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Letter From Kevan Thakrar – Violence in HMP Full Sutton Close Supervision Centre

On the evening of Monday 21st October 2019 at HMP Full Sutton’s Close Supervision Centre (CSC), a serious incident occurred which has led to a police investigation.

The Close Supervision Centre system is designed to hold the 50 most dangerous prisoners in the country, with Full Sutton holding 8 of them within their dedicated unit. The ‘Close Supervision’ is supposed to prevent incidents of violence, but Monday saw the fourth such event in less than 18 months.

A growing and serious management problem, especially within the CSC, is the prevalence of racist extremist prisoners. Likeminded racists too afraid to mix in the general population have formed the gang calling themselves ‘Death Before Dishonour’ (DBD), which boasts such high profile members as Charles Bronson (now Salvador), and the sex offending natural lifer Douglas Gary Vinter. A letter sent from DBD member and racist CSC prisoner Jason Gomez is suspected to have sparked the recent violence.

Before being referred to the CSC for murdering the weakest prisoner on the wing, Jason Gomez spent several years on protection under what is known as Vulnerable Prisoner (VP) status, for amassing large drug debts and seeking to pay it off in sexual favours. Whilst on the VP units, he met fellow junkie John Mansfield imprisoned for killing and elderly woman and robbing her, Mansfield also managed to obtain CSC status in similar fashion to Gomez, although he did not murder he picked victims to attacks so he could be removed from general population to avoid paying his debts.

Last month, Kevan Thakrar, was transferred to Full Sutton’s CSC. As he is mixed race and Muslim, as well as having a history of conflict with prison officers, it is not unusual for the DBD gang working in collaboration with officers to seek to target him. A letter sent from Gomez to Mansfield was delivered on Monday which is believed to have contained an order to attack Kevan Thakrar.

Without saying a word, Mansfield filled a metal flask with boiling water to make it a more useful weapon, then attempted to sneak up on Kevan Thakrar. He swung the tool with as much force as he could seeking a knock-out blow in full view of 4 prison officers. Fortunately, Kevan saw it coming and was able to use his background in martial arts to block his initial shot, then evade the follow-up. Aware that he could not win a fight with Kevan, Mansfield quickly retreated and officers stepped in stopping any retaliation.

Strangely, CSC management are planning on forcing these two to mix again which is certain to end up with much more serious injuries than the bruised arm Kevan Thakrar is currently suffering with. It is believed that at any future incident, as well as this one, are likely to cost the prison service thousands as litigation from Kevan usually follows any harm he sustains.

Kevan Thakrar A4907AE, HMP Full Sutton, Stamford Bridge, YO41 1PS