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Justice and Freedom for Ricardo Morrison

In July 2009 Ricardo Morrison was tried and sentenced to 24 years for the murder of his fiancée Amy Leigh Barnes. As a hard working tax payer it is costing you £40,000 a year to keep an innocent man in prison. Please take time to read this information as it is your hard earned money that is helping to keep him in prison.

FACT: On 08/11/2008 Ricardo left Amy at home to go to the bank. While he was away she was brutally attacked in her grand-mother’s home where she subsequently died from her injuries. At the time of the alleged attack Ricardo was on the bus travelling home.

FACT: Ricardo worked full time in Stockport, he would leave home at 07.30am in the mornings, not getting home until very late in the evening. He worked 5/6 days of the week and was unaware that Amy Leigh Barnes was entertaining other males while he is at work. Condoms were found hidden the house.

FACT: The Judge started off by confirming that Amy Leigh Barnes had several lovers & the dark unidentifiable figure seen walking could no be Ricardo Morrison.

FACT: The timeline used in the trial was incorrect & the direction the prosecutor stated he walked was untrue. They failed to produce CCTV footage of Ricardo on the bus & getting on/off the bus.

FACT: The witness who gave evidence in court has a questionable background. He was wearing similar clothing to the person he described to the police, and he identified another male from the viper who ticked all the boxes. He never once picked out Ricardo Morison.

FACT: A witness reported to the police seeing a man driving away from the scene of the crime on the morning of the murder, but the police failed to take a statement. This was not presented in court.

FACT: The forensic report stated that there was no evidence linking Ricardo Morrison to the death of Amy Leigh Barnes. Forensic found DNA belonging to an unknown female/male at the scene of the crime. This was not presented in court at the trial.

FACT: Small bloody hand print not belonging to Amy was found on the wall & blood splatter to left side of the bathroom wall. This was not presented in court.

FACT:  Medical report said that Amy Leigh Barnes injuries were all to her right side. She had a cut to her right cheek and the medical report said that there was no indication to say that she was talking. Amy had two mobile phones & one them was taken from the scene of the crime. This was not presented at the trial.

FACT: All the case papers were re-typed and the witness gave conflicting evidence in court to the statement he had made.  Andrew Barnes who had blood on his clothes was taken to his place of work then home to change his clothes. Members of the jury were allowed outside to smoke, two were asleep during the defence speech, and one of the male jurors was seen to have nodded to the police when they came back in with their verdict.               

At the end of the trial it was alleged that Ricardo has numerous convictions for attack against women. This is totally & wholly false. It can be proven that the police lied about his character in order to get a conviction. His mother who is a serving police officer was attacked in her home by police officers, damage was caused to her property & they fabricated evidence against her to take her to trial.

Please read this with an open mind because the truth in relation to the death of Amy Leigh Barnes has not yet been told.  We need justice for an innocent young man, Ricardo Morrison.

For further information please contact:

Melda Wilks <bm-w99@hotmail.co.uk