Plebgate - The Allegation The Police Lied. This Is What They Do

Of all the names that featured in the media in 2012, the one I least want to hear of in 2013 is that of Andrew Mitchell.

Andrew Mitchell presents'as a prat, indeed he presents as an arrogant, pompous, condescending, evil-tempered prat. He admits swearing at police, but in his obscenity littered, bad-tempered rant denies using the toxic word, "pleb". [Pleb: C18; abbrev. of Plebian; noun; informal, derogatory. A member of an inferior or lower order social class].

Mitchell claims that the police lied, he swore but did not use the word, pleb, and it is claimed use of that word caused him to be fired.

Mitchell further states that the Plebgate affair has destroyed his lifelong belief in the honesty of bobbies everywhere, his belief that a coppers word was sacrosanct. That begs the question where has he spent his life, Pluto?

Mitchell's bleating about being fired from his job as Chief Whip (Bully-boy) for the Conservative party has resulted in a top-level investigation being set up by the Met, headed by Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe. It is claimed
that up to 800 Met officers will be required to complete a duty statement
as part of the investigation. What a waste of time (I Newspaper 05/01/13).

Let me conduct my own somewhat briefer investigation into the Plebgate affair.

Did Mitchell use the word, pleb? Who knows? Who cares? CCTV footage which shows he only has 22 seconds in which to have his rant does give him sufficient time to utter the words, "****ing plebs, and more besides.

The word, pleb, is more likely to be in the vocabulary of an arrogant Tory than in the vocabulary of PC Plod. Indeed in the 'helping the evidence along' email used to bolster and embroider the police log, the email sending officer misspelt the word, pleb! [I newspaper 20/12/12].

Moving on to the allegation the police lied. This is what they do, Mitchell, it is part of their job description, and is something they do in every court in the land on a daily basis. Your peers have let them get away with lies and routine perjury for decades, so stop whimpering about it now.

You've lost your job, tens of thousands have lost years of freedom and/or had lives contaminated by police lies, but of course, they're only plebs, not members of a ruling elite, a Tory cabinet, not above the law as you think you should be. Swearing at police is a public order offence, so why weren't you arrested? Part of the CCC? (Cameron's Criminal Cronies AKA Chipping Norton Set).

AS a member of the government, I'm surprised that you have not heard of Hillsborough and 400+ fabricated police statements. Perhaps you have led a sheltered life and have not heard of the Birmingham 6, Guildford 4 et al. You may be naive enough to believe there were no working cameras in Stockwell tube station when Jean Charles de Mendes met his death, and that the carriage cameras were also faulty. You may he so callow that you believe the police killings of Azelle Rodney, Anthony Grainger, Mark Duggan were entirely in accordance with police statements. How was life on Pluto?

You, Mitchell, are now getting preferential treatment, an investigation into why you lost your job, as if that was of great import to the rest of humanity. Its not, you're not, but what a contrast to the plebs. Joe Public's word counts for nothing against that of a police officer, in court or elsewhere.

If you truly represented the people you would seek action against routine police lies, instead of pushing your own plate forward. Grow a pair, the police lie, deal with it, move on. Give us a rest.

Keith Rose   
HMP Whitemoor
Longhill Road
PE15 0PR