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Justice 4 Jass

They say that there are two sides to every story, and most of the time, that's true. This however is a joint enterprise case, so rather than two sides of one story, there are two sides of many parts but as always only one complete truth.

On the 28th July 2009, Jass, Neesha his girlfriend, and three others went to their local, Gavin's sports bar in Wolverhampton. After spending some time there, they got in a car driven by his girlfriend and began driving back. As they did, Kieran Wynter in the company of a group of young men began shining a laser light directly at the car.

Jass was concerned not only for his own safety but his girlfriend's and others too. He told Neesha to stop the car beside them, which she did, and confronted the group about what had happened. This group of men could not be reasoned with, they became aggressive, provocative and made racist remarks in the knowledge that they had an advantage in numbers.

After backing down, Jass returned later with more friends and a second confrontation ensued with Jass still remonstrating about the use of the laser light earlier. In the midst of a heated argument, a shot was fired from a gun hitting Swinder Singh Batth who was not involved in the dispute. He died a short time later as a result.

On the 5th of August 2010, Jasbir Takhar was convicted of murder in Birmingham crown court and sentenced to 29 years in prison. He was not the person who fired the gun, he didn't even know the gun was there, he did not murder Swinder Batth.

Prosecution Case
The prosecution's case in respect of Jas is relatively straight forward. They allege that having been angered by Kieron Wynter's use of a laser pen, directing it at the car Jas was travelling in which was driven by his girlfriend Neesha Dubb, he entered into an altercation with Mr Wynter. Mr Wynter was not alone and with the aid of his associates, Jas was intimidated into retreat which they say angered him further and humiliated him in front of his girlfriend and others. This is described to the jury as a 'trivial matter'.
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Defence Case
The first thing we need to address here is not something alleged that didn't happen, but rather to correct a misrepresentation of something that did. This is of course the incident described as trivial by the prosecution but was anything but in reality, an incident in which Jass and his girlfriend Neesha were the victims not the perpetrators.
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The Trial
There are a number of points to be raised about the trial in this case, however some of these issues are likely to be useful for an appeal so we need to be particularly careful over what is published. For that reason while we will publish what we can, when we can it will take a little time to build up. Please check back for updates.

The Media
This site is currently under development but over the coming weeks media related to this case will be added to this page. No miscarriage of justice case is ever static so this will be a continual and ongoing process, please check back regularly for updates.

Information Appeal
If you have any information relating to this case we would love to hear from you. Even if you think what you have to say isn't important, it may well be. In many cases there are witnesses who came forward during the investigation but are left feeling that they were ignored, it is never too late to be heard. All information provided here will be treated with the strictest of confidence and if what you have to say could be useful in ensuring proper justice prevails, we will get back in touch so please make sure to leave whatever contact details you prefer with your message. These comments will not be published for legal reasons unless we have the posters permission and can be sure that it will not jeopardise future proceedings.


If you would like to leave a supportive comment for Jass or his family and friends, please do using the form below. We will ensure that these comments are sent to Jass himself which will help keep his spirits up until such time as his conviction can be recognised for what it is.
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Jass is the youngest out of five children, he has four sisters who are all older than him. Dad passed away 17 years ago when Jass was only five. He has 2 nephews and 2 nieces whom he is very close to. As we don't have dad around Jass was seen as the center of the family, as within the Asian community it is important to have a male figure who everybody turns too.

Jass has helped run the family business for three years as well as studying. He had just finished a-levels in business and hoping to go to university before this incident took place. He is someone who has a huge heart and if you met him you can see it a mile off - he is a gentle and loving person.

Jass also had a close relationship with the deceased and saw him as an uncle as he gave Jass advice on how to run the business as he also had a fish & chip shop. Jass has had to cope with the conviction as well as losing somebody who he related too.



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