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A mutual support group for relatives and supporters of people convicted for a crime of which they are innocent, and whose case happened in the West Midlands area. It is open to all relatives, friends and supporters of those who have been wrongly convicted

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Mohammed Arif

On 4th august 2009 my home was destroyed my father was not destined to come back home?

Dear justice:
My whole family has shattered.....my happy home has been destroyed.....my father has been snatched from us...my father has been punished...his crime was to save a life by putting his own life in danger...injustice has surrounded our life's and put my father behind the walls of prison and left us all devastated.

My father has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. His license is a ticket to his freedom but my father refuses to take the license as he has chosen to sacrifice his freedom for his innocence. He is a man of faith, he is a man of good intention and with gods will he will be free with his innocence...my hope and determination keeps me going to prove my dad innocent one day he will be out...he will be free he will be proven innocent and come back home…..

 My Father Mohammed Arif aged 46 of Birmingham has been convicted for attempted murder of the same man he saved the life of!

Community helper sentenced without justice!

 On 4th August 2009, Mohammed was given 15 years sentence for attempted murder and section 18 leaving behind his 6 children his wife and disabled mum who were all dependant on him devastated. Mohammed is a caring and community person as he runs a business in Saltley alongside his brother where they have been established for over 25 years.

Mohammed has no previous convictions and has been a hardworking man, who has helped many family and friends in their hard times. Mohammed has been to the extremes of putting his own life in danger and tried to save a man that was tied up with explosives around him. This has been exposed in the media where Mohammed was given the recognition for his bravery on ITV3 Central News and BBC news.

Here is the link:   http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/8021503.stm

October 2007 an incident took place in <?<?Tarry Road, Alum Rock where Mohammed Arif and the victim had both innocently been present. The victim that pressed charges against Mohammed was stabbed by a youth, who fled. Mohammed witnessed this as he was present. Mohammed tried to help the victim. Mohammed shouted for the ambulance to be called and got the victim to help, when the victim was taken by the ambulance to the hospital Mohammed made his way home.
The victim was not critical but had two stab wounds. When the victim was interviewed for the first time, the victim was in his full senses the victim described a 20 year old young youth for being responsible for the assault.

But later on Mr Mohammed Arif was charged and sent down even though at that time Mr Mohammed Arif was 44 years of age!           

Where is the Justice?
Now this is where the conspiracy begins?

o        Does Mohammed look like he is 20?
·        The victims 1st, 2nd and 3rd statements all differ from each other
·        Mohammed and the victim had been to secondary school together but the victim did not mention Mohammed in his 1st or 2nd statement...
·        Victim proclaims he has known Mohammed for over 30years (in his statement) but did not mention him in the first instance
·        Why did the victim ask for a ransom of £30,000 to drop the charges?
Had crucial points as such not been overseen by professionals that are there to give us justice, Mohammed would not have been behind bars today for a crime that was never committed by him
·        Mohammed's two innocent toddlers would not have missed their first important years without their father.

·        Mohammed would have seen his toddler's first teeth and first footsteps.

·        A disabled mother would not be in tears and depression for maybe the last years of her life where she may or may not see Mohammed before her death.

·        The sufferings continue...........................
The victim knows he has wrongly accused Mohammed and will maybe regret one day BUT IT WILL BE TOO LATE!

We can't let miscarriages as such affect the lives of innocent individuals and their families our voice must be heard. Please Support:

West Midlands Against Injustice!
my email address is: dadpaperwork@yahoo.co.uk