Innocent Eddie Gilfoyle

In 1993 Eddie Gilfoyle was convicted of the murder of his wife Paula

Eddie has always maintained his innocence and that he is a victim of police incompetence.

The Case of Eddie Gilfoyle

On 4th June 1992 Paula Gilfoyle, eight and a half months pregnant, was found hanging in the garage of her home in Upton, Wirral. Her husband Eddie was convicted of her murder but maintains that he is innocent. His family and supporters have gathered compelling evidence - never seen by the trial jury - that Paula was not killed, and that the investigating police conspired to pervert the course of justice. Despite this evidence Eddie’s appeal against conviction was rejected and Eddie remains in prison. Eddie Gilfoyle has suffered doubly - losing first his wife and unborn child and then his freedom.

Eddie and Paula Gilfoyle’s marriage had been under a strain for some time. Paula was living with her parents and they were effectively separated. Eddie had started another relationship with Sandra Davies, a work colleague, although he really wanted Paula back. When she refused to return to their home, Eddie told her that Sandra would be moving in. Paula was hurt. She informed Eddie that she was pregnant and moved back into their house to try and make a go of the marriage. Eddie was very happy to have her back and to have a child on the way. He ended the affair with Sandra.

Within a few months however, Paula dropped a bombshell on Eddie. She wrote him a letter saying that she had been having an affair for the last fourteen months with a man called ‘Nigel’ and that the child was not Eddies. (DNA tests revealed later that Eddie was in fact, the father of the child). This letter was dubbed by the court as the ‘Nigel letter’ and has been referred to as such ever since. She was planning - she wrote - to move abroad to live with ‘Nigel.’ Paula was showing classic signs of depression.

At the time, Eddie had no reason to doubt that what Paula had written in the ‘Nigel letter’ was true.

In a distraught state, Eddie showed the letter to Sandra. Sandra showed it to her friend. Eddie also showed it to his boss and he was so distressed that she sent him home as he was unfit to work.

When Paula found out that he had shown the letter to others she was furious that the news of what she had written might spread. What would her friends or family think if they heard through the grapevine that she had admitted to Eddie that she had an affair and had alleged that Eddie was not the father of her baby. Also how could Paula explain to her family that she was intending to move abroad and live with ‘Nigel’ and that she had no intention of telling them until after she had gone.

Two of her friends claim that shortly after Paula gave Eddie the ‘Nigel letter,’ and while they were in the works canteen, Paula told them that Eddie was doing a course about suicide at work and that for his homework he had asked her to write letters which he dictated. Paula said that he told her to write about the affair, the baby not being his and that she couldn’t live with the guilt any longer. She also, allegedly, told the same story to another friend. But this time went one stage further saying that Eddie had taken her into the garage and shown her a noose tied to a beam and that she was terrified.

Eddie spent the next few weeks expecting his wife to leave. Although Eddie did not know it at the time, ‘Nigel’ had ended the affair. Eddie and Paula left notes for each other which confirm the

contents of the ‘Nigel letter.’ But Paula did not leave. On 2nd June, two days before she died, Paula dropped another bombshell. ‘Nigel’ was really Peter Glover, her brother-in-law. She thought he was the father of her baby. Paula was very distressed and not knowing what to do, Eddie tried to console her - making plans for them to move away and make a fresh start - he could not lift her out of the depression.

On the 4th June Eddie left for work around 11.20am, arriving there at 11.30am. Paula left the house at the same time to go to the Post Office. He came home from work early to take Paula shopping but she was not there. Eddie found a suicide note in the kitchen. But mistaking it for a letter saying that she was finally leaving him, he read only the first few lines before driving to his parents house to seek advice. He was distraught. He returned home with his parents at 6pm to begin phoning around to try and find Paula, while his brother-in-law, (a police sergeant), who they summoned to the scene to offer advice, searched the house. He found Paula’s body hanging from a beam in the garage.

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