Media January/February/March/April 2022

CCRC ‘Watch Dog” or ‘Lap Dog

Increasing Over-Representation of Black and Minority Ethnic Children in Custody

Self-Harm Amongst Women Prisoners Eight Times That of Men

Joint Enterprise Ruling Has Not Led to Fewer Homicide Charges

Lescene Edwards's Murder Conviction Overturned

Spycops’ Deception - Groomed/Gaslighted/ Ghosted — The Long Fight For Justice

Memorial Unveiled for David Oluwale ‘Hounded’ to Death by Racist Police

USA: Wrongly Convicted Man Served Three Decades in Prison

Number of IPP Prisoners Never Released Stood 

Prisoners' Release: Temporary Accommodation

Prisoners: Self-harm and Suicide

Prison Cell Accommodation - Overcrowding

Women in Prison - Tackling Double Disadvantage

#StopThe500 New Prison Places for Women

Analysis -  Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde 

Spycops’ Deception - Groomed/Gaslighted/ Ghosted — The Long Fight For Justice

CCRC Refers Youth Court indecent Images Convictions to Crown Court

CCRC Statement: Northern Ireland Court of Appeal Referrals

Prisons: Additional Healthcare Support Needed to Aid Covid-19 Recovery and Save Lives

High Court Case Will Proceed Over Government’s ‘Unlawful’ Bulk Surveillance

CCRC Refers 1970s Murder Conviction to Northern Ireland Court of Appeal

HMP/YOI Deerbolt Inspection - Deeply Worrying

Magistrates’ Views on Keeping the Wheels of Justice Turning

Criminal Injuries Compensation and ‘Undeserving’ Victims

Magistrates’ Views on Keeping the Wheels of Justice Turning

Women: Tackling Double Disadvantage in the Criminal System

#ReclaimThese Streets Liverpool Vigil Prosecution Discontinued

Thousands of Barristers to Strike Over Legal Aid

Urgent Call to Action - Dangerous Attempt to Criminalise Sex Workers’ Online Advertising

Take Action For a Fairer Criminal Records System

Female Black and Asian Prisoners Detail Racism Endured in Landmark Report

CPS Challenged Over ‘Racist Stereotypes’ Behind Joint Enterprise Prosecutions

Kelly Hartigan-Burns: Litany of Failures in Lancashire Police Custody Death

Homelessness Applications and the Right to Challenge Decisions

UK Prisons Have One of Highest Suicide Rates According to Council Of Europe

‘Wild West’ Warning on Predictive Policing

Weaponising Violence Against Women: From Ireland to Poland

Young People and Criminal Appeals: Can You Help?

UK Still Imprison More of our Fellow Citizens Than Other European Countries

Reform of the Parole System: Justice Secretary to Have the Final Say on Release of Prisoners

Justice Secretary Raab Pledges to Stop Release of Criminals From Jail

Proportion of Ethnic Minority Prisoners on Remand Rises 17% in Six Years

Mothers and Babies Join Protest Against UK Imprisonment of Pregnant Women

Six Out of 10 Women in Prison are Victims of Domestic Abuse

Why The Birmingham Six’s Story Must Not Be Forgotten

Murder/Fitting up/Misconduct – West Midlands Police a Stain on the Nation

Police Using Covid Regulations as an ‘Excuse’ to Harass the Young

Homophobic ‘Assumptions’ Led To Botched Stephen Port Investigation

Child Abuse Victims Denied Payouts Due to Convictions

Is Imprisonment Before Trial the Result of Poor Risk Assessment?

90% of Met Officers Disciplined for Racism Still Work For Force

Bloody Sunday: High Court Quashes Decision to Discontinue Soldier F Case

Rate of Unsolved Killings of Black and Asian People Has Trebled Under Dick

Three Girls in England Held in Male Offender Institution For Months

Daniel Morgan Murder: Met Anti-Corruption Measures ‘Dire’, Damning Report Finds

Birmingham Pub Bombings: Chris Mullin Wins Fight To Protect Source

Prison Inspectors to Stop Making Recommendations as They are Ignored by Governors

It’s Official: Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) Suffers From Problems

Gary Walker Takes CCRC to Court and Wins  

HMP Channings Wood Bans Sugar - Stop Prisoners Making Hooch

UK Proportion of Remand Prisoners Who Are Minority Ethnic Rises 17% in Six Years

Diane Abbott Comments on Police Strip-Search of a 15-Year-Old Black Girl at School

Police Officers Accused of Abuse Avoid Convictions and Keep Their Jobs

Dominic Raab’s Courts Plan: Making a Bad Situation Worse

West Midlands Firearms Officer Investigated for Potential Homicide Offences Following Death of Sean Fitzgerald

More Than 400,000 People are Locked up Pretrial Every Single Day in the US

CCRC Refer Conviction of Patrick Thompson for Murder to Court of Appeal

CCRC Refers Youth Court Indecent Images Convictions to Crown Court

Don’t Return to Full Wing Unlock, Says  Prison Officers Association

Human Rights Act Reform May Halt Payouts to Prisoners

Human Rights Reform: ‘Incoherent, Based on Misunderstanding and Biased’

Brook House IRC Inquiry: Senior Staff Knew Custody Officers Were Smuggling

Independent Domestic Violence Advocates in Specialist Courts – a Backfire Effect?

IPP Scandal: Prisoners Stranded as ‘Non-Existent’ Offences Added to Files

Inquiry: Role of Adult Custodial Remand in the Criminal Justice System

Prison-Based Addiction Treatment Pathways

Prison White Paper Ignores Race, Say Charity Chiefs

Offending Behaviour Courses Slump Due To Covid and This May Delay Parole

UK Justice System Risks Causing Fresh Trauma to Women and Girls

End inequality for Black, Asian, Minoritised and Migrant Women in the Criminal Justice System

Family of Sheku Bayoh ‘May Never Win Justice’

Prison Reform Trust  Evidence to the MoJ Consultation Human Rights Act Reform 

MPs highlight ‘Police Culture of Non-Cooperation’ in Complaints-Handling System

BBC TV Licensing Prosecutions are a Feminist Issue

Policing Bill to End ‘Slap on the Wrist’ for Low-Level Offences

Not up to Police to Decide Which Documents Should be Revealed to the Defence

Innocence  is Not  Grounds  for  Appeal  

When is Evidence Not Evidence

Government Proposals to Replace Human Rights Act Sends "Dangerous Message" on Treatment of Prisoners

Do People Who Get in Trouble With The Law Deserve Double Punishment?

Online Petition - Stop the Recall of Released IPP Prisoners

Prisoners Faced ‘Significant Human Rights Concerns’ During Pandemic

Inquest into Self-Inflicted Death of Kelly Hartigan-Burns in Lancashire Police Station

Police Move to Ban Reporters From Birmingham Six Journalist Hearing

‘Toxic’ Racism of Home Office’s Immigration Staff Contractor

Falling Foul of Contempt of Court May be Easier Than You Think

CCRC Watch, a New Empowering the Innocent (ETI) Project

200 Trials Abandoned in Three Months Because of Non-Availability of Defence Lawyers

Police are Hounding Chris Mullin for his Source – That Freed the Birmingham Six

‘Things Changed Forever’: Posthumous Justice for Another Member of the Shrewsbury 24

England and Wales to Get Extra 4,000 Prison Places in Record Expansion

Mayfair Diamond Thief Ordered to Pay Back £250 After £4.2m Haul

Indeterminate Sentence for Public Protection (IPP) - Must be Ended or Reformed

Devil’s Advocate Giovanni Di Stefano Vindicated and his 2013 Conviction Quashed by CPOS

Love, Lies and the Undercover Police

Know Any One in Prison Tell Them to Apply for Immediate Transfer to HMP Five Wells

Foreign National Women More Likely to be Remanded in Custody than British Women

Making Misogyny A Hate Crime Is Long Overdue

Foston Hall Women’s Prison Inmates Making 1,000 Calls a Month to Samaritans

Rastafarian Woman 'Humiliated' by Police Strip Order

Disproportionate Sentencing of BAME Women

Overrepresentation of Black Children’ in Youth Justice System

Women’s Groups Seek End to UK Courts’ Powers to Jail People For Own Protection

Northern Ireland Prisons: 'Solitary Confinement' Breaking UN Standards

Overrepresentation of Black Children’ in Youth Justice System

Women’s Groups Seek End to UK Courts’ Powers to Jail People For Own Protection

Why Are the Courts Sending Mentally Ill People to Prison?

New Data Shows 2021 Had Highest Number of Deaths in Prison Ever Recorded

Making Child Remand a last Resort

‘Unfit For Purpose’: Foster Care System Leaving Children Ripe for Exploitation

Reminder - You Are Invited to the Launch of JENGbA's Joint Enterprise Bill

Left Hanging - Imprisonment for Public Protection a Policy Without Supporters

Ill-Treatment of Detainees Who Had Been Interned in the 1970s

CPS Proposes New Guidance on 'Mercy Killings'

Prisoners Need a Social Life

Longer Prison Sentences Have Failed to Improve Public Confidence

It’s Not What You Promise that Matters - But What You Deliver

“Disappointing’ Progress in Work to Keep Women Out of Prison”

Link Between Homelessness and Reoffending For Women Leaving Prison

CPS Denies Suggestion it Shrinks Fonts to Reduce Page Count

Informing the Struggle for Racial Justice - Institute of Race Relations

Intervene Project: Providing Representation for the Abandoned

Damages for Man Held in Prison for 21 Months

Decriminalisation of Cannabis Possession Needed to Tackle Disproportionate Policing

Covid Prosecutions One in Three Wrongly Brought

Jury Foreman Sentenced Over Internet Research

Nevzlin v. Russia: Trial in Absentia and Conviction Violation of Article 6 ECtHR

Want to Build Trust in the Police? Detain Less Children

Troubles: Police 'Failed To Warn Murder Victims About Threats'

Prisoners Rebel Against Lockdown Rules

Governor HMP Wormwood Scrubs Arrested Over Corruption Claims

Scottish Conservatives Demand Withdrawal of Prisoners’ Phones

18,000 People Have Been Fined For Doing What Boris Johnson Did

EU Citizens Fighting Deportation Keep Full Residence Rights

HMP Styal: Prisoner Who Had Stillborn Baby 'Will Never Forgive Jail'

Failures in Support Before the Death of Young Asylum Seeker Alexander Tekle

Inquest Into Death of Nathan Forrester at HMP Thameside

Digital Evidence in Criminal Cases can ‘Obscure Rather than Illuminate’

Colston Four and ‘The Right Side Of History’

In the UK, Ageism is the Most Prevalent Form of Discrimination

Use of Secondary Legislation ‘Dangerous for Democracy’

HMP Wandsworth - Population Increase Threatens Progress In Troubled Prison

Dalian Atkinson: Police Apologise for Killing Black Ex-Footballer

Asylum Seekers Subjected to ‘Dangerous’ Use Of Force by Guards at  Brook House IRC

Legislation From 2021 That Lessens Your Rights

Pardons Extended to All Abolished Same-Sex Crimes

CCRC Refers Conviction Due to Concerns About Prosecution Witness

Christmas in Prison and an Uncertain Year Ahead