Media May 2023

Disproportionate Deployment of Tasers Against the Black Community

Prisons: “Warehouses of Despair, Danger and Degradation”

IRR: Calendar of Racism and Resistance (9 – 23 May 2023)

Law Commission Makes Proposals to Better Protect Rape Victims From Prejudice

Secret Home Office Policy to Detain People With NHS Debts At Airport Found Unlawful

Three Black Men in UK say ‘Institutional Racism’ Influenced Murder Convictions

Parole Board Moves to ‘Open Prison’ 14 Accepted 76 Rejected

Imprisonment for Public Protection Action Plan

Enforced Isolation Driving Mental Health Crisis at Brook House IRC

Government Statement: Legal Aid Means Test Review

CPS Concede Conviction of Andrew Malkinson ‘No Longer Safe’

Prison Services Rules Preventing’ Women and Children From Rehabilitation

Gypsy, Roma and Travellers Suffer ‘Persistent’ Discrimination in UK

Government Response to IICSA Recommendations “Bitterly Disappointing”

10,000 Russian Inmates Released from Prison to Fight in Ukraine Killed

£86,000 Compensation for Prisoners Whose Parole Hearings Were Delayed

£86,000 Compensation for Prisoners Whose Parole Hearings Were Delayed

CCRC: Modern Slavery Case Referred to Crown Court

Thomas Green V Secretary Of State For Justice - Decision Quashed

Failure to Provide Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships - Violation Article 8

How Children of Prisoners are Abandoned by the State

Why the Magistrates Courts Aren’t Working

Digital justice: if You Can’t Measure it, You Can’t Improve It

Women Continue to be Sent to Prison for Being Mentally Ill

Gagging Juries

Jump In Self-Harm and Assaults at Women’s Jails

Bring HMP Forest Bank Under 'State Control’

Call For Evidence on Open Justice Amid Increasingly Digitised Justice System

IPP Prisoners Report Increased Hopelessness Following Resentencing Rejection

Victory for Stephen Alan Wynne Claimant- V - Secretary of State for Justice Defendant

EDM 1142: Legal Aid Funding

King Charles: Patron of a Disgraced Regiment - Remember “Bloody Sunday“ - “Ballymurphy Massacre”

CCRC Referral James Alexander Smith - Dismissed by Royal Courts of Justice

Islamic State: Hundreds of Women on Hunger Strike at Iraqi Prison

Scotland’s Pioneering Custody Units for Women Left Half-Empty

Greater Manchester Police Failure Led to Andrew Malkinson  Spending 17 Years in Prison

State Violence as Seen Through Photography and Narrative

Prisoners' Advice Service (PAS) Helps Prisoner Labelled "Grass" Transfer to Safer Prison

More Police Power Means More Police Violence

Obituary: Sue Caddick – The Sister Who Fought Back

Refusing Gerry Adams a Pay-Out For Quashed Convictions Was Unlawful

How do we Create Change In Criminal Justice?

Patsy Kelly Murdered by the UDA: Family Hails Vindication of Police Ombudsman Report

Victims and Prisoners Bill: Are we Heading in the Right Direction?

71 Year Old Balck Man Punched by Police Given Green Light to Challenge IOPC