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Cristopher Nudds is a man who has been the victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice. He has been convicted of the murder of a Traveller who is alleged to have gone missing from home in November 2004, and whilst his body has never been found, has been treated as a murder victim. Chris was arrested six days after Fred was reported missing, after finding his abandoned vehicle. He was subsequently charged with his murder, tried in February 2006, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term to serve of 30 years.


Statement from Chris

Whilst I was placed on remand at HMP Bedford, I was placed in a cell with a known informant, who went on to report to the Governor and subsequently, the police that I had confessed, which I had not. The police knew that if there was someone who was prepared to say to them that I had confessed, especially having used a firearm, then they could charge me. Up until the time of this so called confession the police had found nothing during various police searches and any so called evidence found had a perfectly plausible explanation.

The police were desperate and determined to 'solve' this case and I believe they would have done anything to do so. I also believe that the police in general have a fear of the travelling community, which is why it is believed by the general public, that many crimes involving travellers simply go un-investigated. It has to be said, that any investigations concerning travellers are always difficult due to the fact that they can re-locate very quickly and because many of the travellers are known to use various other names, take Len Moss Jnr for instance, using the names Webb and West.

The version of events which I stated to the jury were truthful and as accurate as I could remember.

During the police investigation, I believe they failed to look at all the other possibilities, such as various sightings of Fred during the time he was missing, and concentrated on me because I was, what is known as a soft target. They had earlier that year arrested me, as well as two others, Howard Webb and Richard Talks, for the murder of Colonel Riley Workman, these arrests were based on false information and village gossip and all three of us were released without any charges being bought. There have been various fingers pointed at the police for the inability to solve the 'Workman' case, due to their initial incompetence at allowing the crime scene to be contaminated very early on into the enquiry. (Details of this can be found in the book, by Peter Blekesly, Ten Most Wanted).

The solving of the disappearance of Fred Moss was therefore extremely important so as not to make the police look even more incompetent. Maybe this is why police forces from Cambridgeshire and Huntingdon were also involved in this investigation.

After being charged with the murder of Fred Moss, the police arrested me again, with reference to Riley's murder, whilst I was at HMP Bedford. This was due to the fact that Darren Horner had said I had also confessed to this murder, which again, I completely refute. Again, no charges were bought, as there was no credible evidence. I would like to see Riley's murderer bought to justice, so that closure can be bought to that particular case and it could be proven that I had no involvement in the murder of Riley Workman.

An accusation was also leveled at me that I had been involved in a murder in Australia, acting as the hit man in the murder of an unknown male. An event which according to Darren Horner took place over a 48-hour period. All complete fantasy, as I have never even been to Australia.

I met Fred moss when he was 17 years old. We struck up a friendship as we both had a very keen interest in hare coursing and country sports. I only became aware that he was a traveller some months later but I was not worried by this as he was always a bit of a loner and I never saw him with any members of his family. I came across him from time to time as he travelled about selling tools and such from the back of his van, on building sites and around farms. Fred was always obsessed with making money although he was initially cautious over any new business venture and would be expected to run the ideas past family members before committing himself. Various members of his family oversaw Fred's financial affairs and any drawings from his bank account had to be countersigned by his Mother. (Statements substantiating these comments are all in the possession of my legal team).

I thought Fred was different to the other travellers that I had met and he seemed to enjoy being away from his own kind. He seemed somewhat desperate to make it on his own, and I felt that by becoming friendly with me he saw it as an escape from his own community. We spent a lot of time hare coursing, ferreting and attending local markets together. He kept our friendship secret from his family as he said they would not appreciate him being friendly with a 'gorger'. He taught me some of the traveller jargon and had us both in fits of laughter. We had a lot of laughs together.

He was a very shy bloke when it came to girls. He told me he had been out with a few girls, most of which had to be vetted by his family, but he could only get serious with, and marry, a traveller girl. He did tell me that a cousin of his had persuaded him to visit a prostitute in Harlow, Essex. He did not enjoy doing this but I felt his cousin kept putting pressure on him to do it. He told me that she was always paid with drugs. He often borrowed my vehicles to visit this girl but as soon as I became aware of it, due to the drugs aspect of things, I refused to let him take my vehicle again. I am against drugs totally. I have never taken any drugs and I do not even smoke cigarettes. I would like, if possible, this girl to come forward and confirm this, confidentiality by my support team would be guaranteed.

I have felt truly sorry for his parents throughout all of this, especially his Mother, because I am sure that she was blissfully unaware of many things that went on.

It was said in some of the statements surrounding this case that at some time during the search for Fred, many of the travellers who were helping to look for him simply gave up the search, telling a police spokesman that they felt the family were not being totally honest with them and they no longer wanted to be involved. Maybe some of those travellers will come forward and let my support team know what they meant. Again, confidentiality would be guaranteed.

During my trial, some of Fred's family refused to answer even the simplest of questions, (this was reported in one of the local newspapers). Is it not logical, that had you lost a loved one, you would answer each and every question put to you by the police and by the courts in an effort to locate them. It is also known that the general public have a fear of travellers and some members of the jury did feel intimidated by the travellers that were in the public gallery at the court and in the court car parks at the end of the sessions. I would like to ask, that, if there is anyone reading this who had any connection with my case and especially with my trial, who might have any misgivings about the proceedings, or who might have any thoughts, comments or opinions at all to contact my support team, in confidence, through the Contact Us page. My team are very good and would guarantee anonymity at all times.


I am innocent of the murder of Fred Moss and I trust that through the continuing hard work and support of my team, together, we will prove it.


Christopher Nudds
H.M.P Frankland,



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