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Justice For Lee Mockble

In April/May 2009 a trial took place for Lee Mockble over the death of a Football fan Christopher Priest.

Lee Mockble was convicted of murder, to serve a minimum of 12 years.

Why should this affect you?

As a taxpayer it is costing YOU £37,000 a year to keep an innocent man in jail.
Please take time to look at the facts of the case, as it's your money it is the least you can do.

FACT: The court heard how firstly a glass was launched at Lee Mockble's car smashing through the window, and hitting his passenger causing his head to split open, this was witnessed by 2 police officers.

FACT: The man was arrested immediately, yet he was released without charge?

FACT: The glass was thrown at the car in the belief that they were Birmingham City fans.

FACT: Others also started to attack Lee's car. Lee pulled out of the line of traffic, heading down the road. He then pulled into a shop car park to tend to his friends bleeding head, and also clear the glass from his seats. Lee then left the car park and turned right away from the incident. After driving a short distance and hearing his friend shouting in the back of the car in pain, Lee panicked when he saw the amount of blood coming from his head. Lee not knowing the area made the decision to turn his car back towards the Aston Villa Ground where he knew he could seek medical attention knowing there were paramedics near the Villa ground as he had past them previously.

FACT: While on his way he found his car under attack for the second time by the same group of men including Mr Priest.

FACT: It was proven in court that the hooligans used anything they could get their hands on bricks, bottles, stones and sticks!

FACT: On approaching a bend in the road Lee Mockble had to swerve his car to avoid the group as they spilled into his side of the road. It was at this point that he felt his car go up and down. Another vehicle also narrowly avoided the gang.

FACT: It was proved in court that Mr Priest (who was twice over the legal limit of alcohol and tests proved him to be positive of cannabis) had slipped, several witnesses said that they saw him slip, the pathologist furthered this and proved he was on the ground or near to it when the car struck him fitting with the fact he had slipped. This therefore supports the facts that Lee has always stated he felt him and did not see him in the road.

FACT: We have since found out that the men who attacked Lee's car are known to the C.I.D at Queens's road Police station in Aston. The man who headed the attack on Lee's car is the author of 'The Villains' which is a book he wrote about Villa hooliganism, he brags about being the leader of 500 hooligans. In the past he has been jailed for a ferocious attack against an opposing football fan.

FACT: An Asian witness for the prosecution who needed an interpreter because he could not speak English, when giving his evidence in court he said that when he got to the police station to make a statement, a police officer gave him a statement in English and told him to sign it. When the judge heard this he told the jury to disregard everything that the witness had said, he then told the prosecution that he wanted a full explanation, the witness was then asked to leave the courtroom.

FACT: Members of the Jury at Lee Mockble's trial were, on a daily basis, interacting with hooligan friends of Mr. Priest in the smoker's area at Crown Court. In Wolverhampton.

FACT: It only took the Jury 3 hours to come to the verdict. Lee Mockble was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life. After the verdict had been decided by the Jury the Judge commented twice on "How he whole heartedly believed that Mr. Mockble hadn't had murder in mind".

Please help us to get JUSTICE for Lee Mockble By studying the facts of this case as presented.

Lee did not intentionally kill Mr. Priest. If that is indeed the case then YOU are paying £37000 per year for Nothing.

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Charlie Mockble: charliemockble@msn.com