Media 2021

CCRC Refers Conviction Due to Concerns About Prosecution Witness

Christmas in Prison and an Uncertain Year Ahead

Does the Defendant in the Magistrates’ Court Get a Fair Hearing?

“Domestic Abuse” - An Urgent Public Concern

Unannounced Inspection of HMP Manchester - Prisoners Do Not Trust Prison Staff

Gary Walker: Ex-Police Officer Freed After Retrial Over 2003 Death of Girlfriend

Court of Appeal Overturns Asylum Seeker Convictions

Outcry After Colorado Trucker Given 110 Years For Fatal Accident

A Distorted Vision of Human Rights

Women Executed 300 Years Ago as Witches in Scotland Set to Receive Pardons

Means Test Removed in Legal Aid for Inquests - Campaign Progress

County Lines: How the State is Failing our Young

Direct Access to Barristers 'Could Improve Justice Outcomes' for Ethnic Minorities

CCRC Refers Another “Shrewsbury 24” Case to the Court of Appeal

CCRC Refers Case After “Wrong Man” Convicted At Court

Disposal Times More Important Than Backlog

IPP Prisoners Should be Resentenced Immediately, says ex Lord Chief Justice

Ukraine: Ban on Talking to Other Inmates Violation of Article 3

Supreme Court Rules: 'Hooded Men' PSNI Wrong Not to Investigate Torture Claims'

 Rape Victims With Minor Criminal Convictions Blocked From Financial Compensation

Unannounced inspection of HMP Woodhill - Marked Deterioration Prison Not Safe Enough

400 Internment-Related Civil Claims Against the Northern Ireland Office

'Re-Traumatised by a System That Failed Them': Rape Survivors and Wrongful Convictions

Dither and Delay Over Miscarriages of Justice Inquiry Findings

‘Anger, Fear Resentment’: Prisoners Speak Out About Lockdown

Miami Showband Murder Victims Receive £1.5m in Damages

Still no Disclosure Into Deaths of Gervaise McKerr, Eugene Toman and Sean Burns

Concerns Regarding UK’s Plans for De Facto Amnesty for Human Rights Abuses

Our Criminal Records System Stops People Providing for Their Families

Unannounced Inspection of HMP Erlestoke - Little improvement - Deterioration in Respect

Law Reform Body Rejects Calls to Make ‘Misogyny’ a Hate Crime

Permission to Protect Children in Care – High Court Should Reconsider

Jailed Women in UK five Times More Likely to Suffer Stillbirths

Prison Leavers to Wear Alcohol Tags Others to Wear Tracking Tags

Three-Quarters Of Women Leaving HMP Bronzefield Have No Secure Home

Freedom From Violence Against Women

Fourth Member of Stockwell Six Has Conviction Quashed 50 Years After Arrest

HMP Chelmsford - Serious Concerns Remain - Deterioration in Rehabilitation/Release

Inmates Leaving Largest Women’s Prison Nowhere Safe To Go

Wrongful Conviction of Kieron Hoddinott

Men Accused of Killing Malcolm X Exonerated

Newly Released Offenders Banned  from Consumming Alcohol

British Transport Police - Rotten Through and Through

Every Part of Justice System Fails Mentally Ill People in Prison

Policy Exchange Report Linking Drill Music To Violence ‘Inaccurate’ and ‘Misleading’

Nine Insulate Britain Activists Jailed For Contempt

Compensation Paid to Former Prisoner for Gender Reassignment Discrimination

‘This Obscenity Must Now End’: Peers Debate About IPPs

Conditions for Imprisoned Children in HMYOI Cookham Wood Deteriorate

Judicial Misconduct Findings Should be ‘More Detailed’, But No Public Hearings

Prisoners Win Parole ‘Reconsideration’ Appeals

Self-Harm in Women’s Prisons at Record High

Update: Police Murders of Gervaise McKerr, Eugene Toman and Sean Burns

HMP Belmarsh - Levels of Violence Rise - Disproportionate Use of Force on Black/Younger Prisoners

Scotland: New Guideline Encourages Rehabilitation Over Prison for Young People

No Evidence’ That Longer Prison Sentences Will Deter Terrorists, Watchdog Warns

Government no Longer Keeping Proper Track Of 70,000 Immigration Offenders

IPP Kills - Prisoner's Four Year Term Became 16 Year 'life Sentence'

Giovanni Di Stefano, AKA ‘The Devils’ Advocate’ Suing MoJ for Seventeen Million Pounds

UK Stop-And-Search Data ‘Withheld To Hide Rise In Discrimination’

Damages  Awarded Against British Troops Who Subjected Iraqis to Cruel and Inhumane Treatment

Indian Extradition Request For Murder Refused

Extradition to Moldova Halted: Appalling Prison Conditions Result In Blanket Discharge

Suicide Risk Bars Extradition to Romania

Children Imprisoned on Remand – The Stark Reality of Racial Bias

Unsafe’ Pepper Spray Should Be Withdrawn From Prisons

Attica 50th Anniversary: the Sound Before the Fury

Derek Patterson to the CRCC- Will it be Third Time Lucky

Demonstrators Storm Courts to Highlight Police Violence Against Women

Violations in Preventive Detention of Mentally Ill Serious Offender

Rehabilitation of Offenders (NI) Order 1978 Incompatible With Article 8 of the ECHR

Report on an Unannounced Inspection of HMP Hull

Self-Harm Among Female Prisoners Surges by 47% to Record Levels

Life Sentence Only possibility of Release on Parole After 40 years’ Violation of Article 3

Half of Black Boys Subject to Court Orders Suffer Racial Discrimination

Shane Bryant a Birmingham Black Man: Died from Unreasonable Force by Police & Public

Pitfalls of More Rehabilitative Police Cautions

Jailing of Most Mothers For Non-Violent Crimes Should Stop

Serious Fraud Office Withheld ‘Potentially Embarrassing’ Evidence in Unaoil Bribery Probe

CoA Overturns Ruling in Sex-Worker Visit Case

One in Ten Cases Sent to CoA by CCRC Turned Down at Least Once by the CCR

Disclosure Week’ Marred By Two Collapsed Trials

American Prison Boss Sent to Prison

UK 89 Prison Staff Dismissed For Inappropriate Relationships

England and Wales Court Backlog Crisis ‘To Go On For Several Years’

UK Prisons: X-Ray Body Scanners Find 10,000 Hidden Items

Deaths in Custody UFFC Annual Rememberance Rally & Procession 2021

Police ‘Shut Down’ Janner Investigation Without Pursuing All Inquiries

Family of Vulnerable Man Found Dead in HMP Guys Marsh Demand Reforms

Create a Right of Appeal for People Convicted Under Law Which is Later Reformed

Psychosis Cases Soar in England as Pandemic Hits Mental Health

Appeal For Your Unused Postage Stamps - Five, Ten, Twenty, Fifty-Pound Notes

Calls for Government to up Prisoners’ Daily Food Budget of Just £2 a Day

Dale Farm Traveller Evictions—a Decade On

Racial Bias In Facial Recognition Software - Union Files Claim Against Uber

Russia: Ban on Life Prisoners’ Telephone Calls  Violations of Articles 8 & 6

Inquest Jury Rules Lewis Skelton Shot by Hull Police Unlawfully Killed

George Orwell - Biased Language Can Reinforce Biased Thinking

Frankland prison – as Racist as Ever

Virtual Hearings Eroding Defendants’ Rights ‘To The Point Where They’re Non-Existent’

CPS Drop Terrorism Charges Against Administrator of Anarchist Website

Boudica UK’s Best Known Terrorist Acquitted of All Charges

Rise in Deaths of People Detained Under ‘The Mental Health Act’

396 Prisoners Died in the 12 months to June 2021

Northern Ireland Secretary Failed To Comply With Abortion Duty

INQUEST Autumn Newsletter 2021

High Court Judge Satisfied that Omagh bombing Could Have Been Prevented

UK Prisoners Allowed to Play Chess in Global Online Tournament

Plans to Hand Over NHS Data to Police Sparks Warning From Government Adviser

Interests of Women, and the Rights and Interests of Males Who Identify As Women

Inquest Into Death of Abdul Hamid Following Restraint by West Midlands Police

UK Put on Global Watchlist for Curbing Civic Freedoms

Children Locked in Cells for 23 Hours a Day in G4S Managed Oakhill Youth Jail

Unannounced Inspection of HMP/YOI Deerbolt by HMCIP

10-Point Action Plan to Change Prisons and Build Safer Communities

Dramatic Rise in Numbers Spending 10 Years or More in Prison

Covid Justice – Cutting Corners Was Not How To Do It?

Black Birmingham Citizen Died Following Police Restraint

Everard Inquiry Must Look Far Beyond Wayne Couzens

Kate Wilson Wins 10 Year Battle Against "Unlawful and Sexist" Spycops Operation

Prison Struggles - Attica 50th Anniversary the Sound Before the Fury

Jail Terms of 20 + Years ‘Quadruple’ in England and Wales

50% Met Officers Guilty Of Sexual Misconduct Kept Their Jobs

England: Complainants Waiting More Than 600 Days For Justice

There Must be a Root and Branch Reform of Prison Mental Health Support

UK Government’s Troubles Plan ‘Incompatible With International Obligations’

Female Screw at HMP Woodhill - Jailed for Bonking Prisoners

Ecuador Jail: Death Toll in Guayaquil Prison Fight Passes 100

Call for Evidence - Enquiry Into Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) Sentences

Burglars/Drug Dealers to Have Criminal Records Wiped Clean

Undercover Policing Inquiry - First reference to the Miscarriages of Justice Panel

Use of Video and Audio Links in Criminal Proceedings

3,000,000 Crimes Against Women and Girls Since 2018

Government Says Discrimination Against Black People and Travellers ‘Objectively Justified’

“Devastating” Impact of Covid-19 Restrictions on Women Prisoners’ Mental Health

Innocent Children Feeling Pressure to Admit Guilt to Avoid Prosecution

Children Under 16 Deprivation of Liberty

Review of Imprisonment for Public Protection

Human Rights for Working Prisoners?

Super Courtroom' to Allow For Trials of up to 12 Defendants

Sally Challen Defence QC Leads Domestic Homicide Review

Misconduct in Public Office – ECtHR Reviews Foreseeability of Common Law Offence

Charges Against Bianca Ali Dropped Following Mohamud Hassan Protest

Julie Hambleton Slams Cops After Being Cleared of Lockdown Breach

Transform Justice -Swipe Right to Plead Guilty

Lynette White Murder: Cardiff Five Were Victims

Unannounced Inspection of HMP Wormwood Scrubs

Inspection of HMP Low Newton Women’s Prisons - Disapointing

No Criminal Organs - Serving Convicted Criminals Can Donate Body Parts

Misconduct in Public Office – ECtHR Reviews Foreseeability of Common Law Offence

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

Civil Liberties Groups Demand Ban of Use of Facial Recognition Technology by Police

US: Posthumous Pardons for Seven Black Men ('Martinsville Seven') Executed 70 Years Ago

CCRC Refer Sentence of Gavin Trendell to Court of Appeal

CCRC Refers “No Passport” Conviction to Crown Court

"Falsely Accused Day" - Thursday 9th Sep 2021

News From SAFARI (“Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information”)

Leeds Prison Punished Inmates by Restricting Showers

Depictions of Wales Red Dragon - Must Show an Erect Penis

Computer Says Yes – You Will Pay a Fine and Get a Criminal Record

Joint Enterprise and the Real Impact of Jogee

Cressida Dick Referred to Police Watchdog Over ‘Defence of Officer Facing Criminal Trial’

Facial Recognition Tech Rolled Out by Police without Parliament’s oversight’

Bar Warns of Reliance on Informal Police Sanctions

Kevin Clarke Death: Police Watchdog Reopens Investigation

New Police CCTV Use Rules Criticised as Bare Bones

HMP Leed Punished Inmates by Restricting Showers

Parole Board Decision Not to Progress Prisoner to Open Estate - Wrong in Law

Falsely Accused Day 9th September 2021

Missing From Care: Listening to Children asdasd

Police Bill is Not About Law and Order – It’s About State Control

Smitten Prison Officer Helped Inmate Lover Escape

Malicious Prosecution Victim Charles Green Awarded £6.3m

UK Plan Thwarts Access to Truth Over Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’

Police Bill is Not About Law and Order – It’s About State Control

Smitten Prison Officer Helped Inmate Lover Escape

Caution do Not Commit a Crime Aged 17 Going on 18

MoJ Ordered to look Again at Victims' Compensation Scheme

Surge in Young Criminals Serving Life Sentences as Gangs Seek to ‘Overkill’ Their Rivals

Ballymurphy March Marks 50th Anniversary of Army Shootings

Extinction Rebellion Convictions Quashed

Macpherson Report 20 Years On - Still Deep Rooted Racial Disparities In Policing

‘Discriminatory’ Crime Crackdown Will Divide Communities, say Liberty

Soft on Justice? Does Diversion From Court Have an Image Problem?

‘More Foghorn Than Dogwhistle’: Johnson Gets Tough On Crime

Free Michael Ross: 25 Year Sentence for a Murder he Did Not Commit

Free Michael Ross: 25 Year Sentence for a Murder he Did Not Commit

Courts Failed People ‘Caught up’ in UK Riots in 2011

MP’s Say: ‘Racism in Policing Remains an Issue, 20 Years After Macpherson Report’

Missed Opportunities by Police, Paramedics, MHS, Contributed to Death of Adam Stanmore

Nineteen Deaths in or Following Police Custody Over Last 12 Months

MP’s Say: ‘Racism in Policing Remains an Issue, 20 Years After Macpherson Report’

Witness Discussion Greater Predictor of Misinformation Than Intoxication

Fifty-Two Prisoners in Close Supervision Units ‘That May Amount to Torture’

Complete Removal of Hope’: Kevan Thakrar Life in a Close Supervision Centre

England: More Funding to Ensure Accommodation for Prison Leavers

Welcome to the Punishment Show

Disproportionate Targeting of Jamaicans for Deportation From UK

Seven Out Of 10 Women Sentenced to Prison Last Year Committed Non-Violent Offences

Child Protection Investigations – No Further Action Necessary?

CCRC ‘Delighted’ That Member of The ‘Stockwell Six’ Found Following Appeal

Justice System Could Fail if Exodus of Legal Aid Lawyers Not Halted

Omagh Bomb which Killled 29 People: 'Real Prospect' Attack Could Have Been Prevented

Support for Families of Those Serving Indeterminate Sentences

Too Many Women Sent to Prison on Short Sentences for Non-Violent Offences

Law Society Sounds Warning Against Judicial Review Bill

Watchdog Finds: Prisoners ‘Forced to Defecate in Buckets’ During Pandemic

Imprisonment for Public Protection Sentences

Criminalisation of Children in Residential Care

Drill Music as Bad Character Evidence Used Against Young Blacks

Resolving Crimes Without Going To Court – A Messaging Guide

When does ‘Deprivation’ become Depravation?

Expert Evidence Criminal Exploitation

Prison: Support for Neurodivergent People ‘Patchy’ and ‘Inconsistent’

Tips, Tricks & Licks on Obtaining Compensation for Wrongful Deaths in Custody

Not a Penny Paid Out to Victims of Miscarriage of Justice in Last 12 Months

If Girls Need to be in Custody, They Should be In Local Authority Units, Not Prisons

70% Increase in Number of Immigration Detainees Held in Prison Post-Lockdown

Neurodiversity in Criminal Justice System - More Effective Support Needed

Digital Forensic Evidence Relied Upon in Court is Prone to ‘Bias And Error’

Pregnant Prisoners ‘Routinely’ Denied Access to Suitable Maternity Care

Numbers Game - Getting the Wrong End of the Stick: The Prosecutor’s Fallacy

Do Liaison and Diversion Teams Stop the Revolving Door of Police Custody?

MP Questions Transfer of Children From Rainsbrook Secure Centre to Youth Jails

CCRC: Murder Cases Reopened in Wake of Sally Challen Appeal

Reclaim These Streets Vigil: Permission Granted to Challenge Metropolitan Police

HMP Cornton Vale Criticised for Segregating Mentally Ill Women

‘The Met Colonised my Life for 34 Years’, Says Daniel Morgan’s Brother

Nearly 50 Years to Overturn Wrongful Conviction of Three Black Citizens

Use of Joint Enterprise is Unjust, Unfair and Discriminatory it Must be Stopped

Lawyers Urged to ‘Educate Themselves’ Over Endemic Racism in the Justice System

Priti Patel Rattles the Handcuffs – but Tories Have Lost Control of Law And Order

Troubles Trials: Why Did They Collapse - What Happens Next?

End Police Impunity for Human Rights Violations

Trans Women With Sex Offence Convictions in Female Jails Lawful

‘Significant Failings’ in Policing of ‘Kill the Bill’ Protest and Sarah Everard Vigil

Projected 25% Increase in Prison Numbers Will Undermine Prison Recovery

20 Year Old Murder and Attempted Murder Convictions Quashed

Women of Colour Face Tougher Challenges After Prison Than White

‘Excited Delirium’: Term Linked to Police Restraint in UK Medical Guide Condemned

Ultraviolence—Giving Voice to Victims of Killer Cops

Jersey to Legalise Assisted Dying

Sex Attack Victims Denied Compensation ‘Because of Unpaid TV Licences’

Protest at the Royal College of Psychiatrists ‘Endorsing’ Segregation Units

“Kill the Bill’ -   Not Consistent With the UN’s Convention on the Rights of Children

Forgotten People? Prisoners on Remand in the Pandemic

Government Urged to Move Quickly on Radical Changes to Prisoners’ Access to ICT

CCRC Need Extra £1m to Recruit Experienced Case Workers

1972: Undercover Policing Inquiry Identifies First Suspected Miscarriages of Justice

Malawian Child Farmer Claims Against BA/Imperial Tobacco to Proceed

Good Law Project - Defamation Law: The Basics

Malleable Memory and the Reliability of Witness Evidence

ECtHR Orders UK to Pay Damages Over Family Court Judge's Findings

EDM 233: Use of Restraints on Children and Young People

Submissions to the Home Secretary to Lift the LTTE terrorism Ban in the UK

Claimant has £200k Costs Paid Despite Winning only £10 Damages

Secret Materials Used to Deny Compensation to Miscarriage of Justice Victims

Mighty Mouse Plague Forces Evacuation of Jail in Australia

Barely Legal? The Experience of Remote Tribunal Hearings

Drill Music as Bad Character Evidence

Female Miscarriages of Justice Have a Different Overall Profile From Those In Men

Police Probe Suspect Drugs Tests Used in Criminal and Family Cases

Women Offenders Being Released to Homelessness

Respecting the Right to Religion for Prisoners

Tyburn Jiggery Pokery - Crime And Punishment 1700’s

One Death, 11 BAME Teenagers Jailed: was a Moss Side Murder Trial Racist?

Judge Throws Out Expert Evidence During Trial In Excoriating Ruling

Baby and Mother Win Right to Access Healthy Start Food Scheme

CCRC Calls for Law Commission to Review Criminal Appeals Proces

Protesters Gather Outside Prison Against Expansion and Alleged Racism

Tackling Racial Injustice: BAME Children and the Youth Justice System

Lawyers Must do Better’: Lord Hodge Criticises Use of Expert Witnesses

Government Plans to Introduce More Lie Detector Testing For Ex-Prisoners

Merseyside Police Officers Jailed for Covering up Colleague’s Assault

ECtHR: Big Brother Watch and Others V. United Kingdom

Re-Victimised Rape Complainant Suffered Violation of ECHR Rights

Inmate Considering Legal Challenge Over Maghaberry Prison Book Ban

Corporate Watch - Know Your Enemy

Prisons: A 19th Century Solution to a 21st Century Problem

Paul Blackburn Former Miscarriage of Justice Comments on the Death of Winston Augustine

Ivor Bell’s Conviction for Aiding Gerry Adams Jail Escape Overturned

Winston Augustine, Left Left to Die, in a State of Severe Pain and Starvation in Segregation

Mark Culverhouse Another Death in Prison Segregation

Shots Fired at Event Marking 40th Anniversary Death of Hunger Striker Patsy O'Hara

37,000 Arrests of Women Each Year Result in no Further Action

Serious Violence Reduction Orders - Kill the Bill

USA: Half-Brothers Receive $75m Payout For Wrongful Conviction 30 Years Ago

Kill the Bill: Unaccountability – The Disease within Government

Mental Health Tests in the Presence Of Counter-Terror Units ‘Unethical’

HMP Ford – Urgent Need to Improve Rehabilitation Work

Children ‘Systematically Pleading Guilty’ To Crimes That They Did Not Commit

Family of Mohamud Hassan Fight For Justice As Police Watchdog Probe Continues

Mental Health Made Worse in Pandemic by Class And Poverty

Impact of Judicial Review Reforms Announced in Queen’s Speech

Met Officer Jailed for Drugs Cash Conspiracy

Trespassers Won’t be Prosecuted? - More Reasons to ‘Kill the Bill’

Prosecuting Mental Health – Accountability or Criminalisation?

Northern Ireland: Dealing With the Past

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021: A Briefing for Trade Unionists

Extnction Rebellion Trial Delayed as Accused Glues Hand to Table

Solitary Confinement is a Crime

Female Political Prisoners in Iran Facing ‘Psychological Torture’

No Statutory Requirement to Impose A Consecutive Sentence on ‘Default’ Orders

European Anti-Torture Committee Warns Against Impact of Austerity Measures on Prisons

Northern Ireland “Above All, The Continuing Peace’ Did the Queen get it Wrong

Bobby Sands MP Died in Prison on This Day in 1981- Murdered by Margaret Thatcher

Police Without Good Reason - Baton/Taser Black Vulnerable Girl

Four Merseyside Police Officers Convicted After Assault and Cover-Up

Self-Defence Against Police?

Priti Patel – a New Champion of Criminal Records Reform?

Longer Jail Terms and Stricter Monitoring as New Terror Laws Become Law

Unreliable Witness Testimony Biggest Cause of Miscarriages of Justice

"You Saw It with Your Own Eyes " But Did You Really?

John Bowden Now Out of Prison - Still Fighting the Prison System

Successful Submission of No Case to Answer in Cold Case Murder

Demonstration End Solitary Confinement of Kevan Thakrar

Government Hits Less Than Half of 2018 ‘Commitments’ for Women Prisoners

DNA ‘Breakthrough’ in Case of Man Who Spent 17 Years in Prison For Rape

UK Private Prisons Have Shown A Lax Approach To Human Rights

HMP Exeter – Staff-Prisoner Relationships Remain a Serious Concern

New Police Powers: ‘Political Attack’ on Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities

Prosecuting Individual Police Officers Won’t Deliver Racial Justice

Ex-police Reveal Bribes and Threats Used to Cover up Corruption in 70s London

Police Officers Warned About Inappropriate Social Media Use

Justice after 10 Long Years: APPEAL’s Statement on the Post Office Scandal 

Hillsborough Police on Trial Accused of Perverting Course of Justice

CCRC Review of Oliver Campbell’s Case (No. 2)

Scottish CCRC Refer Abel Muntean to High Court of Justiciary

USA: Shackling of Aged and Infirmed Inmate, Mumia Abu-Jamal, ‘Deplorable’

Miscarriage Compensation – The Battle in Strasbourg for UK Justice

Miscarriages of Justice Appeals - Government Has No Plans to Review Substantial Injustice Test

Anger as Tory MPs Vote Against Register for Stalkers and Domestic Abusers

Lack of Rule 35 Process In Prisons Unlawful

Barristers Call on Ministers to Make Legal Aid Available in All Domestic Abuse Cases

Damages of £250,000 Plus to Margaret Deery Shot in the Leg During Bloody Sunday

UK Prison Population Third Highest in Europe and Suicide Rate Twice the Average

Tens of Thousands Murdered Under the British Monarchy

Oppose Mandatory Minute Silence for Prince Philip

Misogyny Alive and Well in the Criminal Justice System

Is a Party That Sells Police Stations to Criminals so Very Tough On Crime?

Is Prosecution Counter-Productive? New US Research Says It can be

Amnesty Unimpressed and Government Care Home Guidance “Grossly Discriminatory”

Lockerbie: Al-Megrahi Family to Appeal Direct to UK Supreme Court Over Conviction

New Rules on Intermediaries for Defendants

HMP Leyhill – Serious Concerns About Public Protection Weaknesses

Fraud the Crime That Many of us Experience, but Politicians Do not Talk About

If You Do Not Succeed at First, Appeal Again and Again Untill You Get a Result

Sewell Report Seeks to Sideline Structural Factors Attached to Racism

Enduring Racism Disadvantages Children in the Criminal Justice System

CCRC Evidence Used by Court of Appeal to Knock Back ‘Freshwater Five’

“Released Under Investigation” – Ominous and Uncertain Status

MPs 'Horrified at Treatment of Children in Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre

Legal Challenge Seeks to Stop Ministers Sending Disappearing Messages

Priti Patels’ Immigration Reforms Mere Banal Rhetoric

Do Not Force Serving Prisoners Onto Courses Which Don’t Work

When Expert Witnesses Turn Out Not as Expert- or as Honest - as They Claim?

More Than Six Out of 10 Women Prisoners Homeless on Release

MPs Earned £5m From Second Jobs During Lockdown

Shrewsbury 24: Court of Appeal Clears Picketers' Convictions

19 Female Staff Dismissed Over Relationships With Male Prisoners

'In the Interests of Justice an Inquiry into the CCRC'

Cut Destructive’ Short-Term Sentences for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Women

Black British Five-Year-Old Takes Home Office to High Court Over Benefits Ban

Imprisonment for Public Protection Jail Terms 'A Death Sentence'

Three British-Bangladeshis Win Appeal Against Removal of UK Citizenship

EDM 1656: Undercover Policing Inquiry

Third of Remand Prisoners in England Being Held Beyond Legal Time Limit For Trials

Women Disproportionately Affected by Soaring Mental Health Act Detentions

UK Covid Death Rate in Prisons Three Times Higher Than Outside

Exclusion of Unlawfully Obtained Evidence

Death of Mohamud Mohamed Hassan – Further Misconduct Notices Served

Race Issues Sidelined Since Probation Service Shake-Up, Says Watchdog

CCRC Refer Cleveland Davidson to CoA

Race Issues Sidelined Since Probation Service Shake-Up

Very, Very Good News: Council of Europe Reopens Pat Finucane case

HMP Long Lartin – Prisoners in Segregation Unit Subjected to Very Austere Regime

Colin Norris - Science Fact and Science Fiction

Human Rights Act Review: Incompatibility and Political Expediency

Consultation on Miners’ Strike Pardon Launched

Leon Briggs: Jury Returns Conclusion of Neglect Following Seven and a Half Year Wait For Justice

Jeremy Bamber Lawyers Hopeful for Release as Fresh Legal Challenge Launched

Nazir Ahmed Trial Collapses Due to 'Disgraceful' Late Disclosure of Evidence

A Person Should Not be Punished For Doing Something That is Not Prohibited by Law

Rise in The Use of Post-Arrest Powers of Search

New Proposals for Resolving Crime Without Going to Court

‘Revenge Porn’ is a Misnomer

MI5 Policy Allowing Agents to Commit Crimes Was Legal, Say Judges

“The Reckoning and (Re)Righting of International Law”

Giovanni Di Stefano - The Devil’s Advocate

Prisoners Held in Inhumane Segregation ‘Simply Wrong and Must Cease’

Police Set to Receive Greater Powers to Control ‘Lefty Protests’

Miscarriage of Justice Body CCRC Workload Doubled Despite Severe Cuts

CCRC Rarely Does the Job Effectively According to SARARI

Met officer Who Tasered Black Man Jumping Over Wall May Face Charges

UK ‘Systematically and Persistently’ Breached Air Pollution Limits

Jack Barnes Unlawfuly Killed by Manslaughter or Joint Enterprise

CCRC Refers Convictions of Mr F to Court of Appeal

Kevin Lane Surviving Recall - Will, I Ever Get/Stay out of Here?

Failure to Enact Public Duty Law 'Has Worsened England Inequality in Pandemic'

Prisons Should Trial Free Cannabis

Failure to Enact Public Duty Law 'Has Worsened England Inequality in Pandemic'

Police Officers Under Investigation Following Death of Brian Ringrose

Legal Aid Arrangements for Immigration Detainees in Prisons Unlawful

Operation Midland - Judge Calls for Police Prosecutions

DLS– Minimum Term – Likely to be Increased From Half to 2/3rds of Notional Determinate Sentence

HMP Eastwood Park: Brain-Injured Women Held in 'Inhumane' Conditions “

A tale as Old as Crime”: Crossing the Significant Age Threshold Into Adulthood

1,338 People Serving an IPP Sentence in Custody Following Recall

Mark Alexander: Prosecution’s Evidence Just a Bowl of Spaghetti

No Interest on General Damages in Police Actions

More Than 1,000 Prison Staff Dismissed for Misconduct

Data Lays Bare Strain on Criminal Justice System in England and Wales

Bloody Sunday: Family Launch Soldier Prosecution Legal Challenge

Now is the Time to Support Sex Workers’ Rights

'They Wanted to Jail a Banker - I was that Banker'

Daughters of Malcolm X Call for Murder Investigation to be Re-Opened

 More Than 1,000 Prison Staff Dismissed for Misconduct

CCRC Refer Murder Conviction of Justin Plummer to Court of Appeal

Black Lives Matter UK to Fund 'People's Tribunal' for Deaths in Custody

17 Human Rights Groups Boycotting the Government’s Prevent Review

Data Lays Bare Strain on Criminal Justice System in England and Wales 

Anonymous Witness Evidence and the Right to a Fair Trial

Stephen Lawrence Murder: William Macpherson an Establishment Man With a Sense of Outrage

Lawyers Seek Justice for Women Jailed for Killing Abusive Partners

Radical Change Needed in Handling of Rape Cases

Police Officer Given Misconduct Notice Over Mohamud Hassan's Death

William Macpherson: an Establishment Man With a Sense of Outrage

CCRC Refer Colin Norris to the Court of Appeal

Harrasment of Welsh Language Speakers Imprisoned in HMP Berwyn

Number of Prisoners in England and Wales on Suicide Watch Rises Steeply

'I Dread the Phone Call’: Families' Fears For Loved Ones in Prison

Nationality Question no Longer Required in all Criminal Cases Before Conviction

52 Police Had Contact With Mohamud Hassan Before His Death

Anthony Grainger Family to Continue Legal Fight Over Fatal Shooting By Police

Parole Hearings to be Held in Public

More Than 213,000 Children at Risk of Serious Violence

Taking Liberties: A Simple Guide to ‘Deprivation of Liberty’ (DOL)

Terminating the ‘Imprisonment for Public Protection’ (IPP) (S.225 Criminal Justice Act 2003) License

Women Prostituted as Teenagers to Challenge the Retention of Criminal Records

Prison Service Failures to Support Young Adults Put Society at Risk From Reoffending

Legal Sector Workers United Prison Group Statement and Demands

Landmark Hearing to Examine Handling of Domestic Abuse Cases by UK Courts

CCRC Refers Four More Post Office Horizon Cases

Damages Arising From Malicious Prosecution - Notorious Daniel Morgan Murder

David Morris Murder Conviction Police to Re-Examine Forensics

Why Avoiding Prosecution Leads to Less Crime

Enough Rope to Hang Anyone Charged With an Offence

U-Turn Over Law on Bail To Protect Victims of Domestic Violence

Fewer Than One in 10 Police Officers Fired After Gross Misconduct Finding

Families of Citizens Dying After Contact With Police Still Await Justice

Megrahi Family to Appeal to UK Supreme Court Over Lockerbie Conviction

Children Exempted From Extended Custody Time Limits Following Legal Challenge

Strict Bail Conditions on Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Suspects

“Unwinnable” Cases Can Be Won

Independent Human Rights Act Review (IHRAR) - Call for Evidence

Mental Health Act Reforms Aim to Tackle High Rate of Black People Sectioned

Kevin Lane Publishes Book in Hope of Overturning Murder Conviction

18 Deaths During or Following Police Contact 2019/2020

Covid Leading to Four-Year Waits for England and Wales Court Trials

Back to the Bad Old Days: Pre-Charge Engagement

Call for UK Prisons to Trial Free Cannabis to See if it Cuts Drug Deaths

'Safe Space': Home Office Refuses to Reveal Public Law Review Submission

Five Officers From ‘Toxic’ Unit Sacked for Racist/Homophobic/Sexist Behaviour

‘Shameful’: Just £10,000 Paid Out to Victims Of Wrongful Conviction in Two Years

Miscarriage of Justice Watchdog Calls For a Review of Juries

Home Office Floats Automatic Deportation After Six-Month Sentence

Covid Pandemic Fueling Digital Repression Worldwide

Brutal Lockdown in Berwyn Prison

Expectations for Women in Prison - Your Opinion Requested

Sex Work in a Pandemic: Criminalising Survival

‘Migrant Workers With A Union to Back Them Can Move Mountains’

Holding Back the Tide: the Courts and Climate Change