News Articles/Judgments/Reports September 2023

Suella Braverman Accused of Trying to ‘Derail’ Chris Kaba Murder Case

Psychologists Having to Talk to Young Offenders Through Cell Doors

Türkiye Must Address Systemic Problem of Convictions For Terrorism Offences

INQUEST: Response to Met and Home Secretary Comments on Police Accountability

Childhood in Care Raises Risk of Entering English Youth Justice System Eightfold

Murder Charge for Met Officer Who Shot Chris Kaba

Venezuela Sends 11,000 Troops to Retake Prison

Oliver Campbell's 32-year Fight for Justice to be Heard at Court of Appeal

“Proceed Without Caution: Impact of Cautions and Convictions on Sex-Workers’ Lives”

CCRC: Reaching Children in Care Who Might Have Suffered a Miscarriage of Justice

'No One Will Believe You': Child in Care Encouraged to Plead Guilty

EU: ‘Sex-Workers’ Resolution Passes - Most Harmful Parts Removed

MoJ Decision Not to Move Prisoner to Open Conditions Unlawful

Psychiatric Assessments Form Basis of CCRC Referral

Alfie Meadows: Met Agrees Pay-Out For Man Injured in 2010 Protest

Met Police: Women Arrested at Sarah Everard Vigil Paid Damages

231,223 Lone Defendants – Faced Prison Without a Lawyer

Inquest Concludes Police Neglect Factor in River Death

Met Police Admit Overusing Powers to Strip-Search Children

'Less Transparent and Democratic': Damning Verdict on Rule of Law

Jails at Breaking Point Over Exodus of Trained Guards

Home Office Wrong to let Police ‘Call the Shots’ on Rogue Cops

There Were 9 Self-Inflicted Deaths of IPP Prisoners in 2022

Changing the Law to Avoid Paying Compensation to the Wrongly Imprisoned

‘Can’t Buy My Silence’  - End the Misuse of NDA’s

Record Prison Overcrowding ‘An Embarrassment for UK’

‘We Need to Push Back Against Criminalisation of Black Culture’ Says Liberty

Less than £1.5m Compensation to 13 Victims of Miscarriages of Justice in Three Years
Acquittal of Retired Nurse Accused of Sending Threats to Members of the Lords

Acquittals Regarding £5m Money-Laundering Conspiracies

Police: Human Rights 

Final Call For Research Proposals to the CCRC 

Police Killing of Chris Kaba: One year on, Family Demand a Decision on Charges

Germany Refuses to Extradite Man to UK Over Concerns About British Jail Conditions

Missing Evidence Led to 16 Homicides In England and Wales Not Going to Trial

Ex-Prison Officer Jailed For Possessing White Supremacist ‘Murder Manual’

HMP Woodhill: Call For Emergency Measures at 'Unsafe' Prison

French Sex Workers Trade Union - Make Significant Application to ECtHR

Electronic Tagging For Domestic Abusers Leaving Prison