MI5 Policy Allowing Informants to Commit Serious Crimes Ruled Lawful

Family Wins Fight to Delete Child from Met's Anti-Radicalisation Records

Jailed For 17 Months for Sending £35 to Islamist Fighters in Syria

Death of Stephen Berry Following Northumbria Police Custody Could Have Been Prevented

Prison Officers Association Fined £210,000 For Unlawful Strike Action

CCRC Refers 2012 Murder Conviction of C. Hunnisett to Court of Appeal

US: Man Allowed Bail After Being Tried Six Times in the Same Murder Case

Medway Youth Jail Still Subjecting Children to Pain-Inflicting Techniques

Fall in Rape Convictions 'Due to Justice System at Breaking Point'

Domestic Violence Orders at Record High

Jeremy Bamber Lawyers Challenge CPS Over Withheld Evidence

Santa Won’t be Able to Deliver Presents to the UK After Brexit?

Prison Failures Led to Death of Chris Carpenter at HMP Woodhill

CCRC Refers Human Trafficking Case of Ms A To Crown Court

Mangrove Nine: When Black Power Took on the British Establishment

Dignity and Duplicity on London Bridge

Kyle Major: Targeted for Life

No Charges Against Police Scotland Officers Involved Death of Sheku Bayoh

IPP Sentencing Regime in England and Wales 'Deeply Harmful'

Half of Rape Victims Drop Out of Cases Even After Suspect is Identified

HMYOI Feltham Young Offenders- Appalling Decline - Need for Radical Change

Universal Credit Failures Driving People Into ‘Survival Sex’

Poverty is Not a Crime: End Imprisonment For Debt

Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry Criticises Lack of Cooperation from Vatican

Vulnerable People Unable to Get the Legal Advice - or Decisions - They Need

2019 - CCRC are they 'Duking the Stats'?

Charges Against Police Staff Involved In Death Of Thomas Orchard - Withdrawn

Guardian View On Drug Policy: Rethink It Without Taboos

NI: Prosecution of Woman Who Bought Abortion Pills for Daughter Dropped

District Judge ‘Sarcastic and Shaking With Rage’ in Flawed Family Hearing

Ivor Bell Cleared of Soliciting Jean Mcconville Murder

Reporting Restriction on Rape Defendant’s Name Continues After Acquittal

Emma-Jayne Magson Needs Your Support – Solidarity Demonstration

England: Number of Collapsed Trials Doubles In Four Years

Oval Four' Could be Cleared After 47 Years in Wake of Corrupt Officer Case

'Lynch Mob Politics': Experts Denounce Plans For Longer Jail Terms

Watchdog Finds 'Emergency' Conditions in Scottish Prisons

Home Office Admits Best Way to Radicalise Young Muslims – Send Them to Prison

Deprivation of Liberty for 16- and 17-Year Olds

Counter-Terror Police Running Secret Prevent Database

Baby Dies in UK Prison After Inmate 'Gives Birth Alone in Cell'

Forces Failing to Prevent Police Officers Abusing Position For Sex

Guardian View on Conservative Criminal Justice: Back to the 1980s

Sentencing and Release Framework

HMP Hewell - Worrying Decline in Standards on Closed and Open Prison Sites

Child Sex Abuse Victims with Criminal Records Denied Compensation

Family Judges Must Justify Delaying Final Decisions - Court Of Appeal

Bloody Sunday Family Receive £300,000 Payout

Justice System "Unable to Deliver Redress for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse"

Teenager Hired Hitman to Kill Parents With Money Stolen From Their Bank Account

2019 - Six CCRC Referrals That Lie Uneasy in Your Stomach

Series of Failings Led to Death of Anthony Solomon in HMP Nottingham

‘Life to Mean Life’ for Child Killers Under Sentencing Reform

‘Irreparable Harm’ Inflicted on Children Whose Mothers are in Prison

Request from Serving Prisoner – Information Wanted on Spectrum Community Health

HMP Bristol - Prison Service Must Grip Establishment After Years of Decline and Failure

Prisoners Maintaining Innocence - September 2019

276 Deaths During or Following Police Contact in England and Wales

HMP Forest Bank- Prisoner on Prisoner Violence Very Serious

5.2% of the UK population are Muslim, however Muslim’s Make up 15.74% of the Prison Population!

Two in Five Prisoners Who Died In Segregation In England and Wales Known To Be At Risk

Strengthening Prisoners Family Ties Policy Framework

George Black: Abuse and Negligence in Full Sutton Segregation Unit

Epic Jail: Inside UK's Optimised 'Super-Prison' Warehouses

Judge Condemns “Embarrassing” Expert Who Used Expletive

High Court:  Expert “Failed to Provide Objective Opinion”

Russia: Serious violations of the Convention in Respect of a Life Prisoner

Alabama Man Who Served 36 Years of A Life Sentence for Stealing $50 Freed

Another CCRC Referral That Lies Uneasy in Your Stomach

Call for Written Evidence On Miscarriages of Justice

Will a Prison Sentence Break Your ‘Continuous Residence’ in the UK?

What is a “Deputy” in the Court of Protection?

Telling People About Your Criminal Record

HMP Isle of Wight - Less safe, With Weaknesses in Release and Rehabilitation Work

HMP Pentonville - Poor Safety and Weaknesses Across All Areas

Seamus Bradley: Coroner says 1972 Army Killing Unjustified

Alex Salmond Receives £512,000 Costs After ‘Botched Investigation’

Firearms officer who killed Jermaine Baker, Gross Misconduct Findings, Quashed by High Court

Don’t Fall for Boris Johnson’s Criminal Justice Con Tricks

Investigatory Powers Tribunal

Boris Johnson’s Prison Policy: A Fantasy Built on an Invention

Police Sent into Feltham Youth Prison to Tackle Gang Violence

Two-Thirds of Homeless Ex-Prisoners Reoffend Within a Year

Seventy-Seven Attempted Suicides in Prison So Far In 2019, Compared To 31 In All Of 2018

‘APPEAL’ is Recruiting a Lawyer

Jonathan Rees, Glenn & Garry Vian - Awarded £414,000 for Met Frame Up

Own Goal

Man Wrongfully Arrested Following Serious Attack on Fiancée Awarded Over €1 Million

Liberty Loses High Court Challenge to Snooper’s Charter

Brazil Jail Riot in Para State Leaves 57 Dead as Gangs Fight

All Courts and Tribunals Have Inherent Jurisdiction to Grant Access to Documents

CCRC: Miscarriage of Justice Cases Being Referred to CoA Continue Fall

HMP Ashfield - Serious Weaknesses in Release and Rehabilitation Work

HMP Maghaberry Republican Prisoners Launch Library Legal Action

Specialist Jails Aimed at Stopping Radicalization Underused

Released Under Investigation (RUI): ‘A National Scandal Getting Worse Every Day’

Minister Urged to Intervene Over Feltham Youth Jail Violence

Specialist Jails Aimed at Stopping Radicalization Underused

Trials Delayed as Police Files Arrive Riddled With Errors

When and How To Challenge A Parole Board Decision To Release An Offender

Surge in Youth Prison Violence Sparks Call to Close Institutions

Number of BAME Young Offenders in Custody Outstrips Number of White

No Right to Justice in England and Wales

Q & A - Northern Ireland, Is There a Witch-Hunt Against ex British Soldiers?

Criminal Record Reform to Help Ex-Offenders Into Work

MoJ Used Failed Sex Offender Treatment 'Unlawfully'

HMP & YOI Askham Grange - One of the Best-Performing Women’s Prisons

Manchester Police Killing of Anthony Grainger - Violation of Article 2 the Right to Life

Miscarriage of Justice Compensation Fight to Go to ECtHR

Westminster Commission to Look at Role of the Miscarriage Of Justice Watchdog

Theresa May to ‘Simplify’ Funding for Inquests

Fairer Prisoner Incentives to Encourage Rehabilitation

Scotland: One Third of Miscarriage of Justice Applications Made by Sex Offenders

Glenanne Murder Gang: Court of Appeal Rules Investigation Must be Held

John Bowden: Americanisation of the British Criminal Justice System

Eight Out of 10 Suspects Identified by Met’s Facial Recognition ‘Innocent’

All Fair In Love and Law: No Duty to Inform the Opposing Party of its Mistakes?

Inside the 21st-century British criminal underworld

Unfair Evidence and the Right to a Fair Trial

MG6D - Failure to Disclose Evidence ‘Routine and Deliberate’

Watchdog Criticises 'Chaotic' Police Use of Facial Recognition

HMP & YOI New Hall Women Only - Recorded Violence Quite High Excessive Punishments

Law’ to Lift Families of Missing People Out of Legal Limbo

UK’s First Secure School to be Run by Academy Trust

Met Police Pay Out £700,000 to Detained Anti-Fascist Protesters

150 Wrongly Convicted People Exonerated in US Last Year

Woman Falsely Accused Taxi Driver of Rape

HMYOI Werrington - High Violence Impacting On Boys' Lives

Restraint By Warwickshire Police Contributed to Death Of Darren Cumberbatch

England and Wales Jail ‘Shameful’ Numbers of People

Mental Ill-Health and a Fair Criminal Justice

Troubling’ Secrecy on Court Information Technology (IT) Chaos

Calls To Increase Pre-Sentence Reports To Protect The Vulnerable

Scotland: Automatic Pardon for Gay and Bisexual Men to Come Into Effect In October

The Brutal Inside Story of Full Sutton Prison Segregation Unit

Scotland: Automatic Pardon for Gay and Bisexual Men to Come into Effect in October

Father Not Allowed to Regain Contact with His Young Daughter - Violation of Article 8

Prisoners Denied Access to a Computer & Internet Access - Violation of Article 2

Prisoners: Repatriation

Private Firms Rake in Millions as People Forced to Pay ‘Extortionate’ Fees to Apply for UK Status

Criminalisation of Travel to Designated Areas ‘Serious Abuse of Civil Liberties’

Sex Offenders to be Castrated Under New Law Approved by US State

GP 'Ghost Patients' to be Investigated by NHS Fraud Squad

‘Systemic Failures’ at Heathrow IRC Contributed to Death of Marcin Gwozdzinski

Prisoner’s Irreducible Life Sentence Breached Convention on Human Rights

Inquest Identifies Missed Opportunity by Kent Police to Seek Medical Treatment for Carl Maynard

Suspects Left in Legal Limbo by Delays to Inquiries, Say Solicitors

CPS Faces Challenge Over 'Covert Policy Change' on Rape Cases

Renewed Calls to Divert Women Away From Justice System for Shop-Lifting and Non-Payment of TV Licences

Child Abuse Viewers Should Avoid Prosecution

Nature of Muslim Groups and Related Gang Activity in Three High Security Prisons

Intervening With Women Offenders A Process and Interim Outcome Study of the Choices

Dennis Hutchings: Appeal Against Non-Jury Hearing Dismissed

Non-Jury Trials to be Extended to 2021

Inhumane': Damning Report on English and Welsh Prisons

Pass A New Law on Access to Evidence So the Wrongly Convicted Can Get Justice

Magistrates Call For End to Prison Sentences Under Eight Weeks

HMYOI Feltham Children's Unit - Deterioration in Safety and Care

20 Convictions for Fraud May be Quashed as the Expert Witness in the Trials Had No Expertise

Children Locked Up! Who are they? Where are they?

Home Office Empty Promises on Forensic Science Reform

Large Compensation Payout for Prisoner Who Died of Dehydration

Miscarriage of Justice Nicholas Rose has Passed – Mother Vows to Continue Fight to Clear his Name

Kyle Major’s Claim Against Violent Prison Officer - Upheld by Ombudsman

At Least 42 Prisoners Found Strangled In Brazil Jail Clashes

Bid To Silence Evidence In Press Freedom Case

HMP Chelmsford - Significant Drugs Problems Remain

I Served in Northern Ireland. It’s Clear That There Should Be No Amnesty For Veterans

Judge Berates Parole Board and Minister for Justice

No Evidence and Not Guilty Verdicts Entered in Operations Orlando and Broadus

HMP Guys Marsh - High Levels of Violence Driven by Drugs and Debt

HMP Exeter - ‘No Meaningful Progress’

UK Private Jails More Violent Than Public Ones

Australia: Gangland Criminals Betrayed by Defence Barrister to Have Convictions Quashed

Five Men Killed in Past Year After Being Deported From UK to Jamaica

Deportees Live in Fear in Jamaica - 'Things So Bad Even the Police Are Scared'

HMP Garth - Still Too Much Violence, 60%of Inmates on Drugs

Thomas Orchard: Police Fined Over Cell Death Case

Mother Wins Appeal Against Conviction for Assaulting Police Officers

Man Accused of Flushing Grandparents’ Ashes Down Toilet

HMP Swaleside - Purposeful Activity, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Work, Rated Poor

Innocent People Wrongly Convicted Due "Crisis" In Forensic Science Services

Shrewsbury 24 Succeeds in Judicial Review Against Criminal Cases Review

Northern Ireland Prison Bans Book About Irish Republicans

Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) Strategic Plan for 2019-21

No Necessity to Arrest Where Person Voluntarily Attended Police Station

Will I Ever Get Out of Here?

Millions Spent Compensating Wrongful Convictions

Reasons to Doubt: What’s the Point of the Miscarriage of Justice Watchdog?

More Than 2,500 Prison Staff Disciplined in Five Years

Government Must Ban ‘Pain-Inducing Restraints’ and Solitary Confinement for Children

HMYOI Cookham Wood Young Offenders - Urgent Need to Tackle Culture of Fighting

15 Things I Have Learned About Child Prisons Since the Death of Gareth Myatt

HMP & YOI Bronzefield (Women Only) - 70% of Inmates Have Significant Mental Health Problems

Rape Cases ‘Could Fail’ if Victims Refuse to Give Police Access to Phones

INQUEST Calls For Bold Action as Deaths in Prison Rise and Levels of Self-Harm Break New Records

Ecila Henderson Detained Under the Mental Health Act Goes to the Supreme Court

Bowen and Stanton v Secretary of State for Justice

'Super Obedient' Lookout Parrot Arrested By Brazilian Police

IPP Prisoners Listing for Oral Hearings

Who Should Determine When Life Sentenced Prisoners Should be Released?

Parliamentary Written Question - Transparency of Parole Board Hearings

Prison Officers Involved in "Brutality And Violence" in the 70s & 1980s Jailed

Michael Rendell Conviction Quashed - Sectioned Under 37 and 41 of the Mental Health Act

Charities Condemn Tory Cuts to Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

Beefed Up Terror Laws Slippery Slope Towards ‘Thought Crimes’

Help Fix A Broken Law

John Bowden - Now a Hostage in a Conflict Between Two Agencies of the State

Baseball Bat Murder Trial: Neil Sutherland Cleared 11 Years On

Javid Plans Shake-Up to Rules on Disclosing Criminal Records

Prison Officers Involved in "Brutality And Violence" in the 70s & 80s Jailed

Chief Inspector Announces New Independent Reviews of Progress in Troubled Jails

Colnbrook (IRC) - Calm, With Caring Staff, But Too Prison-Like

Soldier B' to be Prosecuted Over Derry Teenager's Murder In 1972

Deportation Orders Are Not Presumed Revoked After 10 Years, For Custodial Sentences of Less Than 4 Years

Police Discriminated Against Roma Family by Using Ethnic Profiling to Justify Raid on Their Home

'Thought Crime' Terror Laws Come into Force in Britain

CCRC Refer Case of Michael Devine to the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal

Government Plans for Prison Population - Inefficient, Ineffective, and Unsustainable

Ched Evans Settles for £800,000 Out of Court Over Lawyers’ Handling of Rape Case

New Figures Highlight Gross Injustice Faced by Bereaved Families at Inquests

Neglect Contributed to Death of Duncan Tomlin Following Police Restraint in 2014

Disciplinary Action for Police Officers Over Shana Grice Murder

Feltham YOI: Prison Officers Attacked by Teenage Inmates

Mentally Ill Criminals to Have Specific Sentencing Guidelines

Wayne Bell 29 Years Old Jailed At 17 For Four Years In 2007 Gives Up Hope of Release'

Sally Challen at Home After Murder Conviction Quashed

Failing Healthcare in Jails Is Killing Female Prisoners

Prisons do Damage. Is the British Government Finally Waking up to This?

A Notorious Miscarriage of Justice That Continues to Tarnish the Name of British Justice

Survey HMP Swaleside AKA 'Stab City'

Prison Officers Jailed for Inflicting Years of “Brutality and Violence” on Children

Making It Easier for Police to Stop and Search

Failures at Sodexo Run HMP Peterborough Contributed to Death of Annabella Landsberg

Protesters Hail Legal Victory Over Fracking Firm's Injunction

Home Office Limit on Support for Slavery Victims May Be Unlawful

Extradition Blocked Due to Fear of Flogging

Done My Time - Out of Prison But Not Home

Hundreds  of Metropolitan Police Accused of Sex Attacks Escape Punishment

US Supreme Court Rules Inmate Has 'No Right To Painless Death'

The Hard Lessons of Jemma Beale

JS and Others) v SSHD (Litigation Friends - Children)

The 3 Cs: Contamination, Collusion, Concoction

‘I’m Afraid of Being Stuck Here and I’m Afraid of Getting Out’

CCRC Refers Terrorism-Related Case of Nicholas Roddis to Court of Appeal

CCRC Refer Case of Ms E to the Crown Court

Mark Duggan Family to Sue Met Police Over Death

Jamaicans for Justice V Police Service Commission and Another

Charity Launches Super-Complaint Against Police for Treating Slavery Victims as Criminals

HMP Onley - Fundamentally Unsafe Vicious Circle of Drugs and Violence

Dwayne Edgar, Robert Lainsbury, Jake Whelan - Original Conviction Quashed

Hijab Protest Lawyer Gets 33 Years After Secret Trial

Lawyers for Bloody Sunday Victim's Family Make Contempt Complaint Against Gavin Williamson

Police Legacy Unit 'Lacks Independence' to Probe 1972 Belfast Killing

National Evaluation Hails Positive Impact of Troubled Families Programme

Changes to Police Bail Has Led to Further Delays and More Uncertainty

Inquest into the death of Annabella Landsberg in HMP Peterborough

Dennis Hutchings Begins Appeal Against Diplock Non-Jury Trial

David Gauke in Retreat Over Abolition of Short Sentences

Rematch: Paul Cleeland v CCRC April 2019

Human Rights Obligations Owed by the State to a Prisoner in a Private Prison

California Governor to Place Moratorium on Death Penalty

How Can You Help Men Who Are Falsely Accused Of Sexual Abuse? 

Chelsea Manning Jailed for Refusal to Testify to Grand Jury

Police Guilty of Gross Misconduct in Domestic Abuse Murder Case

Youth Prison Put Inmates in Solitary Confinement for up to 23 Hours a Day

Actions of Metropolitan Police Contributed to the 1997 Death Of Onese Power

Newcastle Rape and Trafficking Trials Collapse Over Police Failings

Number of People in Jail for Terrorism Offences Falls for First Time Since 2013

Conviction of Assault by Penetration, Quashed

In the Matter of an Application by Hugh Jordan For Judicial Review

Craig Coley Awarded $21 Million Following Wrongful Conviction and 38-Year Jail Term

Pat Finucane Murder: Supreme Court Rules Against Public Inquiry but Condemns Previous Investigations

Court Apologises to Stansted 15 for Wrongly Listing New Hearing

Maintaining Public Order and Freedom of Assembly in the Context of the “Yellow Vest” Movement

High Court Grants Permission in Child Spies Challenge

‘Broken Trust’ - Recall of Women to Prisons

Judgment In the Matter of an Application by Geraldine Finucane for Judicial Review

Guardian View on Criminal Justice: When Prison Doesn’t Work

Jordan Towers & Anthony Stewart Hawkes Appellants - and - The Queen    Respondent

‘Our Mother’s Actions Were the Result of a Life-Long Campaign of Fear’

Beyond Prison, Redefining Punishment

Stand Against Injustice

How Can Britons Serving Sentences Overseas Transfer to a UK Prison?

HMP Maidstone Holding Only FNPs – Violent Incidents and the Use of Force by Staff Have Increased

40 Years of Resistance - Southall Black Sisters (SBS)

Families Threaten to Boycott IRA Birmingham Pub Bombs Inquest

Justice Secretary David Gauke Sets Out Long-Term For Justice

Justice Secretary Unveils GPS Tag Rollout to Better Protect Victims

Talking Technology - Time for IT in Prisons to be Taken Seriously

Appeal Against Breaches of Procedure at Appellant's Committal Proceedings - Upheld

Referring Cases of Wrongful Conviction ‘Not The Be-All-And-End-All’, Says CCRC

N. Ireland Sean Graham Shop Killings: Police Sorry For Disclosure 'Error'

HMP Durham – Urgent Need to Address Drugs, Violence and Deaths

Clicking On Terrorist Propaganda Even Once Could Mean 15 Years In Prison

Parliament Needs To Reform Joint Enterprise If Courts ‘Close Ranks’

Why Some Japanese Pensioners Want To Go To Jail

Haiti Prison Break: All Inmates Escape From Aquin

CCRC Refers Terrorism Related Conviction of Ismail Abdurahman To Court of Appeal

Police Forces Using Predictive Policing Techniques Drawing On ‘Problematic’ Data

Review Of Legal Aid For Inquests

Stansted 15: No Jail For Activists Convicted of Terror-Related Offences

Sheffield Tree Protesters Win £24,300 Wrongful Arrest Payout

Sheffield Tree Protesters Win £24,300 Wrongful Arrest Payout

SCCRC Refer Sean Connelly to High Court of Justiciary in Scotland

Nearly 65% of Prisoners at Women's Jail 'Show Signs of Brain Injury'

Brothelkeepers Earned £3.8m While Police Focused On Other 'Serious Crimes' 

Rape Victims Silenced by Requirement to Submit Mobile Phone Data

European Court Battle Against UK's Mass Surveillance Powers to be Heard by Grand Chamber

Sentencing Solidarity Demo for Stansted 15 – Facing Life Imprisonment

The End is Nigh for Prisoner Release! https://is.gd/p2Kr3C - https://is.gd/qTgXXp https://is.gd/JceIbw

Three-Month Jail Sentence Reduced To 25 Days After Prisoner Explains Law to Judge

Female Offender Strategy – House of Lords Debate

UK Police Use of Computer Programs to Predict Crime Sparks Discrimination Warning

IPP Sentenced Prisoner - Court Overturns Parole Board Decision

Victor Nealon and Sam Hallam - Judgment of the Majority Unfair and Regressive

Scandal-Hit Children's Prison Still Restraining Inmates Unlawfully

325 Deaths, 52,814 acts of Self-Harm, 33,803 Assaults in England and Wales Prisons in 2018

Ireland: Convicted Rapist Sues DPP Over Delay Prosecuting Prison Guards for Alleged Perjury

Detective Chief Inspector Guilty of Plotting with Police Colleague of ‘Fitting Up’ Two Suspects

‘JUSTICE’ - Calls on Lawyers to Drop ‘Impenetrable’ Jargon

Celebrating 70 years of the Universal Declaration and 20 years of the Human Rights Act?

Self-Harm Rate Among Children in Custody Soars By 37% in Three Years

Domestic Abuse: ‘We Need a Bill That Doesn’t Leave Migrant Women Behind’

Sam Hallam & Victor Nealon - Supreme Court to Hand Down Judgment Next Wednesday 30th January 2019

Management and Supervision of Men Convicted of Sexual Offences

Death of Meirion James in Dyfed-Powys Police Custody Caused by Excessive Restraint

Holyrood’s Justice Committee Backs Use of Pre-Recorded Evidence in Criminal Trials

Open Consultation: Revising the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice

COA Restores Appeal After Email Over 10MB Bounced Back

Amanda Knox: European Court Orders Italy to Pay Damages

Systemic Failures and Missed Opportunities Contributed to Death of Tyrone Givans at HMP Pentonville

Holyrood’s Justice Committee Backs Use of Pre-Recorded Evidence in Criminal Trials

Open Consultation: Revising the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice

Secret Judgments Database Opened to Special Advocates and Senior Judges 
Attorney General Ignores Plight of Wrongly Imprisoned Over Evidence Failings

Celebrating 70 Years of the Universal Declaration and 20 years of the Human Rights Act 

Crime Compensation Scheme Traumatising Survivors

UK Benefits System Fails Mentally Ill Claimants ‘Disproportionately’ By Refusing Benefits

Systematic Failures and Consistently Missed Opportunities Caused Death of Ryan Harvey HMP Woodhill

Domestic Abuse: ‘We Need a Bill That Doesn’t Leave Migrant Women Behind’

Open Consultation: Revising the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice

HMP Bedford – Inexorable and Dangerous Decline

Monitoring of Abuse Claims at Children's Prison 'Ineffective'

Domestic Abuse Government Consultation

Javid Accused of Giving Way to Police Over no Conferring Rule

400% Rise in Use of Section 60 Stop and Search Powers

Number of Offenders Recalled to Prison Surges Following 'Disastrous' Probation Reforms

Woman Settles Case Against Police Following Flawed Investigation

Met Police Strip-Searching of Children 'Not Properly Justified'

CCRC Refers Joint Enterprise Murder Conviction of Andre Johnson-Haynes to Court of Appeal

Inquest into Death of Ryan Harvey at Controversial HMP Woodhill

Prisoner Seriously Injured in Shoot-Out Between Other Detainees and Escorting Officers Violation of Article 3

Grayling Under Fire as Serious Crimes Committed on Parole Soar by 50%

Prisoner Assaulted and Raped in Serbian Prison Suffered Breaches of his Article 3 Rights

Wales Has 'Highest Imprisonment Rate' In Western Europe

Inquest Into Death of Ryan Harvey at Controversial HMP Woodhill

Grayling Under Fire as Serious Crimes Committed on Parole Soar by 50%

Slap on the Finger Tip for Barrister Who Distributed Cocaine

Lady Hale, President of the Supreme Court Condemns Government Austerity

Prison Law Which Prevented Male Inmate From Attending Father's Funeral Breach Of Article 14

HMP/YOI Swinfen Hall – All Areas of Prison Life Adversely Affected By A Poor Regime

Systemic Bias Against Prisoners Who Maintain Innocence

Why the Failure of the Prison Service and Parole Board to Acknowledge Wrongful Imprisonment is Untenable

Scotland: Prison Sentences of Less Than 12 Months to be Brought to an End

Court Warns - Again - About Risks of Bad Skeleton Arguments

Articles/Briefings/Court of Appeal Decisions ETC. January Throug December 2018

White and Male UK Judiciary ‘From Another Planet’, Says Lady Hale

Big Rise in Number of Children Held in Custody Before Trial

Decline in Community Sentencing Blamed on Probation Privatisation

Kingsley Burrell Death Only one Police Officer Sacked

Home Office Publishes Its First Anti-Corruption Report Card – Could Do Better

Home Office Criticised for Deleting Records on Death of Detainee

UK and German Immigration: A Tale of Two Very Different Laws

Sheku Bayoh: Fresh Questions Over Death in Police Custody

HMP/YOI Isis – Serious Concerns Around the Use of Force by Staff

CPS to Extend Effective Domestic Violence Prosecution Scheme

No Power to Impose Conditions on a Community Treatment Order Depriving a Patient of his/her lLberty

Hundreds of Trafficked Children ‘Lost’ by Local Authorities

Either Way You’re Fucked - Nominal Damages Only for Technically Unlawful Arrest and Detention

7,300 People Referred to Counter-Terrorism Programme in 2017/18 – Liberty Condemn Prevent programme

UK Has Highest Number of Life-Sentenced Prisoners in Europe

Woman's Death in Surrey Prison Due to Neglect, Inquest Rules

Home Office Guilty of Harm, Not Us: Stansted 15 Respond to Guilty Verdict

Shrewsbury 24 to Challenge Miscarriage of Justice Watchdog

Stansted 15 Convictions A ‘Crushing Blow For Human Rights In UK’

One Million People Living in Housing Legal Aid Advice ‘Deserts

Mental Health Review Calls for End to Use of Police Cells to Detain People

Judge Criticises 'Parallel Justice System' as Murder Trial Collapses Due to RTÉ Programme

Graham Dwyer Wins Legal Action Over Phone Data

Police Pursuit Breached Article 2 Right to Life

Prosecutions of Parents for Child Cruelty and Neglect Double in Five Years

HMP Birmingham - Violence and Chaos Reign Supreme

Let's Get Real. the British Justice System is Broken and Has Been For Some Time

Child Prisons Are Beyond Reform - Time to Stop Jailing Young People

Convicted Rapist Entitled To €10,000 Compensation in Respect of Withheld  Pension Benefit

Victor Nealon Back in the Ring

Scandal of Ex-Prisoners Released into a New Life – On the Streets

CCRC Refer Travel Documents Conviction of Sleman Shwaish to Crown Court

Adrian Mcdonald Died Following Police Dog Bites, Tasering and Effects of Cocaine

What is ‘Substantial Injustice’ for the Purposes of a Criminal Case Review?

Mental Health and Deaths After Police Contact – Seni's Law is Welcome but More Needed

Judge Rejects Environmental Campaigner’s Bid for Undercover Policing Inquiry in Scotland

Gerry Adams Granted Permission to Appeal to Overturn 1970s Convictions

HMP Peterborough (Male) – Ravaged with Drugs and Violence – Managed by Sodexo

Secret Court Overturns Home Office Decisions to Deprive Two Men of Their British Citizenship

Litigants In Person – An Inherent Problem With the Justice System

Scotland: Number of Prisoners on Home Release Drops Following Introduction of Stricter Rules

IPP Prisoners Opportunities to Progress Towards Release

Deeply Inadequate” Prison Procedures Contributed to Death of Jessica Whitchurch 

Iran: Lawyer Faces 74 Lashes for Questioning Detainee's Death

Prison Inmates Engaged in Fighting California’s Deadly Ever Wildfire Paid $1 an Hour

Northern Ireland, John Gillen's Sex Crimes Review

HMP Manchester – Marked Deterioration, Less Safe and Respectful

Review of Court of Appeal to Correct ‘Technical Glitches’

Review of Court of Appeal to Correct ‘Technical Glitches’

I Had My Baby in Prison, So I Know How Jails Are Risking Mothers’ Lives

Attorney General’s Review of Disclosure Ignores Plight of Wrongly Imprisoned

HMP Bedford Inmate Took His Own Life After Two Days in Jail

Online Petition: Stop the Double Tax on Migrants

'Decades of Deceit': Ballymurphy Killings Inquest Opens in Belfast

Laura Mitchell Loses Appeal Against Andrew Ayres Murder Conviction

Misconduct Hearing of 3 West Mids Police Officers Following Death Of Kingsley Burrell In 2011

A.T. v. Estonia - Security Measures for Visiting his Daughter in Hospital Violation of Article 8

Juno Mac and Molly Smith Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers’ Rights

Parole Board Has no Black People Among 240 Members

Prison Labour and the Making of Poppies

Prison Labour and the British Armed Forces

Prison Labour and the Global War Machine

Prison Officer Jailed for Smuggling £10,000 Of Drugs

CCRC Refer Sexual Offences Conviction of Neil Secker to Court Of Appeal

Has a Crime Writer Now Proved the Innocence Of ‘Wang Yam’?

Children in Prison Aren’t Coping - But Nobody Seems to Care

Ireland: Hunger Strike Prisoner Awarded €5,000 Pay-out

Inquest Opens into Suicide of IPP Prisoner Tommy Nicol at HMP The Mount

Appeal Court Rubber-Stamps Entrapment of Naweed, Khobaib, Mohibur, & Tahir

Death of Prince Fosu in Harmondsworth IRC– CPS ‘Cop Out’ on Prosecution of GEO & Nestor

Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act AKA ‘Seni’s Law’ Now in Force

Demonstration for Stansted 15 Defendants Who Stopped A ‘Deportation Charter Flight’

Post-Conviction Disclosure Regime ‘Not Fit for Purpose’

‘Sisters Uncut’ Protest Over CPS Handling of Sex Abuse Victims' Sensitive Data

CCRC Refers Murder Conviction of Gordon Park to Court of Appeal

CPS/Police Failing to Investigate Thousands of Cases Efficiently 

Poor Healthcare in Jails Is Killing Inmates, Says NHS Watchdog

Publication of Revised Code for Crown Prosecutors (CPS)

Mafia Boss Subjected to Restrictive Regime Violation of Article 3

Hostile Environment Creeps Into Criminal Courts

Justice as Important as Health or Education - Public

Bloody Sunday: £900,000 in Damages for Victims

Deaths in Prison and Shortly After Release - Short Term Fixes Are Not Working

New Press Guidance to Promote Open Justice in Courts

Day 14 Trial of the ‘Stansted 15’ - Agreed Facts of the Case

Police Plead Guilty to Criminal Failure to Ensure Safety of Thomas Orchard

Woman Deprived of a Fair Hearing Through Conduct of Trial Judge -  Convictions Overturned

Jailed Anti-Fracking Activists Freed on Appeal

Domestic Abuse Victims Seeking Help Are Left In Squalor

Follow the Trial of the ‘Stansted 15’

Stephen Stubbs, Andrew Davis and Clinton Evans – Should the Judge Have Recused Himself?

Another Successful Appeal for the CCRC

CCRC Chair Richard Foster’s Farewell Speech

On the Fallibility of Memory and the Importance of Evidence

Met Police's Use of Force Jumps 79% in One Year

Sajid Javid 'Taking UK Down Dangerous Road' by Expanding Citizenship Stripping

HMP Exeter – A  Violent Prison Needing Urgent Prison Service Support

Family of Sheku Bayoh Devastated After Lord Advocate Decision Not To Prosecute Police 

Morid Khan Oriakhel - Conviction Quashed - Application by Crown for A Retrial Refused

Specialist Financial Crime Unit to Crack Down on Prison Gangs

Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO): Banker's Wife May to Lose Property Worth Millions

Family of Sheku Bayoh Devastated After Lord Advocate Decision Not To Prosecute Police 

Activists Accused of Blocking Stansted Flight Go On Trial Over Terror Charge

New Lodge Killings: Attorney General Seeks Fresh Investigation

The Myth of the She-Devil: Why we Judge Female Criminals More Harshly

Bloody Sunday: Families of Two Men Shot Dead Awarded £700k

Chefs Star Choice - Lobster Marinated in Marijuana

Private Probation Companies ‘Routinely Underestimating Risk to Domestic Violence Victims

Hearsay Notices and Witness Summaries 

CCRC’s Review of Disclosure

Private Probation Firms 'Put Victims of Abuse at Risk'

Scientist's Report Casts Doubt on Jeremy Bamber Trial Evidence

Prisons: Crimes of Violence and Suicide Attempts- Hansard: https://is.gd/q8TtBN   & https://is.gd/y7zfqi

Justice for Luke Mitchell – Fresh Appeal

Graduate Trainee or Career Criminal? These Days, That’s A No-Brainer

Prison, Riots and Rehabilitation

Stop and Search Makes Crime More Likely

Ireland Told to Stop Blocking Extraditions to UK

Anti-Racism and Progressive Values

Some Aspects of UK Surveillance Regimes Violate Convention on Human Rights

Drug Dealers’ Sentences Cut Over ‘Double Counting’ of Serious Organised Crime Aggravation

'Hooded Men' Appeal Rejected by ECtHR

HMYOI Deerbolt - Use of Force by Staff Needs More Governance

Reviewing Previously Finalised Cases - Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Policy

Those Wrongly Accused of Committing a Crime Must Refer to Themselves as 'Victims'

NI: Late Disclosure in Ballymurphy Inquest Sparks Anger from Families

Campaigners Call for Immigration Exemption in UK's Data Protection Act to be ScrappedOur Not So Wonderful

Police Force - Murder, Rape, Sexual Abuse, Fitting up, Witness Intimidation

Files Shed Light on Alleged Efforts to Hide 1970s Police Corruption

17th National Miscarriage of Justice Day Conference 

Supreme Court Holds That the Smoking Ban Cannot be Enforced in Prisons

‘Child Spies’ Must Have an Appropriate Adult Present at Meetings

Criminal Prosecutions Fall to Record Low Despite Crime Reaching All-Time High

Aiden Maund - Referral by CCRC Against an Indeterminate Sentence Succeeds

IOPC Conclude ‘Unorthodox’ Restraint of Rashan Charles Does Not Amount to Misconduct

Hatton Garden Raider Daniel Jones Given More Jail Time

State Racism: Policing, Institutional Collusion and Justice

Two Judicial Reviews Lodged Against Undercover Policing Inquiry

HMP Lowdham - Three Riots in Three Weeks

The Enemy Between Us: How Inequality Erodes Our Mental Health

Thousands of Ex-Prisoners Likely to be Sleeping Rough

Murder Conviction Quashed Over Advocate Depute’s ‘Unfair’ Speech To Jury

When Social Workers Forget That Interventions Under ‘Child In Need’ Are Voluntary

Inmate Given 57p in Compensation After His Magazine Was Damaged by Prison Staff

Police Refuse to Disclose Info On Spying Tools - Privacy International Liberty Take Action

Judge Rules Justice Secretary Wrong to Push Parole Board Chair to Quit

English Courts Trial Mental Health Referrals For Vulnerable Offenders

Plans to remove women's refuges from UK welfare system dropped

Judge Rules Justice Secretary Wrong to Push Parole Board Chair to Quit

English Courts Trial Mental Health Referrals For Vulnerable Offenders

Plans to remove women's refuges from UK welfare system dropped

Cut to Legal Aid Fees For Evidence Work Ruled Unlawful

EU Nations 'Should Continue Extraditions to the UK Until Brexit'

Defendants 'Gaming System' to Get Domestic Violence Cases Dropped

Scotland:  Calls for Review of Remand Following Analysis of Prison Deaths

Summons to Appear in Court Served Via Public Notification Violation of Article 6 §§ 1 and 3

Justice Committee: Non - Disclosure is a Feature of Every Case That Goes Through the Courts

Anti-Social Behaviour Powers Are Impossible to Hold to Account

MPs Have Failed to Get to Grips With the Disclosure Crisis

CCRC Refers Joint Enterprise Murder Conviction of Kyrone Daley to Court of Appeal

Rachel Julie Tunstill Conviction for Murder Quashed – Retrial Ordered

HMP Lewes Prions Riot Trial Collapses – as Judge Throws Out Mutiny Charges

Human Rights Committee Call For Better Access to Justice For Bereaved Families

Damages for Wrongful Imprisonment that Violate Article 6 ECHR

If Every Crisis is an Opportunity, This is One We Can Seize’

CCRC Referral of Rape Conviction of Mr Y (RH) to the Court of Appeal – Succeeds

Reporting Restrictions 'Prevent Scrutiny' Of Economic Crimes

HMP Wandsworth – Overcrowded Needing a New Culture to Improve Safety and Living Conditions

Paul Cleeland's 45-Year Fight to Clear Name Over Gun Murder

Home Office Ordered to Pay £50,000 After Child Separated from Father

Chief Inspector Condemns Worst Prison Conditions Ever Seen and ‘Totally Inadequate’

Sex Work, Labour Unfreedom, and the Law

Statement from the Family of Daniel Morgan

CCRC Refers Joint Enterprise Murder Conviction of Jordan Towers Court Of Appeal

Thousands Misusing Abuse Orders to Get Legal Aid, Says Parenting Charity

Independent Barristers “Better Quality” Than Other Criminal Advocates, Say Judges

M16 Put Questions To Prisoner Waterboarded 83 Times by CIA

Scheme for Safeguarding People Who Lack Mental Capacity Is ‘Broken’

Practice in Russia of Incarcerating Prisoners Thousands Of Kilometres From Their Families Persists

UK Justice Minister Abandons Women's Prisons Plan  

MOJO Scotland  - Say I'm Innocent

A Crack in the Edifice': Privacy Advocates Hail Supreme Court Cellphone Data Ruling  

Guardian View on Privatising Probation: Ideology Over Facts

Mental Health Tribunal Proposals Put Justice at Risk  

Race Hate Murder Was Avoidable

Mark Alexander 3,000 Day of Wrongful Imprisonment

Court of Appeal Quashes Syrian Refugee’s False Identity Document Conviction

Family Speak Out About Process as Inquest Into Death of Rashan Charles Concludes  

Stand up to Racism - Major Statement Launched To Oppose Far Right In Britain

HMP Woodhill – ‘Staggering’ Total of 19 Self-Inflicted Deaths

Trans Gender Woman Prisoner- Succeeds in Judicial Review

Financial Abuse of Elderly ‘Rampant, But Invisible’, Says UN Expert

Dirty money?’ What exactly are Unexplained Wealth Orders?

US:  Judge Rejects Government's Motion to Dismiss Case Brought by Journalist On Its 'Kill List'

Police Facial Recognition Technology Risks Mistaken Identity

Police Face Legal Action Over Use of Facial Recognition Cameras

Care of Prisoners’ Children

10 Prisons in Special Measures June 2018

Report on an Unannounced Inspection of HMP Belmarsh

MPs and Peers Call For Judge-Led Inquiry Into UK Rights Abuses

Ken Clarke Demands Judicial Inquiry Into Torture and Rendition

'Same Roof' Victim Compensation Rule Faces Legal Challenge

Anti-Terrorism Plans 'Will Make Thoughtcrime A Reality'

MoJ to Review Use of Pain-Inducing Restraint on Young Offenders

Courts’ Refusal to Hear Prisoner’s Cellmates Evidence – Breach Of Article 6

HMP & YOI Low Newton (Females) More Violent, Overcrowded

Fisherman Jailed For Cocaine Smuggling Vows To Clear Name

Police Facing Surge in Extremists Released from Jai

Police Scotland's Ability to Investigate Itself Brought Into Question  

HMYOI Werrington – 45% Increase of Violence by Boys a Concern

HMP Leicester – Violence Still A Problem

Facing Conviction or Appealing Against Conviction – You Need an Independent Investigation

Prisons Inspector Takes Emergency Action Over HMP Exeter & HMP Bedford

Damages Award to Prisoner For Attempted Murder by Fellow Inmate

“We Are Squeaky Clean”! CCRC Response to Panorama Programme

Criminal Cases Review Commission Not Fit For Purpose, Lawyers Say

Consensus on Women in Prison, but Where's the Action?

Daniel Morgan Murder: New Delays Hit Inquiry Into 31-Year-Old Case

Home Office Criticised For Failures In Reforms to Criminal Records Vetting

Non-Custodial Deaths: Missing, Ignored or Unimportant?

 Jerome Jones Fails to Overturn Gang Injunction But Vows to Fight On Till it is Overturned

 Discriminatory Nature of Metropolitan Police Service’s Trident Gangs Matrix Intelligence Database

 NI: Decision Taken by the DPP not to Prosecute Soldier for Killing Boy Was “Irredeemably Flawed”

Police Confiscation of Papers Handed Over by Lawyer to his Client, Who Was Under Police Escort, Violation of Article

Five Men to Have Murder Convictions Quashed Following a Major Disclosure Failure

Right to See Parole Board Decisions Comes Into Force

The illusion of Open Justice

HMP Long Lartin - A Fundamentally Capable High-Security Prison?

Jail Compensation For Killers Could Cost Taxpayers £43 Million

Secret Evidence Leads to Downgrade of Convictions Over Stoke Shooting

Facial Recognition Not Just Useless - In Police Hands, it is Dangerous

Kyle Major: Assault and Victimisation of Prisoner In Wheelchair

Kyle Major: Prisons and Probation Ombudsman Criticizes Female Prison Officer and (POA)

Kyle Major Complaints About National Probation Service North East

Nine Police Officers Under Investigation For Gross Misconduct in Relation to the Death of Kevin Clarke

Female Police Officer Sues Met For £200,000 After Having to Watch 100 Child Rape Videos

The State Has a Terrible Secret: it Kidnaps Our ChildrenAl Megrahi Conviction to be Fully Reviewed

Sheku Bayoh Investigation Branded a 'National Disgrace' as Family Sues Police Scotland

Deprivation of Liberty of a Transgender Child

Empty Cages Collective - Action Alert: Support Kevan Thakrar!

INQUEST: Close Women’s Prisons Now to Save Lives

Mentally Ill Subject to 'Physical Violence and Verbal Threats' While Held Under Mental Health Act

GP falsely Accused Of Rape By 'serial Fantasist' Not Entitled To Reimbursement Of Legal Costs

Bitemark Analysis: Is It Junk Science?

Liberty Wins First Battle in Challenge to Mass Surveillance Powers

A Lynching Memorial has Opened. The Country Has Never Seen Anything Like It

RUC officer Told to Lie about IRA Shooting if Questioned

Gary Marshall Acquitted of Kidnapping Kevin Conway

Police Officer Who Stole Drugs Ordered to Repay £135,000

John Crilly: First Successful Joint Enterprise Appeal Post-Jogee

Malachy Goodman, Jury Directed to Return Not Guilty Verdicts, Improper use of Hearsay Evidence

Police Chief Faces Prosecution Following 2012 Death of Thomas Orchard

Speaker Condemns 'Unhealthy' Failure to Allow MPs Legal Aid Fee Debate

Closed Supervision Centres (CSCs) – Serious Concerns

Teenager Marian Brown 'Most Likely Shot Dead by Soldier'

Stop Handing Out so Many Suspended Sentences, Courts Told

Stephen Lawrence: Officer Who Allegedly Spied on Family Named as David Hagan

Muked Miah- Conviction Quashed - Judge Made a Mishmash of Summing up to the Jury

Three Examples of How Not to do Family Justice

Early Day Motion 1163: Violence Against Protestors in Gaza

Amnesty Intervenes in PSNI Appeal Against Hooded Men Ruling

‘Far From Learning From the Mistakes of the Past, The Met Is Embracing Them With Relish’

Third Sector Organisations Not Playing Expected Central Role in Reformed Probation Services

HMP Humber – Significant Issues, Many Young Prisoners With Mental Health Needs

HMYOI Aylesbury: Young Offenders Trash Wing and Throw Paint In Protest at 'Lack Of Showers'

South Carolina Prison Riot Leaves Seven Inmates Dead

Lawyers Call For Disclosure to be Taken Out of the Hands of the Police  

Do Trained Lawyers Have a Human Right to Represent Themselves in Court?  

Two Cheers as Alison Saunders Steps Down

CCRC Refers Convictions of Seven People Convicted of Travel Document Offences to Court of Appeal  

CCRC Refers Conspiracy To Murder Convictions of Messrs, Khan, Saraj, Jabbar, Maroof and Rashid

Police Force Hit With £130k Monetary Penalty For Losing Rape Victim Interview   

High Court Dismisses USA Attempt to Extradite Gypsy Nirvana From UK

Janet Alder Speaks Out - ‘Hold Cops to Account Over Deaths in Custody’

The ‘Reasonable Citizen’ — Sergei Skripal

Preventing Ill-Treatment During Police Custody and Pre-Trial Detention

HMYOI Brinsford–Disturbing Increase in Prisoner Self-Harm

ECtHR Rules Hooded Men Were Not Tortured, But Irish Judge Dissents

Dissenting Opinion of Judge O’Leary Download the full text here .  .  . .

CCRC Refers ‘Joint Enterprise’ Murder Conviction of Laura Mitchell to Court of Appeal  

Deportation and Direct Action In Britain: the ‘Terrorist Trial’ of the Stansted 15

High Court Dismisses USA Attempt to Extradite Gypsy Nirvana From UK

Janet Alder Speaks Out - ‘Hold Cops to Account Over Deaths in Custody’

The ‘Reasonable Citizen’ — Sergei Skripal

Preventing Ill-Treatment During Police Custody and Pre-Trial Detention

HMYOI Brinsford–Disturbing Increase in Prisoner Self-Harm

Campaigners Stage Walkout of 'Secretive' Police Spying Inquiry  

Application by Kevin Maguire for Judicial Review  

Aiding and Abetting: Joint Enterprise by Any Other Name!  

HMP Leeds Severely Overcrowded Still Violent and Unsafe

CCRC Refers ‘Joint Enterprise’ Murder Conviction of Laura Mitchell to Court of Appeal  

Deportation and Direct Action In Britain: the ‘Terrorist Trial’ of the Stansted 15

Family Court Secrecy Lets Judges Get Away With Mistakes  

Challenge to Home Secretary’s Decision Not to Deport Irish Nationals  

Legal Aid Scheme: Prisoners: Written Parliamentary Question  

Prisons: Telephones and Computers: Written Parliamentary Question  

Hillsborough Relatives 'Disgusted' by CPS Decision Over West Midlands Police

Defendants Convicted on Misleading Scientific Evidence in 20% of Court of Appeal Cases

Immigration Detainees: Compensation for Unlawful Detention

Violation of Freedom of Expression Two Persons Convicted of Burning a Photo of Spanish Royal Couple

HMP Gartree – Stability Has Deteriorated Through Staff Shortages and Challenges of Changing Population

Slap on Finger Tip for Police Officer Who’s Misuse of Evidence Sent Man to Jail for 13 Years

Farid Hilali Seeks €1.8m Compensation For Wrongful Jailing Over 9/11

Oppression is Fashionable Again, the Security State is Back, Fundamental Freedoms in Retreat

‘Everyone Knows the Criminal Justice System is in a State of Crisis’

Prison Accommodation: Nigeria

Prisoners Linked to Gangs Face Being Moved to Tougher Jails

Mitting Should Be Uncovering A Path To The Truth. Instead, He Is An Obstacle’

Unannounced Inspection: Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) in Colchester

MI5 Agents Can Commit Crime in UK, Government Reveals

Surveillance of Janet Alder Unlawful but ‘No Case To Answer’ For Officers Involved

Police Trawling and Trickery - Other Types Of Police Misconduct And Malpractice

Prisons and Probation Ombudsman - General Stakeholder Survey

Libyan Couple Tortured by CIA Under Auspices of MI6 Appeal to UK Supreme Court  

Disabled Prisoner Receives Substantial Compensation

Prisoners Receive £2m for Poor Healthcare Amid 'Unprecedented Pressures' In Prisons

Justice Committee Invites You to Make Submissions on ‘Disclosure’

David O'Loughlin Faces Retrial Following Successful Appeal Against Conviction

Police Misconduct Hearing Into Unauthorised Surveillance of Christopher Alder Family

Ombudsman: Teenager's Death in HMP Wandsworth 'Appalling'

More Inmates to be Released Early Under Home Curfew Rules

Victims of Crime do Have the Power to Hold Police to Account

CCRC Refers the Conviction of A to the Crown Court

Free Sally Challen  

UK High Court Refuses Turkey Extradition Due to Overcrowded Prisons  

Police and Detention Officers Face Gross Misconduct Action Following Death of Thomas Orchard

Court Dismisses Gerry Adams’ Appeal Against Conviction

Ross MacPherson: Self Defence is No Offence 

CoA Grants Permission to Challenge Parole Board Prioritisation Policy and Systemic Delays

Correct Meaning of the Phrase ‘Acting on Instructions’

No Fair Trial in Russia: Extradition Warrant Discharged

Two Members of ETA Sustained Inhuman and Degrading Treatment After Their Arrest

The Challenge of Expert Evidence

A Brick Wall of Silence at Undercover Policing Inquiry

Early Day Motion 926: Unlawful Imprisonment for Not Paying Council Tax

IOPC Fall at the First Hurdle: Misconduct Probe Against West Mids Police Dropped

British Justice is in Flames. The MoJ’s Fiddling is Criminal

Getting out of Jail Interest-Free

Police Liability In Negligence Positively Narrowed

NI: Pat Finucane Campaigners Call for Questioning of British Intelligence Chief

Overstretched Private Probation Companies Struggling With Poor Enforcement of Community Sentences

Prisoner Dies at HMP Nottingham Despite Watchdogs Stark Warning That 'Lives Are At Risk'

HMP Lindholme –Still too Many Drugs and too Much Violence  

Prison Sentence Increased From 28 Days To 11 Months for Corrupt Detective  

Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs) – Finally in Force  

Asylum Seekers Win Case Over Smoking in Immigration Detention Centres  

Death of Emily Hartley - Lack of Professionalism and Failures in Care at HMP New Hall

Wang Yam: Murder in Hampstead Did a Secret Trial Put the Wrong Man in Jail?  

Collapsed Trial Woman Says She Gave Birth 'Alone' in Prison  

Italian Authorities Failed to Protect a Drug-Dependent Victim of a Child Prostitution Ring

UK Mass Digital Surveillance Regime Ruled Unlawful

Compensation Paid After Man on Suicide Watch Suffers Severe Brain Injury

What Is Justice? UVF Terrorist Gary Haggarty Six Years For Five Murders & 200 Terrorist Offences

MoJ Face Another Challenge to ‘Catastrophic’ Legal Aid Cuts For Defence Firms

National Training Conference on Investigating Miscarriages of Justice 2018

Hatton Garden Raiders Must Pay Back Over £6m, Judge Rules

One in Three People With Legal Problems in UK Develop Health Issues

Parliament Debate on Joint Enterprise – Thursday 25th January 2018

More Than 110,000 People Detained Across the UK, 70 Deaths A Month In Or After Release From Detention  

70% Increase in Prosecutions Dropped Because of Disclosure Failures in Two Years

New Approach To Dealing With Disclosure In Legacy Cases
Supreme Court Judgment - R (Haralambous) (Appellant) v Crown Court at St Albans and Anor  

Supreme Court Judgment - R (on the application of Gibson) v Secretary of State for Justice

70% Increase in Prosecutions Dropped Because of Disclosure Failures in Two Years

New Approach To Dealing With Disclosure In Legacy Cases

Rashan Charles: Crown Prosecution Service Decide Against Assault Charge

Law Society Urges End to Enforced Medical Treatment of Vulnerable People  

MoJ: Review of Law, Policy and Procedure Relating to Parole Decisions  

Transgender Woman Sues Over Ordeal In Male Prison

Peterborough Women’s Prison - Deteriorating Safety/Concerns Over Force and Strip-Searching

Man Convicted of Theft in 1976 Cleared After Googling His Arresting Officer

Falling Forensic Science Standards 'Making Miscarriages of Justice Inevitable'  

HMP Nottingham: Action Demanded to Prevent More Deaths   

HMP Liverpool – An Abject Failure by Leaders to Provide a Safe and Decent Jail

Private Probation Firms Face Huge Losses Despite £342m 'Bailout'

Home Office Pays Out £15,500 to Asylum Seeker Over Data Breach

Scotland’s Prisons Watchdog Chief Warns Against Overuse of Remand

Software 'No More Accurate Than Untrained Humans' at Judging Reoffending Risk

Canada's Use of Lengthy Solitary Confinement in Jails Unconstitutional

Mistaken Identity Case Reveals Racial Bias in Policing

Democracy in Crisis - 12th Consecutive Year of Decline in Global Freedom

Open Justice Initiative: MP Raises Lack of Trial Transcript Access  

Battling For The Truth: The Rights Of Bereaved Families  

US: Secret Evidence Erodes Fair Trial Rights  

More Than 300 Human Rights Activists Murdered in 2017

HMYOI Cookham Wood – Cumbersome Security Keeps Boys Locked Up

Public Consultation: Should the CCRC Go or Stay

Making it Fair: The Disclosure of Unused Material in Volume Crown Court Cases

Ignoring Women’s Needs in Custody Breaches Their Rights, Says Watchdog

MoJ Put on Notice by Information Commissioner

Tribunal Rules Against Total Secrecy Over UK Drone Strikes

Government Widens Legal Aid Scope For Prison Law

HMP Swansea – Complacency & Inexcusable Failure to Address Suicides and High Self-Harm

Freemasons Blocking Reform, Says Police Federation Leader



Slap on the Finger Tip for Barrister Who Distributed Cocaine

An experienced criminal barrister has been reprimanded and fined by the regulator after he “inadvertently” sent cocaine to a chambers. Richard Thomas Keogh failed to act with integrity in that, on 10 April 2018, “he was in possession of a Class A drug (cocaine) which he inadvertently sent to a chambers”, according to a finding published by the Bar Standards Board (BSB).

Keogh later accepted a police caution for possession of a class A drug, contrary to Section 5, Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, the finding adds. Keogh, who was called to the bar in 1991, was fined £750 and reprimanded by the BSB. The offence was dealt with by a ‘determination by consent’, an agreement that means the case was not sent to a disciplinary tribunal. The decision is open to appeal. The BSB declined to provide further details regarding the case. Keogh didn’t immediately respond to Legal Cheek’s request for comment. 

Source: Legal Cheek, https://is.gd/buAVuq

[ MOJUK comment: Has Mr Keogh during his career, acted for the CPS in prosecuting any one for the possession of cocaine or other drug related offences. What is most offensive about this offence is that the police gave him a caution, doubt very much if Mr Keogh had been an ordinary citizen, he would have got a caution. No need to say it but I will, ‘One law for us, one law for them.]