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The Case of Jeremy Bamber

Press Release, JB Campaign team, Wednesday 23rd June 2010

The reason for releasing this information now is that we are nearing the 25th anniversary of this awful tragedy where 5 people lost their lives and Jeremy was framed for their murder.

The evidence being revealed to you here goes to the very heart of this case. It is unusual that a key witness has confessed that this information is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Essex Police and the CPS have failed to take any action to remedy matters.

The fact that Public Interest Immunity was placed on 340,000 pages of documents in 1991 to conceal the truth from the Defence and the courts speaks volumes. The Police and CPS have known since 1991 that David Boutflour backdated when he found the sound moderator from the 11th Sept 1985 to the io" Aug 1985, so that Essex Police could conceal that they found a second sound moderator at the house on or before the 9th Aug 1985 that was found to have human blood on it, and blood from two other animals when forensically examined on the 13th Aug 1985.

By backdating when David found the second sound moderator the Police could trick the forensic scientists that the original sound moderator SBJ/1 and the second sound moderator DRB/1 were the same one but submitted twice. Even though this was discovered by the City of London Police in 1991 during a Police Complaints enquiry, the CPS/Police felt that Jeremy's conviction would not be jeopardized because of the small issue of backdating when a sound moderator was found. What the Police/CPS didn't know was that someone had used this second sound moderator to scratch the underside of the mantle shelf of White House Farm in order to frame Jeremy with murder.

25 years and a thousand lies told by the Police and prosecution witnesses all to maintain this simple deception which has now been exposed. The truth is clear for all to see, and this human tragedy for Jeremy must now be brought to a speedy conclusion.

Now that the media are in possession of the actual facts we ask that you help put right this miscarriage of justice and call upon the Director of Public Prosecutions to concede that he can no longer sustain this travesty of a conviction that is wholly based upon one simple lie, there was not one sound moderator in this case, there were two.


There is also a considerable amount of evidence which further supports Jeremy's innocence, including the photographs of the scratches in the mantle taken 34 days after the original crime scene photographs, (in which there were no such scratches evident or documented, because they did not exist then).


Even more unsettling is the documented fact that someone was downstairs talking to the Police before they broke in, (Jeremy Bamber was also present at the scene, outside with Police officers, whilst they were in communication with someone believed to be Sheila, in the house), it is also stated by officers present at the scene that they actually witnessed two bodies downstairs, suggesting that they missed the fact that Sheila was alive when they broke into the house and fled upstairs after they gained access. This is where her body was found and the photographs showing her blood as wet after 10am also prove that she could not have died as early as the prosecution stated, by 3am. (To fit in with the Boutflours' and the prosecutions version of events to ensure Jeremy's conviction).


It is glaringly obvious there has been a terrible miscarriage of justice, based on untruths and corrupted, tampered evidence, concealed statements and blatant perjury. The prosecution's character assassination on Jeremy Bamber included the fact that he had a number of homosexual friends and it was also suggested that Jeremy is a psychopath which is factually inaccurate.

Another sad fact that was against Jeremy is that in 1986 the very idea that a beautiful young woman and mother could murder her little children and her parents in such a violent manner was deemed incomprehensible, no one wanted to believe that was possible but if this trial was happening today; it would not take much for a jury to accept the fact that a mentally ill young woman, suffering schizophrenic delusions and psychosis, could absolutely be capable of such a heinous crime.


The papers are constantly reporting on such horrific cases, in fact the statistics prove that murder by a parent is the main cause of death in children under four. Sadly over 200 children under the ages of four are murdered by their mothers and fathers each year and women are in the majority of the perpetrators. In most cases the mother (or father) will then go on to commit suicide.

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