News Articles/Judgments/Reports November 2023

Refusal to Recognise - Pussy Riot Punk Band - as a Human Rights Organisation Violation of Article 11

Bulgaria: Confiscation of Sex Workers Earnings - Violation of Article 4

IRR: Challenging Media Double Standards - Resetting the Agenda

Child Prisons in England and Wales ‘Significantly More Violent’ Than Adult Jails

Disproportionate Use of PAVA Spray on Black and Muslim Prisoners has Become “Normalised”

Complaints Againt Polilce - Exceed Police Officer Numbers in Some UK Forces

Sending Prisoners Abroad to Cost at Least £200m - Won’t Happen Until 2026

Unlawful Killing: Death Resistance and the Fight for Justice

Post Office Horizon Inquiry Marred by Disclosure Failings

Prison Officer Convicted of Misconduct in Public Office

HSBC 9’ – Vindicated as Jury Finds Nine XR Activists Not Guilty

Victim of Trafficking/Modern Slavery - Criminal Convictions Quashed

7 Trapped In Jail Kill Themselves

Probation Service ‘Crisis ’Allowing for Reoffending

Number of Welsh Prisoners Homeless on Release has Trebled in One Year

Rwanda: Evil Then and Evil Now

Met Officer has Case to Answer for Misconduct - Death of Wafah Chkaifi

Bursting Jails and Europe’s Longest Sentences the Last Thing the UK Needs Is More Rightwing ‘Reforms’

‘Ineffective’ Stop and Search Powers Disproportionately Used Against Black People

Mother: Responds to Lack of Recommendations After Death of Baby in HMP Bronzefield

Conviction for Handling Stolen Goods Referred to the Crown Court?

ECtHR Changes to the Procedure for Interim Measures (Rule 39 of the Court)

Two More Convictions Based on Evidence of Corrupt Officer to be Reviewed

Between : ADG BIJ Appellants - and - Rex Respondent - Convictions Quashed

Magistrates in England Not Following Law On Remand Decisions

Black and Asian People Find it Harder to Access NHS Mental Health Services

112 Arrests Under New Public Order Act Offences

Jail Sentences to End For Thousands of Abusive Men

King’s Speech to Include Hardline Criminal Justice Measures

Major Reforms to Spending Periods But ‘Injustice of Lifelong Unspent Convictions’ Remains

Criminals and Sanctions-Busters Exploiting UK Secrecy Loophole

Extradition: An Introduction