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Miscarriage of Justice Body CCRC Workload Doubled Despite Severe Cuts

CCRC Rarely Does the Job Effectively According to SARARI

Met officer Who Tasered Black Man Jumping Over Wall May Face Charges

UK ‘Systematically and Persistently’ Breached Air Pollution Limits

Jack Barnes Unlawfuly Killed by Manslaughter or Joint Enterprise

CCRC Refers Convictions of Mr F to Court of Appeal

Kevin Lane Surviving Recall - Will, I Ever Get/Stay out of Here?

Failure to Enact Public Duty Law 'Has Worsened England Inequality in Pandemic'

Prisons Should Trial Free Cannabis

Failure to Enact Public Duty Law 'Has Worsened England Inequality in Pandemic'

Police Officers Under Investigation Following Death of Brian Ringrose

Legal Aid Arrangements for Immigration Detainees in Prisons Unlawful

Operation Midland - Judge Calls for Police Prosecutions

DLS– Minimum Term – Likely to be Increased From Half to 2/3rds of Notional Determinate Sentence

HMP Eastwood Park: Brain-Injured Women Held in 'Inhumane' Conditions “

A tale as Old as Crime”: Crossing the Significant Age Threshold Into Adulthood

1,338 People Serving an IPP Sentence in Custody Following Recall

Mark Alexander: Prosecution’s Evidence Just a Bowl of Spaghetti

No Interest on General Damages in Police Actions

More Than 1,000 Prison Staff Dismissed for Misconduct

Data Lays Bare Strain on Criminal Justice System in England and Wales

Bloody Sunday: Family Launch Soldier Prosecution Legal Challenge

Now is the Time to Support Sex Workers’ Rights

'They Wanted to Jail a Banker - I was that Banker'

Daughters of Malcolm X Call for Murder Investigation to be Re-Opened

 More Than 1,000 Prison Staff Dismissed for Misconduct

CCRC Refer Murder Conviction of Justin Plummer to Court of Appeal

Black Lives Matter UK to Fund 'People's Tribunal' for Deaths in Custody

17 Human Rights Groups Boycotting the Government’s Prevent Review

Data Lays Bare Strain on Criminal Justice System in England and Wales 

Anonymous Witness Evidence and the Right to a Fair Trial

Stephen Lawrence Murder: William Macpherson an Establishment Man With a Sense of Outrage

Lawyers Seek Justice for Women Jailed for Killing Abusive Partners

Radical Change Needed in Handling of Rape Cases

Police Officer Given Misconduct Notice Over Mohamud Hassan's Death

William Macpherson: an Establishment Man With a Sense of Outrage

CCRC Refer Colin Norris to the Court of Appeal

Harrasment of Welsh Language Speakers Imprisoned in HMP Berwyn

Number of Prisoners in England and Wales on Suicide Watch Rises Steeply

'I Dread the Phone Call’: Families' Fears For Loved Ones in Prison

Nationality Question no Longer Required in all Criminal Cases Before Conviction

52 Police Had Contact With Mohamud Hassan Before His Death

Anthony Grainger Family to Continue Legal Fight Over Fatal Shooting By Police

Parole Hearings to be Held in Public

More Than 213,000 Children at Risk of Serious Violence

Taking Liberties: A Simple Guide to ‘Deprivation of Liberty’ (DOL)

Terminating the ‘Imprisonment for Public Protection’ (IPP) (S.225 Criminal Justice Act 2003) License

Women Prostituted as Teenagers to Challenge the Retention of Criminal Records

Prison Service Failures to Support Young Adults Put Society at Risk From Reoffending

Legal Sector Workers United Prison Group Statement and Demands

Landmark Hearing to Examine Handling of Domestic Abuse Cases by UK Courts

CCRC Refers Four More Post Office Horizon Cases

Damages Arising From Malicious Prosecution - Notorious Daniel Morgan Murder

David Morris Murder Conviction Police to Re-Examine Forensics

Why Avoiding Prosecution Leads to Less Crime

Enough Rope to Hang Anyone Charged With an Offence

U-Turn Over Law on Bail To Protect Victims of Domestic Violence

Fewer Than One in 10 Police Officers Fired After Gross Misconduct Finding

Families of Citizens Dying After Contact With Police Still Await Justice

Megrahi Family to Appeal to UK Supreme Court Over Lockerbie Conviction

Children Exempted From Extended Custody Time Limits Following Legal Challenge

Strict Bail Conditions on Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Suspects

“Unwinnable” Cases Can Be Won

Independent Human Rights Act Review (IHRAR) - Call for Evidence

Mental Health Act Reforms Aim to Tackle High Rate of Black People Sectioned

Kevin Lane Publishes Book in Hope of Overturning Murder Conviction

18 Deaths During or Following Police Contact 2019/2020

Covid Leading to Four-Year Waits for England and Wales Court Trials

Back to the Bad Old Days: Pre-Charge Engagement

Call for UK Prisons to Trial Free Cannabis to See if it Cuts Drug Deaths

'Safe Space': Home Office Refuses to Reveal Public Law Review Submission

Five Officers From ‘Toxic’ Unit Sacked for Racist/Homophobic/Sexist Behaviour

‘Shameful’: Just £10,000 Paid Out to Victims Of Wrongful Conviction in Two Years

Miscarriage of Justice Watchdog Calls For a Review of Juries

Home Office Floats Automatic Deportation After Six-Month Sentence

Covid Pandemic Fueling Digital Repression Worldwide

Brutal Lockdown in Berwyn Prison

Expectations for Women in Prison - Your Opinion Requested

Sex Work in a Pandemic: Criminalising Survival

‘Migrant Workers With A Union to Back Them Can Move Mountains’

Holding Back the Tide: the Courts and Climate Change