ChildrenAl Megrahi Conviction to be Fully Reviewed

Sheku Bayoh Investigation Branded a 'National Disgrace' as Family Sues Police Scotland

Deprivation of Liberty of a Transgender Child

Empty Cages Collective - Action Alert: Support Kevan Thakrar!

INQUEST: Close Women’s Prisons Now to Save Lives

Mentally Ill Subject to 'Physical Violence and Verbal Threats' While Held Under Mental Health Act

GP falsely Accused Of Rape By 'serial Fantasist' Not Entitled To Reimbursement Of Legal Costs

Bitemark Analysis: Is It Junk Science?

Liberty Wins First Battle in Challenge to Mass Surveillance Powers

A Lynching Memorial has Opened. The Country Has Never Seen Anything Like It

RUC officer Told to Lie about IRA Shooting if Questioned

Gary Marshall Acquitted of Kidnapping Kevin Conway

Police Officer Who Stole Drugs Ordered to Repay £135,000

John Crilly: First Successful Joint Enterprise Appeal Post-Jogee

Malachy Goodman, Jury Directed to Return Not Guilty Verdicts, Improper use of Hearsay Evidence

Police Chief Faces Prosecution Following 2012 Death of Thomas Orchard

Speaker Condemns 'Unhealthy' Failure to Allow MPs Legal Aid Fee Debate

Closed Supervision Centres (CSCs) – Serious Concerns

Teenager Marian Brown 'Most Likely Shot Dead by Soldier'

Stop Handing Out so Many Suspended Sentences, Courts Told

Stephen Lawrence: Officer Who Allegedly Spied on Family Named as David Hagan

Muked Miah- Conviction Quashed - Judge Made a Mishmash of Summing up to the Jury

Three Examples of How Not to do Family Justice

Early Day Motion 1163: Violence Against Protestors in Gaza

Amnesty Intervenes in PSNI Appeal Against Hooded Men Ruling

‘Far From Learning From the Mistakes of the Past, The Met Is Embracing Them With Relish’

Third Sector Organisations Not Playing Expected Central Role in Reformed Probation Services

HMP Humber – Significant Issues, Many Young Prisoners With Mental Health Needs

HMYOI Aylesbury: Young Offenders Trash Wing and Throw Paint In Protest at 'Lack Of Showers'

South Carolina Prison Riot Leaves Seven Inmates Dead

Lawyers Call For Disclosure to be Taken Out of the Hands of the Police  

Do Trained Lawyers Have a Human Right to Represent Themselves in Court?  

Two Cheers as Alison Saunders Steps Down

CCRC Refers Convictions of Seven People Convicted of Travel Document Offences to Court of Appeal  

CCRC Refers Conspiracy To Murder Convictions of Messrs, Khan, Saraj, Jabbar, Maroof and Rashid

Police Force Hit With £130k Monetary Penalty For Losing Rape Victim Interview   

High Court Dismisses USA Attempt to Extradite Gypsy Nirvana From UK

Janet Alder Speaks Out - ‘Hold Cops to Account Over Deaths in Custody’

The ‘Reasonable Citizen’ — Sergei Skripal

Preventing Ill-Treatment During Police Custody and Pre-Trial Detention

HMYOI Brinsford–Disturbing Increase in Prisoner Self-Harm

ECtHR Rules Hooded Men Were Not Tortured, But Irish Judge Dissents

Dissenting Opinion of Judge O’Leary Download the full text here .  .  . .

CCRC Refers ‘Joint Enterprise’ Murder Conviction of Laura Mitchell to Court of Appeal  

Deportation and Direct Action In Britain: the ‘Terrorist Trial’ of the Stansted 15

High Court Dismisses USA Attempt to Extradite Gypsy Nirvana From UK

Janet Alder Speaks Out - ‘Hold Cops to Account Over Deaths in Custody’

The ‘Reasonable Citizen’ — Sergei Skripal

Preventing Ill-Treatment During Police Custody and Pre-Trial Detention

HMYOI Brinsford–Disturbing Increase in Prisoner Self-Harm

Campaigners Stage Walkout of 'Secretive' Police Spying Inquiry  

Application by Kevin Maguire for Judicial Review  

Aiding and Abetting: Joint Enterprise by Any Other Name!  

HMP Leeds Severely Overcrowded Still Violent and Unsafe

CCRC Refers ‘Joint Enterprise’ Murder Conviction of Laura Mitchell to Court of Appeal  

Deportation and Direct Action In Britain: the ‘Terrorist Trial’ of the Stansted 15

Family Court Secrecy Lets Judges Get Away With Mistakes  

Challenge to Home Secretary’s Decision Not to Deport Irish Nationals  

Legal Aid Scheme: Prisoners: Written Parliamentary Question  

Prisons: Telephones and Computers: Written Parliamentary Question  

Hillsborough Relatives 'Disgusted' by CPS Decision Over West Midlands Police

Defendants Convicted on Misleading Scientific Evidence in 20% of Court of Appeal Cases

Immigration Detainees: Compensation for Unlawful Detention

Violation of Freedom of Expression Two Persons Convicted of Burning a Photo of Spanish Royal Couple

HMP Gartree – Stability Has Deteriorated Through Staff Shortages and Challenges of Changing Population

Slap on Finger Tip for Police Officer Who’s Misuse of Evidence Sent Man to Jail for 13 Years

Farid Hilali Seeks €1.8m Compensation For Wrongful Jailing Over 9/11

Oppression is Fashionable Again, the Security State is Back, Fundamental Freedoms in Retreat

‘Everyone Knows the Criminal Justice System is in a State of Crisis’

Prison Accommodation: Nigeria

Prisoners Linked to Gangs Face Being Moved to Tougher Jails

Mitting Should Be Uncovering A Path To The Truth. Instead, He Is An Obstacle’

Unannounced Inspection: Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) in Colchester

MI5 Agents Can Commit Crime in UK, Government Reveals

Surveillance of Janet Alder Unlawful but ‘No Case To Answer’ For Officers Involved

Police Trawling and Trickery - Other Types Of Police Misconduct And Malpractice

Prisons and Probation Ombudsman - General Stakeholder Survey

Libyan Couple Tortured by CIA Under Auspices of MI6 Appeal to UK Supreme Court  

Disabled Prisoner Receives Substantial Compensation

Prisoners Receive £2m for Poor Healthcare Amid 'Unprecedented Pressures' In Prisons

Justice Committee Invites You to Make Submissions on ‘Disclosure’

David O'Loughlin Faces Retrial Following Successful Appeal Against Conviction

Police Misconduct Hearing Into Unauthorised Surveillance of Christopher Alder Family

Ombudsman: Teenager's Death in HMP Wandsworth 'Appalling'

More Inmates to be Released Early Under Home Curfew Rules

Victims of Crime do Have the Power to Hold Police to Account

CCRC Refers the Conviction of A to the Crown Court

Free Sally Challen  

UK High Court Refuses Turkey Extradition Due to Overcrowded Prisons  

Police and Detention Officers Face Gross Misconduct Action Following Death of Thomas Orchard

Court Dismisses Gerry Adams’ Appeal Against Conviction

Ross MacPherson: Self Defence is No Offence 

CoA Grants Permission to Challenge Parole Board Prioritisation Policy and Systemic Delays

Correct Meaning of the Phrase ‘Acting on Instructions’

No Fair Trial in Russia: Extradition Warrant Discharged

Two Members of ETA Sustained Inhuman and Degrading Treatment After Their Arrest

The Challenge of Expert Evidence

A Brick Wall of Silence at Undercover Policing Inquiry

Early Day Motion 926: Unlawful Imprisonment for Not Paying Council Tax

IOPC Fall at the First Hurdle: Misconduct Probe Against West Mids Police Dropped

British Justice is in Flames. The MoJ’s Fiddling is Criminal

Getting out of Jail Interest-Free

Police Liability In Negligence Positively Narrowed

NI: Pat Finucane Campaigners Call for Questioning of British Intelligence Chief

Overstretched Private Probation Companies Struggling With Poor Enforcement of Community Sentences

Prisoner Dies at HMP Nottingham Despite Watchdogs Stark Warning That 'Lives Are At Risk'

HMP Lindholme –Still too Many Drugs and too Much Violence  

Prison Sentence Increased From 28 Days To 11 Months for Corrupt Detective  

Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs) – Finally in Force  

Asylum Seekers Win Case Over Smoking in Immigration Detention Centres  

Death of Emily Hartley - Lack of Professionalism and Failures in Care at HMP New Hall

Wang Yam: Murder in Hampstead Did a Secret Trial Put the Wrong Man in Jail?  

Collapsed Trial Woman Says She Gave Birth 'Alone' in Prison  

Italian Authorities Failed to Protect a Drug-Dependent Victim of a Child Prostitution Ring

UK Mass Digital Surveillance Regime Ruled Unlawful

Compensation Paid After Man on Suicide Watch Suffers Severe Brain Injury

What Is Justice? UVF Terrorist Gary Haggarty Six Years For Five Murders & 200 Terrorist Offences

MoJ Face Another Challenge to ‘Catastrophic’ Legal Aid Cuts For Defence Firms

National Training Conference on Investigating Miscarriages of Justice 2018

Hatton Garden Raiders Must Pay Back Over £6m, Judge Rules

One in Three People With Legal Problems in UK Develop Health Issues

Parliament Debate on Joint Enterprise – Thursday 25th January 2018

More Than 110,000 People Detained Across the UK, 70 Deaths A Month In Or After Release From Detention  

70% Increase in Prosecutions Dropped Because of Disclosure Failures in Two Years

New Approach To Dealing With Disclosure In Legacy Cases
Supreme Court Judgment - R (Haralambous) (Appellant) v Crown Court at St Albans and Anor  

Supreme Court Judgment - R (on the application of Gibson) v Secretary of State for Justice

70% Increase in Prosecutions Dropped Because of Disclosure Failures in Two Years

New Approach To Dealing With Disclosure In Legacy Cases

Rashan Charles: Crown Prosecution Service Decide Against Assault Charge

Law Society Urges End to Enforced Medical Treatment of Vulnerable People  

MoJ: Review of Law, Policy and Procedure Relating to Parole Decisions  

Transgender Woman Sues Over Ordeal In Male Prison

Peterborough Women’s Prison - Deteriorating Safety/Concerns Over Force and Strip-Searching

Man Convicted of Theft in 1976 Cleared After Googling His Arresting Officer

Falling Forensic Science Standards 'Making Miscarriages of Justice Inevitable'  

HMP Nottingham: Action Demanded to Prevent More Deaths   

HMP Liverpool – An Abject Failure by Leaders to Provide a Safe and Decent Jail

Private Probation Firms Face Huge Losses Despite £342m 'Bailout'

Home Office Pays Out £15,500 to Asylum Seeker Over Data Breach

Scotland’s Prisons Watchdog Chief Warns Against Overuse of Remand

Software 'No More Accurate Than Untrained Humans' at Judging Reoffending Risk

Canada's Use of Lengthy Solitary Confinement in Jails Unconstitutional

Mistaken Identity Case Reveals Racial Bias in Policing

Democracy in Crisis - 12th Consecutive Year of Decline in Global Freedom

Open Justice Initiative: MP Raises Lack of Trial Transcript Access  

Battling For The Truth: The Rights Of Bereaved Families  

US: Secret Evidence Erodes Fair Trial Rights  

More Than 300 Human Rights Activists Murdered in 2017

HMYOI Cookham Wood – Cumbersome Security Keeps Boys Locked Up

Public Consultation: Should the CCRC Go or Stay

Making it Fair: The Disclosure of Unused Material in Volume Crown Court Cases

Ignoring Women’s Needs in Custody Breaches Their Rights, Says Watchdog

MoJ Put on Notice by Information Commissioner

Tribunal Rules Against Total Secrecy Over UK Drone Strikes

Government Widens Legal Aid Scope For Prison Law

HMP Swansea – Complacency & Inexcusable Failure to Address Suicides and High Self-Harm

Freemasons Blocking Reform, Says Police Federation Leader