More Police Power Means More Police Violence

On Wednesday 26th April, the government passed the Public Order Act, which gives the police sweeping powers to restrict our right to protest. You know as well as I do that more police power means more police violence. Scandal after scandal has shown that officers already abuse their powers to perpetrate horrendous acts of violence. Now, the Public Order Act gives them the legal right to use even more. It has extended police use of stop and search into protests and lowered the threshold for ‘disruptive’ demonstrations.

Volker Turk, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, said: The legislation was "deeply troubling" and that it imposed restrictions on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly that are "neither necessary nor proportionate".

But we at ‘Level Up’ are prepared.

The Level Up community is running a series of free online workshops that give you the tools to know what to do when you experience or witness state or interpersonal violence. The workshops are run by a team of expert facilitators who have years of experience in building community resistance. So far, the We Protect Us series has trained more than 400 people.

Here are the dates and times: ­Sign up for a Session!

Bystander Intervention (Police and Public Harassment)
Wednesday 10th May, 18:30-20:00pm

Intervening in an Immigration Raid
Wednesday 24th May, 18:30-20:00pm

Intervening in Gender-Based Violence
Tuesday 20th June, 18:30-20:00pm

Bystander Intervention (Police And Public Harassment)
Tuesday 18th July, 18:30-20:00pm

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