Murder/Fitting Up/Misconduct – West Midlands Police a Stain on the Nation

1) Contact with the Midlands Police Can Be Fatal:

All those named below died at the hands of West Midlands Police

Abdul Hamid 1 May 2020

Sean Fitzgerald Monday 7 January 2019 -

Trevor Smith 4th January 2019 -

Shane Bryant 13 July 2017 -

Mark Yafai 1st July, 2015 -

Rafal Delezuch 15th August 2012 -

Xuan Wei Zhang 4th April 2012 -

Lloyd Butler 4th August 2011 -

Demetre Fraser 31st May 2011 -

Kingsley Burrell-Brown 30th March 2011 -

Mikey Powell 7th September 2003 - John Leo O'Reilly – 3rd July 1994

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2) Birmingham Riots 2011: Judge Appeals for Calm After Eight Cleared of Murder

What is important about this case, is that during the trial, it emerged that a number of the witnesses against the eight, had at the time of the riot, been arrested for various offences, but a senior police officer offered to drop the charges if they would testify against the eight. (You would probably need to get a transcript of the trial, to get the full details.)

Eight men have been cleared of murdering three friends who were hit by a car during last summer's riots as they attempted to protect local businesses in Birmingham. As the not guilty verdicts were returned by the jury at the city's crown court, the trial judge appealed for calm within the community following the "tragic and pointless loss of three young lives". All eight defendants denied they planned to kill the men, Haroon Jahan, 21, and brothers Shazad Ali, 30, and Abdul Musavir, 31, in the early hours of 10 August last year, at a time of "unparalleled" civil disorder on the streets of the city. The defendants said the deaths were an accident and the jury accepted their version of events after they deliberated for just over four hours in a trial that lasted for almost three months.

3) 72 Victims of West Midlands Serious Crime Squad had their Convictions Quashed

The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad was a police unit in the West Midlands which operated from 1974 to 1989. It was disbanded after an investigation into allegations against some of its officers of incompetence and abuses of power. Although numerous officers were found to have fitted up many of those they had arrested, not one of them ever spent a minute in prison. 72 known Miscarriages of Justice were later overturned on appeal, including the cases of the Birmingham Six, Bridgewater Four.

Below are the names of those who were fitted up by the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad, all served serious time in prison.

4) List of West Midlands police officers, convicted/charged with criminal activity

3rd Dec 2018 PC Lee Bartram West Midlands Indecent images of children Suspended Sentence
22nd Nov 2018 James Glendenning West Midlands Police Rape Jailed for 23 years
6th Nov 2018 DS Marcus O'Dell West Midlands Police Gross Misconduct Sacked
12th Oct 2018 PC Abigail Smith West Midlands Police Theft Sacked
10th Jan 2018 James Duffield West Midlands Police Possession of indecent images 12 months suspended
14th March 2017 WPC Nikki Clarke West Midlands Police Perverting course of justice six months
16th Feb 2017 PC Tashib Majid West Midlands Police Charged with supplying drugs
16th Feb 2017 PC Wahid Husman West Midlands Police Charged with supplying drugs
4th Nov 2016 Allan Richards West Midlands Police Sex offences against children Jailed for 22 years
4th Oct 2016 PC Steven Walters West Midlands Police Sexual Assault Jailed for four years
20th May 2016 PC Chris Blount West Midlands Police Drink Driving Fined and banned
5th April 2016 Sgt Shirley Worrall West Midlands Police Drink Driving Sacked
8th Nov 2015 Sgt Mark Cooley West Midlands Police Misconduct (Assault) Sacked
6th July 2015 PC Richard Chamberlain West Midlands Police Charged with indecency
19th Dec 2014 Mark Turner West Midlands “Supply of class A drugs”
6th Sept 2013 PC Louise Taylor West Midlands Police ‘False imprisonment’ Proceeding
6th Sept 2013 PC Andrew Wagg West Midlands Police ‘False imprisonment’
4th Sept 2013 Robin Mullet West Midlands Police Charged with assault
1st Aug 2013 DC Daniel Watts West Midlands Police Leaking restricted information
20th April 2013 PC Osman Iqbal West Midlands Police Managing brothel/drug offences
26th Mar 2013 PC Anthony Fellows West Midlands Police Charged with sexual offences
25th Jan 2013 PC Mandeep Uppal West Midlands Police Charged with four rapes
24th Jan 2013 PC Sugra Hanif West Midlands Police Charged with misconduct
30th Oct 2012 PCSO Khalid Akhtar West Midlands Police Misconduct Sacked
30th Oct 2012 PCSO Joy Shoker West Midlands Police Misconduct
15th June 2012 PC Stuart Williams West Midlands Police Forgery of witness statement.
9th May 2012 PCSO Sylvia Cooper West Midlands Police “Sexual Assault on colleagues”
8th Jan 2012 Derek Smith (ACPO) West Midlands Police Misuse of Police credit card and unauthorised use of an unmarked Police vehicle.
4th Sept 2011 Sgt Andrew Smith West Midlands Arrested for Cocaine & Ecstasy supply.

5) Misconduct Cases For 19 Police Officers and Staff Over Prior Contact with Birmingham Murder Victim

An IPCC investigation into West Midlands Police contact with Jacqueline Oakes prior to her murder in Birmingham has concluded that 19 officers and staff have a case to answer for misconduct. The evidence suggested that there was also a case to answer for gross misconduct for one, now retired, officer. No misconduct was identified for a further 20 officers and staff whose actions were investigated. Following a referral from the force IPCC investigators examined 19 reported incidents involving Ms Oakes and her ex-partner Marcus Musgrove, before he killed her at Edgbaston in January 2014. The IPCC investigation made recommendations around identifying vulnerable individuals like Ms Oakes on police systems, so that officers can better address any associated risk. Further recommendations were aimed at improving the understanding of the force’s domestic abuse policy amongst frontline staff, and around the level of supervision and training for control room staff members. IPCC: Mar 17, 2017,
700 police officers have been convicted of various offenses

Our Not So Wonderful Police Force - Murder, Rape, Sexual Abuse, Fitting up, Witness Intimidation

In the last 9 years over 700 police officers have been convicted of various offenses, including murder, assault, fraud, rape, misconduct, sexual abuse, theft, perverting course of justice, publishing indecent images. witness intimidation. planting evidence, death by dangerous driving, criminal damage, running brothels, preying on vulnerable women, administering poison, importing drugs, money laundering, manipulating crime figures, racial abuse, stealing evidence, acting dishonestly & without integrity, stealing cash from street beggars. The latter was committed by four Birmingham police officers, one got sacked the other three had their wrists slapped and told not to get caught again or should I have written, not to do it again! Source: