News Articles/Judgments/Reports October 2023

Policing Minister Pushes for Increased Facial Recognition Technology

Stuart Layden: Murder Conviction Quashed For Second Time

Lack of Medical Intervention Probably Contributed to Death in Police Cell

Protesters Face Prison and £200,000 Bill Over Injunction They Knew Nothing About

Lee Calvert: Convictions Referred Following New Information

Jail Cells Without Toilets Persist in England Despite ‘Slopping Out’ Law

K.P. v. Poland - Abuse by Prison Guard - Violation of Articles 5 & 3

Justice Committee Report on Public Opinion and Understanding of Sentencing

‘Pervasive and Relentless’ Racism on the Rise in Europe

Court’s Deference to the Sanctity of Juries Is Amiss. They Sometimes Go Wrong’

Pre-Recorded Cross-Examinations - Not Working as They Should

High-Risk Prisoners Sit GCSE English – And Out Perform Peers on Outside

Six In 10 Women Sent To Prison Serve Sentences of Less Than Six Months

Police Taking Nearly Three Times Longer to Investigate Crimes Than Seven Years Ago

INQUEST: No More Deaths Campaign

Prisoners in England and Wales to be Released up to 18 Days Early

Guardian View on Probation: Service Has Not Recovered From Privatisation Disaster

Deportation of Convicted Foreign Nationals to be Speeded Up!

Prison Sentences Deliberately Delayed by Prison Capacity Crisis

HMP Eastwood Park has Highest Rate of Self-Harm Across Women’s Prisons

20,000 Trials Collapsed in Less Than Three Years as a Result of Missing Evidence

Financial Trader ?Carlo Palombo -  Conviction Referred to Court of Appeal

Sentence Reduced as Remand Time not Deducted

Whitehall’s Cover-Up of SAS Killings in Afghanistan

Stabbing Victim’s Brother Protests for Release of Man Convicted of his Murder

Sean Hogg Convicted of Raping 13-Year-Old Girl in Scotland Acquitted on Appeal

HMP Wandsworth Staff Faced ‘10 Assaults a Week’ Before Prisoner Escaped

Renting Foreign Prison Places—The Unanswered Question

Women Being Let Down in Our Justice System

Half a Million Pounds - The Cost of Brian Buckle’s Innocence

Exclusive: Braverman Faces Court Challenge for Forcing Through Anti-Protest Law

Lack of Funding Fuelling Hidden Housing Crisis

Prison and Met Failures Contributed to Suicide of Young Prisoner on Remand

UK Could Rent Space in Foreign Jails to Ease Shortage of Cells

Prison Reform Trust: Exporting Prisoners A Half-Baked Idea

Justice in the UK and Throught the World A Delusion

Attempted Murder Trial Stay of Proceedings an Abuse of Process

Most People Prosecuted Under Joint Enterprise From Minority Ethnic Background

Bloody Sunday: Patsy O'Donnell's Family Awarded £130k

Jack Woodley: Ten Youths Who Killed 18-Year-Old Lose Appeals

Jermaine Baker: Officer Who Shot Man Dead Must Face Hearing - IOPC

Five More Horizon Scandal Convictions Set Aside

Record Number of Trials Adjourned Failure to Bring Suspects From Prison to Court

Criminals in England and Wales Spared Jail Sentences Because of Overcrowding

The Guardian View on Prisons: Staff Will be Key to Any Turnaround

Criminal Court Backlog Hits Record High of Almost 65,000 Cases