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A mutual support group for relatives and supporters of people convicted for a crime of which they are innocent, and whose case happened in the West Midlands area. It is open to all relatives, friends and supporters of those who have been wrongly convicted.

Justice for Emma  -  Innocent mother of two convicted as jury slept

On 27th November 2009 Emma Bates, a loving mother of two and dedicated Nursery Nurse was convicted of murdering her partner Wayne Hill.  And sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

The only evidence against Emma was hear say from three people who were not even there at the time and could not even agree on the events they say happened.

There were no finger prints on the weapon in fact no forensic evidence what so ever to convict.  The prosecution offered to drop the murder charge if Emma pleaded guilty to Manslaughter. Emma refused as she is innocent, so how did a Jury find Emma guilty of Murder when the prosecution did not believe she was?

Please read on and make up your own mind.

Why were Jury members allowed to openly talk about meeting up at night?

Why were Jury members allowed to smoke next to Wayne’s family during breaks in the trial?

Why did a well know local newspaper run such a biased and one sided campaign against Emma after only one day of a 14 day trial?

Why were two jury members allowed to get away with sleeping through large sections of the trial including the judges and the defenses summing up?

This travesty of justice must be re-examined

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