Media 2020

Beyond Reasonable Doubt?: David Morris and the Clydach Murders

CCRC Invites Proposals for New Justice Research Projects

Ahmed Mohammed Referred to CoA Following a Hit on National DNA Database

What Should Reparations For Slavery Look Like?

INQUEST Response to 147 Deaths in Police Custody

An Inspector’s Calls - Guardian View on Failing Jails

Sext Messages Do Not Equal ‘Blanket Consent’

Redress for ‘Historical’ Child Abuse in Care: What Can Scotland Learn From Ireland?

Irish Courts Now Tend Towards Admitting Evidence Obtained Unconstitutionally

Extending Custody Time Limit Will Hit BAME People Hardest

Police 999 Callouts to People Suffering Mental Health Crises Soar

Man Charged With Assault After Farting in a Taxi

Ultraviolence: the Shocking, Brutal Film About Deaths in Police Custody

Trials Listed for 2022 as Crown Court Backlog Approaches 50,000

4,393 Drug Deaths: Surge in Fatalities of Female Cocaine Users

‘Time’, the Shocking Film About a Family Torn Apart by the US Jail Industry

What Is the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill?

Court of Appeal Reject Police Attempts to Weaken Accountability For Use of Force

Death of Kevin Clarke: Serious failures by MET, London Ambulance Service, et al

NI: Pat Finucane Case Returns to Court Over UK Government Delay

Guardian View on Covert Human Intelligence Sources: Draw A Line

Law Society Urges Review to Protect Six Fundamental Principles of Judicial Review

Hooded Men: Permission to Appeal to the UK Supreme Court Granted

Northern Ireland: Prison Segregation Costs More Than £2m a Year

Collusion is Not an Illusion - It is State Murder

MPs Call For Resumption of Visits to Prisons and a Review of Immigration Detainees

Law Society Urges Review to Protect Six Fundamental Principles of Judicial Review

MPs Back Bill to Authorise Mi5 and Police Crimes

Overseas Operations Bill - Uniquely Reprehensible

MPs Call For Stricter Safeguards For Private Prosecutions

Covid Rules in Prisons Blocking Rehabilitation

Government Suffers Lords Defeats Over Immigration Bill

Thousands of Women Pointlessly Arrested Every Year, Say MPs

CCRC Refer Sexual Assault Conviction of Ahmed Mohammed

Deaths From Natural Causes in English and Welsh Prisons 'Unacceptably High'

Bloody Sunday Families Reject Decision to Charge Only One Soldier

Data Retention by Metropolitan Police Service of 16 Year-Old Child Unlawful

Proposed Deportation of Autistic Black Man Indictment of UK ’s Racist Justice System

Oliver Campbell Case: New Appeal Over 1990 Murder Conviction

Alarm Raised Over Police Detention of Vulnerable Suspects in England and Wales

Maghaberry Prison: Officer Injured During Demonstration in Support of Hunger Strikers

Communication, Education and Speech Difficulties in the Criminal Justice System

Brook House IRC Abuse Enquiry: Progress ‘Disappointing And Dispiriting’

New Rules for MI5 and Police to Authorise Crimes

Courts Relying on ‘Drill Music’ to Reinforce Racist Stereotypes

HMP Erlestoke – “Very Troubling” Safety, Decency, Purposeful activity, all Decline

Escaped UK Prisoner Tried to Hand Himself in Seven Times

Offenders: Foreign Nationals

Republican Prisoners Refusing Food At Maghaberry Prison

UK Banks Accused of Facilitating Fraudsters and Criminals

Terrorist Prisoners Hit Record High In British Jails Amid Warnings of Radicalisation

Women Who Accused Former Chief Constable of Bullying Given £1m

Doubts Cast on Fairness of Inquiry Into Reform of Judicial Review

Scottish Police Officers Lose Disciplinary Fight Over Racist Messages

HMP Hewell – 70% of Prisoners Reported Problems With Their Mental Health

Ireland: Voluntary Assisted Dying with Dignity Legislation to be Introduced

Justice for Oliver Campbell

Louisville to Pay Family $12m Over Police Shooting

Robert DuBoise Cleared of Rape and Murder Convictions After 37 Years in Jail

New Figures Show Criminal Court Backlog Has Surged Past 500,000

HMP Preston – Needed to Increase Pace of Recovery From Severe COVID-19 Restrictions

England's Criminal Justice System Was on its Knees Long Before Coronavirus

A Cowardly Decision’ to Extend Custody Time Limits

Scale of Failure in Prison System Staggering, Say MPs

Why We Need to Rethink the Way We Use ‘BAME’

Unconvicted: Custody Time Limit to be Increased to Ease Court Case Backlog in England

Police to Drop ‘Domestic Extremism’ Label to Describe Protest’s

Reforms to UK’s Antiquated Spying Laws

Exoneration for Abdelbaset al-Megrahi: Lockerbie Bombing Appeal in November

Alec Smith, Conviction for Historic Indecent Assault Quashed

Relentless Rising Violence Inside Prisons in Honduras

Asylum-Seeker Deportation Flight Halted by Legal Challenge

Weight of Evidence Where Court Finds Serious Possibility it Was Obtained by Torture

What Decolonising the Curriculum Really Means

Guidance on Digital Records Held on Electronic Devices in Criminal Proceedings

Yarl's Wood IRC: Women no Longer Held as Centre Repurposed For Channel Migrants

Government’s Approach to Everything it Does: Make Deranged Choices and Watch Britain Burn

Ceon Broughton Conviction for Manslaughter Quashed

Continued Severe COVID Regime Restrictions Risk Psychological Decline in Prisoners

Direction Case’ Part One: Miller (Nos 1 and 2) in the National Security Context?

Direction Case Part Two: Doctrine of Necessary Implication and Uncertainty

UK: Successful Legal Challenge Against Police Use of Facial Recognition Technology

Loss of UK Prisoners' Rights is ihe Forgotten Injustice of the Covid-19 Crisis

Deprivation of Liberty Orders for Children and Young People Triples in Two Years

CCRC Refer Murder Convictions of Robert and Lee Firkins to Court Of Appeal

Protest Royal College of Psychiatrists Endorsing Prison Segregation Units

Chinese Court Clears Zhang Yuhuan of Murder After 27 Years in Prison

William Francis Jones Conviction Quashed

Rise in Care Children Being 'Deprived of Liberty'

Rebuttal of Rape Allegations

Bristol Prison Race Failings Led to Attack on Muslim Inmate

Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow Conviction for Manslaughter Quashed

High Court Provides Clarity On Third-Party Access To Court Documents

Police in England and Wales 'twice as Likely' to Fine Young BAME Men During Lockdown

Mohammed Zahir Khan v SSJ - Challenge to Early Release Regime

New Statistics on Deaths and Self-Harm Expose Perilous State of Prisons

Prisons: Challenges of an Ageing Inmate Population

Courts Carry Out ‘State Sanctioned Abuse’ Of Domestic Abuse Survivors

HMPS and Prison Officers Continue "Avoidable" Extreme Lock-Up for Young Offenders

English Judges Rule Lying About Fertility to Sexual Partner is Not Rape

Piti Patel’s Refusal to Grant Immigration Bail to FNOs - Ruled Unlawful

Children In Detention May Face Covid-19 Restrictions Until 2022

Courts Carry Out ‘State Sanctioned Abuse’ Of Domestic Abuse Survivors

HMPS and Prison Officers Continue "Avoidable" Extreme Lock-Up for Young Offenders

English Judges Rule Lying About Fertility to Sexual Partner is Not Rape

Priti Patel’s Refusal to Grant Immigration Bail to FNOs - Ruled Unlawful

Children In Detention May Face Covid-19 Restrictions Until 2022

Clearer Guidelines Issued For Sentencing Offenders With Mental Health Disorders

Parents of Man Who Died After Police Restraint Challenge Delay Over Seni's Law

Terrorism Act 2000 - 20 Years of Increased Racism, Repression and Injustice

Police Officer Had Sex With Domestic Violence Victims While On Duty

Police Chiefs to Replace Disclosure Consent Forms

Inspectors Concerned by Impact of Continued Covid-19 Regime Restrictions in Women's Prisons

No Jail Time for G4S Blatant Criminality

UK Undercover Police Officer Accused of Encouraging Activist to Buy Shotgun

Criminal Procedure Rules – Not Just for Decoration

The Non-Treatment Scandal and the ‘Hidden’ Victims of Covid-19

Trials for Sexual Offences Rules of Evidence

Benjamin Bestgen: Twenty-first Century Lie Detection – Part Two

Why we Cannot Tell if a Witness is Telling the Truth

Denial of Women's Concerns Contributed to Decades of Medical Scandals

MoJ Accused of Undermining Independence of CCRC and ‘Clipping its Wings’

Thousands of High-Risk Offenders in UK 'Freed Into Homelessness'

Remember With ‘Pride’ the Stonewall Riots

Trial Collapses of Three Britons Accused of Aiding Man to go to Fight In Syria

MoJ Accused of Undermining Independence of CCRC and ‘Clipping its Wings’

Council of Europe: New Guidance to Prison Services on Humane Treatment of Inmates

ECHR: Forced Prostitution Covered by Article 4

UK Intelligence Torture Case to be Held in Secret After Challenge Fails

Quality of Legal Advice For Suspects “Faltering Under Lockdown”

Challenge Concerning Lack of Safeguards for Immigration Detainees in Prison

Move to Ban the ’50 Shades of Grey’ Defence

Reimagining the Law: Transcribing injustice

Prisoners (Disclosure of Information About Victims) Bill

UK ‘Black Lives Matter’ - Taking Legal Action to Combat Police Brutality

Warnings and Lessons for Conspiracy Cases

Obligations Relating to Electronic Records/Devices Held by Prosecution Witnesses

Open Prisons During Corona – Frustration at Continued Suspension of Release To Work

Black Man Paralysed After Being Tasered by Police Vows to Get Justice

Fast-Track Injustice and the ‘Racist-Effect’ on the Right to Protest

Life-changing” Settlement For Rape Victim Failed by Police

Children Facing ‘Endless Delays’ in Justice System Convicted as Adults

Hard Truths About Long-Standing Failings In The Family Justice System

Pain-Inducing Restraint in Child Custody Must be Exception

Death of Baby in Cheshire Prison Prompts Investigation

Barrow Rape Claims Trial Faces Long Delay Due to Coronavirus Backlog

Loughinisland Murders: Police Watchdog 'Overstepped Mark' - So What!

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Reports on Inclusive Justice

UK Government Responded to Black Lives Matter – by Protecting Statues

France: Children Face Abusive, Racist Police Stops

'Unrealistic' Appeals System Fails Prisoners Who Have Been Victims of Abuse

UK Government Responded to Black Lives Matter – by Protecting Statues

Barriers Faced by Women Seeking to Appeal Criminal Convictions and Sentencing

Criminal Justice System Failing Disabled Defendants

Whitehall Held Secret Review Into 15 Possible Cases of Torture or Rendition

Investigation Into Black Man's Death In Torquay Police Cell

Charles Bronson Wins First Step in Fight For Public Parole Hearing

A Black Man’s Life Not Valued’: Attack on Year-Long Delay of UK Police Death Inquiry

Self-Harm Increases Among Female Prisoners In England During Pandemic

Jeremy Bamber Refused Access to Documents on Essex Family Murders

166 MP's From All Parties Call For UK to Stop Teargas and Rubber Bullet Exports to US

Serco Wins Covid-19 Test-And-Trace Contract Despite £1m Fine

Anthony Grainger: Police Misconduct Case Over Shooting Collapses

Race, Injustice, and Innocence on Death Row: Interview With Ndume Olatushani 

One Kingdom 4 Nations Emerging From Lockdown at 4 Different Rates Under 4 Different Laws

NI: Around 200 People Interned in 1970s Bring Legal Proceedings After Adams Ruling

‘Cruel and Unnecessary’: Immigration Detention During the Pandemic

Lockerbie Bombing: Megrahi Lawyers Seek To Quash Conviction

Safeguards Over Deprivations of Liberty Are “Indispensable” to Frail And Vulnerable

‘Sobriety Tags’ are Now in Force

Poverty and Debt Driving Young Women to Self-Harm

Shrewsbury 24: CCRC Refers Ricky Tomlinson and Five Ors to Court of Appeal

Glasgow's Barlinnie Prison No Longer Fit for Purpose

‘I Won’t Stop Until I Die’: David Nash’s Dying Declaration of Innocence

Making Defendants State Nationality Is 'Racialising' UK Courts

Guildford Pub Bombings Inquest Can Access Closed Files

HMP/YOI Drake Hall (Women Only) – Intimidation, Bullying, Victimisation, Drug Use Rife

Government Responds To ‘Anthony Grainger Inquiry’

Government to Extend Their Powers to ‘Terrorise’

Watering Down Children's Rights

NI: Domestic Abuse Crimes Reach 15-Year High

CCRC Forced to Refer Murder Conviction of Gary Walker to CoA

Why Are Pregnant Women In Prison?

Sentencing Sexual Cases with a Fake Victim

Impact of a Custodial Sentence Likely to be Heavier During Current Emergency Than It Would be Otherwise

Making Defendants State Nationality Is 'Racialising' UK Courts

Government Not Doing Enough to Prevent Crimes Committed on Probation

French People Aiding Undocumented Migrants Cannot be Prosecuted for “Crimes of Solidarity

UK Supreme Court Quashes Gerry Adams' Maze Escape Convictions

Sadiq Khan Warns of Coronavirus Crime Rise if Poverty Not Tackled

Refusal to Let Prisoner Observe His Muslim Faith Violation of Article 9

Justice Systems Must Help Children Overcome Fear and Trauma, Not Make Them Worse

Households Worse Off On Universal Credit Win Court of Appeal Test Case

Prisoner Mohammed Zahir Khan Wins First Round In Challenge To Terrorism Law

Kevin Artt Maze Prison Escapee Has Convictions Quashed

Video Hearings “More Likely to Lead to Convictions”

Dying Surrounded by Family 'A Fundamental Right' Says UK Judge

Application for Reduction in Tariff  Succeeds - 14 Years Reduced to 12 Years 10 Months

Detained in a Mental Health Institution Rather Than  Prison Following Sentencing

‘To Ask Defendants to Choose Trial by Judge is Not Unreasonable

Sex Workers Struggle to Survive Covid-19 Pandemic

Imposition of Notification Requirements on Sexual Offenders Compatible With  Article 8

Article 2 Duties to Investigate Government’s Response to the Corona Pandemic

UK Prison Officers Guilty of Punching Compliant Inmates

Obina Ezeoke to Face Fifth Trial Over Same Murder Charges

Global Prison Population Passes 11 Million As Covid-19 Spreads

Convicted Terrorists Less Likely To Reoffend Than Other Criminals

Whatever Happened to Investigative Journalism?

Is An Offence Under Section 13(1) Terrorism Act 2000 A Strict Liability Offence?

Release of Prisoners Alteration of Relevant Proportion of Sentence

Parole Hearings - Unproven Allegations Can and Should be Heard

Care Proceedings Rise Steeply in Family Courts During UK Lockdown

Ben Geen: Statisticians Back Former Nurse’s in Last Chance to Clear Name

Guildford Bombings: Cover up Extended for Another 100 Years!

Discharged UK Prisoners With Covid-19 Symptoms Given Travel Warrants

Woman ‘Loitering’ at Train Station Wrongfully Convicted In Shambolic Case

Coronavirus Situation in English and Welsh Prisons

Robin Garbutt to Challenge Murder Conviction for Third Time

Alex Salmond – His Faith In Our Justice System!

Concerns Raised After PPS fail to Direct PSNI to Reopen UVF killing

Hague Court Orders Dutch State to Pay Out Over Colonial Massacres

Torture and 'Bribery': Extradition of Manchester Bomber's Brother

Met Police Officers ‘Shredded Documents Linked to Undercover Policing Inquiry’

Secret Policy Change by CPS Cut Number of Rape Trials

Right to Silence in Cases of Contempt

Law in the Time of Coronavirus

Mandatory Polygraph Tests -  For Convicted Terrorists

Six Police Officers to be Investigated Over Shooting of Anthony Grainger in 2012

Multiple Failures Contributed to Death of Dean George at HMP Swansea

CCRC Slammed by Court of Appeal for Unreasonable Delay

Shrewsbury 24 pickets case referred to the Court of Appeal

Requiem for Charlotte Nokes and All IPP Prisoners and Their Families

An Immigration Decision Based Upon a Prior Unlawful Decision is Itself Also Unlawful

Death of IPP Prisoner Charlotte Nokes Seven Years Over Original Tariff

Neglect and Gross Failures Contributed to Death of Prince Fosu in Immigration Detention

NI: Lawyers for Man Shot by British Army Condemn 'Attempted Political Intervention'

USA:  Police Officer Arrested for Murder Accused of Framing 69

John Bowden: Parole Hearing was Positive - Waiting for MOJ to Sign it Off!

Bad Law: Consequences & Recommendations

Jeremy Bamber Lawyers Say New Evidence Undermines Conviction

HMYOI Cookham Wood - Not Safe for Children - Serious Levels of Violence

€10,000 Damages for Failure to Investigate Allegations of Domestic Violence

Permission Given to Challenge Retention of Prostitution Convictions

School Agrees £8.5k Settlement to Pupil Excluded Over Size of Afro Hair Do

Imposing Curfew on a Person Subject To Deportation - Unlawful and False Imprisonment

Permission Given to Challenge Retention of Prostitution Convictions

Article 6 Breaches no Magic Bullet for Convictions on Appeal

Bloody Sunday: Court Rejects MoD's Appeal Against Compensation

Man Who Fought London Bridge Attacker Decries Longer Jail Terms

Has Anyone at the CCRC Got the Time, Please?

Deaths In Prison at Historically High Levels as Self-Harm Levels Reach New Records

Criminal Record Checks System Still Broken

Use of Taser by Devon and Cornwall Police Contributed to Death of Marc Cole

White Men Still Dominate Judiciary, Says Justice Report Challenging a Broken Justice System

Challenging a Broken Justice System

John Bowden: The Only Ones Who Can Tell the Truth

"Secret Justice”: An Oxymoron and the Overdue 'Closed Procedures' Review

Convicted Drug Dealer’s Attempt to Clear Name Fails

Glyn Maddocks Appointed Honorary Queen’s Counsel

Can a Person Go Back to The Court Of Appeal, if An Initial Appeal Has Been Dismissed!

Sheku Bayoh Killed by Police: Former Judge to Head Public Inquiry

Deaths In Prison at Historically High Levels as Self-Harm Levels Reach New Records

Criminal Record Checks System Still Broken

Use of Taser by Devon and Cornwall Police Contributed to Death of Marc Cole

White Men Still Dominate Judiciary, Says Justice Report Challenging a Broken Justice System

UK High Court Rules Gypsies/Travellers Have 'Enshrined Freedom' to Move From Place to Place

Courtrooms Lie Empty as Trial Delays Increase

Release of Prisoners (Alteration of Relevant Proportion of Sentence)

Criminalising the Possession of “Terrorist Propaganda”: A Human Rights Analysis

Wang Yam Knocked Back by European Court of Human Rights

Prison Staff Misconduct Investigations Rise By Third

Minorities More Likely to Be Jailed for Drug Dealing

Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant for our Ailing Justice System

Alleged Rape Victim Awarded £15k Over PSNI Failings

Staff Shortages Leave Probation Service In Crisis, Report Finds

Police Reject Judge's Call To Apologise Over Wrongful Conviction of Paul Blackburn

Prison Staff Misconduct Investigations Rise By Third

Police Officer Jailed for Lying About Uxbridge Child Sex Assault

Home Office Overhauls Police Complaints and Discipline Process

Serious Crime Victims Wait Longer for Justice After Court Days Cut

CPS Still Plagued by Disclosure Failings, Watchdog Finds

Miscarriages of Justice: Compensation

Bronzefield Prison: Maternity Services: Written Question

Investigation After Liridon Saliukar Found Dead in Cell at Belmarsh

In Our Secret Family Courts, Judges Still Don’t Understand What Rape Means

Man, 81, Seeks to Quash Conviction for Apartheid Protest

Four Days to Comply with New Money Laundering Rules

Inmates Missing After Deadly Riots at Mississippi Prison

Case Management and Expert Evidence