Media January 2022

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Ill-Treatment of Detainees Who Had Been Interned in the 1970s

CPS Proposes New Guidance on 'Mercy Killings'

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Longer Prison Sentences Have Failed to Improve Public Confidence

It’s Not What You Promise that Matters - But What You Deliver

“Disappointing’ Progress in Work to Keep Women Out of Prison”

Link Between Homelessness and Reoffending For Women Leaving Prison

CPS Denies Suggestion it Shrinks Fonts to Reduce Page Count

Informing the Struggle for Racial Justice - Institute of Race Relations

Intervene Project: Providing Representation for the Abandoned

Damages for Man Held in Prison for 21 Months

Decriminalisation of Cannabis Possession Needed to Tackle Disproportionate Policing

Covid Prosecutions One in Three Wrongly Brought

Jury Foreman Sentenced Over Internet Research

Nevzlin v. Russia: Trial in Absentia and Conviction Violation of Article 6 ECtHR

Want to Build Trust in the Police? Detain Less Children

Troubles: Police 'Failed To Warn Murder Victims About Threats'

Prisoners Rebel Against Lockdown Rules

Governor HMP Wormwood Scrubs Arrested Over Corruption Claims

Scottish Conservatives Demand Withdrawal of Prisoners’ Phones

18,000 People Have Been Fined For Doing What Boris Johnson Did

EU Citizens Fighting Deportation Keep Full Residence Rights

HMP Styal: Prisoner Who Had Stillborn Baby 'Will Never Forgive Jail'

Failures in Support Before the Death of Young Asylum Seeker Alexander Tekle

Inquest Into Death of Nathan Forrester at HMP Thameside

Digital Evidence in Criminal Cases can ‘Obscure Rather than Illuminate’

Colston Four and ‘The Right Side Of History’

In the UK, Ageism is the Most Prevalent Form of Discrimination

Use of Secondary Legislation ‘Dangerous for Democracy’

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Dalian Atkinson: Police Apologise for Killing Black Ex-Footballer

Asylum Seekers Subjected to ‘Dangerous’ Use Of Force by Guards at  Brook House IRC

Legislation From 2021 That Lessens Your Rights

Pardons Extended to All Abolished Same-Sex Crimes

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